Biden’s Trip Abroad Made Us ‘Forget How Crazy Things Got With Trump’ 1

Biden’s Trip Abroad Made Us ‘Forget How Crazy Things Got With Trump’

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul reacts to President Biden’s press conference at the NATO summit and says the president’s trip abroad reminded us what normal is

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  1. Ah yes, the introductions of people literally just introduced… but establishing that the big guy is back and his cut is 10%.

    1. @Richard Luce – If you give that meth a break you’ll probably get to the truth. Try to focus.

    1. @dls951 all the comments on msnbc are from people like you, the majority of the country doesn’t watch this

    2. @Changing Constant Well that’s what the narrative from the mainstream media would have you say, and you bought into it. Hypocrisy only goes one way here

    1. @A B I’m not sure where you meant to go with that, but it seriously missed the mark. Hillary is a criminal though. Deleting confidential emails on a government server is kinda a big thing. Good thing she had the director of the FBI to cover it up and set her free

    2. @A B Are we still talking about the big bad Orangeman?

      Is that b/c you don’t want to admit that what you pushed isn’t so great? You’d rather deflect?

      BTW Trump was the most morale Democrat to ever exist arguably. He was the only one who actually kicked out Epstein from his actual club instead of taking his money to look the other way.

      You do realize Republicans elected arguably the most morale Democrat to ever exist and you still find reasons to get mad… don’t you? Mainly b/c the people on TV told you so!!!

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Don’t you find it weird how you find reasons to hate on people like MTG? While you also pretend to be someone who is tolerant or forgiving of other people?

      Shouldn’t she just be like most of the other politicians who no one knows about?

      You do understand you actually give MTG power…. don’t you? No one would actually know who she is if you didn’t need something to hate on. I know your Orangeman stress ball got taken away, but it is time to grow up and find more healthy ways to get through life.

      I’m pretty sure AOC is a former bartender who scams people into believing she can save the world by yelling “white people (who aren’t on my team) bad” non stop.

      I’d really love it if I never had to hear from AOC types again. Unlike you, who needs the MTG types to have a purpose.

      Without MTG being your pretend boogieman, what do you actually have to offer? A bunch of donkeys who took Epstein’s money to look the other way ’till they couldn’t anymore? Oh gee… how great.

      At least we got the group of donkeys who found a way to drop more “controlled chemical reactions” than George Bush did. Without a Nine Eleven to blame those actions on!!! Oh wait that isn’t supposed to be considered good…. unless Democrats are involved!!!

      I wanted Tulsi, but I guess we have to have Biden b/c people like you need something to hate on. Without Biden creating division, and telling you how awesome you are while everyone else who doesn’t vote like you is the devil, then what would you have?

      You’d have to like… create something with your life instead of floating from the newest “acceptable target” to take out.

    4. @AndrewJnsn you do know that tolerance does NOT mean you have to put up with people who lie and try to destroy our country. NO, I don’t give her power, because TRUTH is power. I take that away from her and the idiots who believe any lies. Sweetheart Biden is NOT creating division, it is the idiots who follow lies that is doing that, Biden has NOT said one thing or done one thing to cause division. Where MTG and trump and all of the other idiots who follow them have .

    5. @frutbum p NO, Biden does NOT have that look, I have seen death plenty of times I know what it looks like

    1. If they talk about Biden, they would’ve had to talk about how he got lost at the cafeteria and gaffed his way up and down the entire summit

  2. he looked like a kid on a field trip being told what to do literally every step of the way. Except hes 140 years old

    1. @Piccolo’s happy thoughts Who said that those who hate trump support Biden? Trumpers all assume the same thing.

    2. @XxTravdamanxX ! Don’t forget to wear your red hat and bring your poopy pants donnie disaster flag, we like easy targets.

    1. @Robert Allred well that’s what the Democrats voters do they get their fake facts from CNN or MSNBC, and they actually believe these fake news networks

    2. @Jason Moy it’s true you get your facts from CNN or MSNBC and you actually believe them, here’s an example CNN MSNBC saying that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax well that’s faults Google it President Trump never said the coronavirus was a hoax that’s an example cam another example CNN MSNBC saying Trump is broke well that’s not true Google it he’s worth 2.4 billion dollars all lies from CNN and MSNBC speaking of CNN MSNBC they never report on anything bad Joe Biden does come on use your brain, three things that CNN and MSNBC report on only three things, how Trump is in legal trouble and the Republicans are really horrible people and what a good job Joe Biden is doing, that’s all they report, oh and once in awhile CNN and MSNBC will report an actual news story that’s once in a great while though.

    3. @Jason Moy THANK GOD FOR BIDEN!! WERE ALL SAFE from evil orange man…..Cost down, gas inexpensive, crime down, homeless down, no foreign wars, value of a dollar rising, great labor force, good paying jobs, low unemployment, boarders secured , immigration under control, tax cuts, 41K plans soaring, opioid crisis back under control, M-13 gang shootings under control, defunding the stupid police Biden the law & order president for sure! 47 years non-stop experience in the senate and it shows! It’s like a good doctor you stay with for decades and treats the same old problem the same old way with the same old results. The experience is a breath of fresh air!!

  3. Ah yes, back to normal. High prices, unchecked immigration, and no one knows what is really going on at the top. But no more mean tweets! Yay!

    1. Hey they said inflation was going to only be half of what it is already, that’s growth!!!

      Oh crap that’s not the growth we were looking for.

    1. @nancy heck *Former president trump.

      I’m more worried about is smooth brained followers than I am him because they are gullible enough to believe a man who told 30,573 confirmed lies over the course of his term. That’s 21 lies a day. I’d be impressed if I wasn’t so disgusted.

    2. Given the topic, bringing up the Orange Calf is pretty relevant or did you not understand what they were talking about?

    3. “Let’s keep the propaganda alive as he may run. We have to make sure he is destroyed in the public’s eyes for our Billionaire God Masters”

    4. @Twins 2 Lying Trump never gave the truth, facts and decency a chance so he didn’t deserve one either. His delusional cult spent four years calling people snowflakes and denying reality, blaming everyone but their nazi-in-chief. So what “chance” you wanted in such context? GTFOH.

      And reality proved us right since the nazi-in-chief ended his 4 chaotic years in the WH with a second impeachment, 450,000 Americans dead because of his lies and negligence ,incitement of a terrorist attack on America after losing the elections, white supremacist terrorism on the rise according to the FBI and 20,000,000 jobs lost.

    5. @Jeanette As Myself It is funny how you find a reason to hate on people who voted for arguably the most moral member of your political party

      Even when Republicans elect the golden boy Democrat, you’ll still find reasons to get mad. Because the people on TV tell you so!!!

      You’ll get mad at the Orangeman for joking about grabbing a hypothetical consenting woman by her P. But you’ll ignore and vote for the guy who ACTUALLY grabbed a woman by her P without her consent. Because… the people on TV told you to act that way instead of think

      You’ll get mad at the Orangeman for building a wall and telling line cutting immigrants to stay away, but then completely ignore when your team builds a wall and tells them to stay away.

      BTW you didn’t have to vote for the Orangeman or Biden. You could have tried Tulsi. OH WAIT. The people on TV told you she was bad too… huh?

      Go watch the movie Idiocracy. When you get to the TV part, realize you are the dude watching “OWWWW MY BALLLLZZZZ.” Except that is more high brow than what you are currently watching as “entertainment/news”

  4. Oh yaaah! He’s gonna be stellar if he can remember who he is talking to and where he is. For that matter if he remembers why he’s there.

  5. It’s “normal” that the most powerful man in the world forgets the basic facts of what he is talking about.
    Glad to learn this important fact, Thanks MSM, you are the best LOL

  6. When you see what’s going on with your own eyes and then you hear this alternate version of reality you realize these “commentators” are lying.

    1. I’m sorry did you say “Sell out America, Americans, and American Jobs to the wealthy bureaucrats in Europe and our new Chinese overlords”? Is that what you said?

    1. She looks like a kid in a candy store with no candy. They’ll next have to do news without clothes to boost viewership.

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