Biden’s Nominee For DNI Vows To ‘Speak Truth To Power | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Shirley Aprile Marine General from early last century that was being groomed to be president, until he that called out the war for profit scam.

  1. One good thing of Biden becomes president, we won’t have to hear “the racial conspiracy theory” being promoted by the sheep feeding media anymore.

    1. @Nis Num now say that with a slight indian accent, while those children from the racial jungle ,rub your hairy leg hairs that turn blond in the sun,
      C’mon man,….

  2. A Democrat nominee that doesn’t run corruption for a Democrat President? Unheard-of. I smell BS.
    – The head of Obama’s FBI was fine Lying for 3 years about Russian collusion, spying on a political opponent, and the head of the NSA was fine Lying to Congress about gathering Massive amounts of data on its own people. And Obama knew it was happening.
    – Biden and his picks will be no different.
    — They are The Swamp.

  3. Brennan and any concept of truth are impossible to connect. This is the guy who was proven to have directly lied to Congress, and of course, is on the payroll of the vile sewer of der Propaganda Central, MSNBC.

  4. Biden speaks the truth one time when he accidently said he had the biggest voter fraud Organization in American History . He was right 👋🏻. Welcome Democrats, Big Tech , and Mainstream Media to Socialist Country . Hope Supreme Court Justice would stop it soon and bring back America to Democracy

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