Biden's Win Confirmed, Vaccinations Begin, AG Barr To Step Down | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden’s Win Confirmed, Vaccinations Begin, AG Barr To Step Down | Morning Joe | MSNBC


On Monday, the Electoral College made Joe Biden's win formal, the first coronavirus vaccinations began in the United States, and President Trump announced his AG Bill Barr would be stepping down before January. The panel recaps. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Biden's Win Confirmed, Vaccinations Begin, AG Barr To Step Down | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Yup, now we just got to hold on until January 20th, by the way, January 20th is also garbage day on Pennsylvania Avenue

    2. @Brandi Kolasa Can’t wait to say goodbye to a realtor/a business man/ a reality TV program host pretends to be a president.

    3. @6262742 I know it’s like the twilight zone. I can’t wait but we got 35/days left and judging by Trump’s actions it is going to get a lot uglier, ugly like his sons without a beard

    1. @Delilah Alex trump as his cash cows,the federal reserve the peoples cash cow,if banks need money federal reserve give money like theres no tomorrow,yet when the tax payer need help theres a big Nothing for them

    2. @carl cullen Thousands always die for money. We always have and always will do risky jobs to put food on the table and of all the risks we take a 99% survival rate doesn’t even come close to a bad risk. Our economy fared better than any country that chose to shut down and it will also bounce back quicker. Even the countries that did shut down are now having spikes so it is clear shutting down did no good and a lot of bad.

    1. @MSL First, I’m not your friend.

      Second, you’re in no position to dictate to me the terms of how I engage or which ideals I defend.

      Third, your failure to defend democracy in its totality places you in the identical category that you claim to stand against.

      this is not a “you are with or against us” scenario. If you choose to make it so, then again, you have become the very thing you say you disapprove of.

      Either you are for democracy and freedom or you are not. If you are for it, then, the ideals of freedom and democracy get extended to all, even if you don’t like them. If not, then, you are not in favor of freedom and democracy, only in favor of freedom and democracy for people who agree with you. There’s a very real danger in taking that position.

    2. @Kevin there’s a valid argument to be made that BLM and Antifa have also broken trust with the Constitution and those that it is designed to empower and protect.

      When each side is shouting down the other and leveling accusations of racism, Nazism, Communism, etc. then neither side can claim the moral high ground.

      And, over the past 4 years (arguably the past 250-ish years) there have been ebbs and flows of ideological popularity.

      Right now, if this nation is to begin healing, disenfranchising half of its population is tantamount to declaring war on them. Wars are rarely ever a pleasant thing and even more, rarely leave in its wake acceptance and forgiveness. It just sets the stage for the next war with the pretense being revenge or retribution.

    3. Pelosi has 3 times offert to accept CCP-China Virus Relief Package, She even say two week ago it was all Politica Game on her. OOPS.

    4. Joe Deus. I appreciate your points and sobriety on the issue of censure. However I’d remind you that over 120 Republican members of Congress just attempted to disenfranchise more than half of the voting population. Is that a declaration of war? If so then are we wrong to want to reduce them to obscurity? There are other points of view and nuanced positions that are literally choked out of any reasonable discourse by these radical elements of the far Right.
      Arguing that BLM is anti democratic or unconstitutional seems a bit…reactionary…but of course it’s your protected right to say as much. I’m old enough to remember when globalism was a bad word on the liberal “left”, and free speech was fiercely defended by actual leftists against censorship from Conservatives. Now we see flipped positions on certain issues, and must be discerning and ever vigilant against ways these categories confuse and divide us into easily manipulated silos.

    5. @LivtheDream thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment.

      Your points are not lost on me. They are insightful and well meaning. I wish I had a good answer for you. Politics and religion become so emotional very quickly. Without the benefit of nonverbal queues, it’s easier to enflamed a conversation than engage in dialogue.

      I am in no way defending the actions of the 120 Congressmen (persons?) from the GOP. I believe that, since they are following the law, leveraging the court systems and established legal pathways – it’s easier for me to accept than outlawing a party because someone doesn’t agree with them,philosophically. I realize that I’m exaggerating that part, however, it is for illustration, so, please permit me some latitude there.

      The minute that the GOP steps out of established law, argues precedence or (God forbid) enters into the very murky waters of sedition or beyond – then – I very well might be inclined to throw in my efforts to defend the Constitution. I would caution everyone though that, there is a very real danger in becoming the thing you stand against. There is no putting hat toothpaste back in the tube and it could likely end our Republic.

      I do not blame Trump for creating the divide in this country, I do hold him responsible for exposing what was already here, biding it’s time and festering.

      I also tend to think that the media has a more than average amount of culpability in stoking the fires of hatred and dissent. While they tend to either glorify Trump or condemn his very existence, they have all fundamentally changed the way they report and about what they report. The media has become what they say they hate. And they pursue that occupation with unparalleled passion.

      Thank you for the discourse. I do appreciate it greatly. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful 2021.

    1. @William H Music 2020 **still rooting for Trump!!! I thought you would quit after the election!!! WHAT HAPPENED??? YOUR FAVORITE FASCIST LOST!!! HAHAHA!!!!!**

    2. @William H Music 2020 **I thought you would quit propagandizing,,,, after your FAVORITE FASCIST, LOST!!!! HAHAHA!!!!**

    3. @Gary Campbell sorry Gary unlike you republi-cons we do know who we voted for…
      We didnt want a repeat off the last 4 years…
      Thats why we al choose Biden…

    1. @The Tweatles no, no. you’re not going anywhere. Heroin abuse has clipped your wings long ago. Trump’s going to Mar-A-Lago and then prison.

    1. **I thank God everyday,,, when I wake up and realize,,, ONLY ONE MORE MONTH OF TRUMP!!! We could have lost our democracy,, if Trump had won…**

    2. Me Sim Pre-occupation with attaining the moral ground in part allowed Trump and his cronies to milk the naive, ignorant and uneducated class the last 4 years whilst allowing 300k+ souls to perish through deliberate mishandling / misinformation with regard to the pandemic. Inciting violence against protestors, introducing unmarked militia groups into US cities, voter suppression, list goes on and on. Followed by the blatant and unprecedented power grab by way of a co-ordinated dissemination of lies / baseless claims of widespread election fraud. In other words, Trump and his fascist followers waged a civil war against the US people and its democratic institutions in front of your very eyes and most people didn’t even know what hit them…yeah, so “humanising” all of this is the cure? I think not…

    3. @Scott Will No Scott, if there is a big fail Biden should be blamed. There are serious, bipartisan problems that BOTH sides have an interest in addressing: immigration, public health, infrastructure, racial & economic justice. Maybe, just maybe, a few key things can get accomplished.


    1. @Miki van Duyn
      You sir, is why we use the phrase “you can’t fix stupid” thank you for showing everyone what ignorant people write. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY

    2. @Ramon Guzman
      Why haven’t Joe Biden or Kamala Harris given up their seats? What are they waiting for? Obama resigned within hours of his win…

  1. Hello Mika..
    Mika, “whatever at this point.”.
    Me, he(Barr) resigned, because he knows that he would’ve been fired on January 20 2021 at 12:02 pm est..

    1. Of course he was.
      It’s called saving face.
      And it makes the resume’ look better.
      Lame duck personnel know the deal.


  2. “If yоu саn’t tаke сare of yоur siсk in the соuntry, fоrget it, it’s аll оver.”
    ― The Dоnаld @ Lаrry King Livе, Оctоber 1999

    1. **Trump is just pathetic!!! How did 60 million people vote for him??? FOX NEWS HAS DUMBED-DOWN A BIG CHUNK OF THE POPULATION!!! IT SHOULD BE OUTLAWED,, LIKE IT IS IN EUROPE!!

  3. As Peter Baker said we are getting rid the disease and we also have a vaccine for covid, it was a good day!

    1. Take a look at some of the footage between Putin and Trump. Putin knew what was written on the wall a long time ago. Maybe Trump did too.

    1. @XrKnight You wouldn’t understand “the math” you downloaded anyways as you are one of the cherished ones – _”I love the poorly educated!”_

    2. Only MSM acknowledges Biden win. Only half of the true. Not until Jan 6 many things will happen. Prepare your popcorn!

    3. @Nancy Nguyen By and large, almost all the news, with liberal or conservative slant, comes from the media. *What irresponsible media outlet has NOT acknowledged Biden’s win?* QAnon? Nancy’s Conspiracy’s?

  4. If Barr doesn’t get a pocket pardon.. we can still convict him for Federal crimes he’s already committed while in office, in service for Trump.

    1. I’m sure Barr will have his pardon Trump needs him to keep his mouth shut about his administrations criminal activities!

  5. Putin sending congratulations is more or equivalent to trump conceding – there is no need for trump to concede , his boss has already acknowledged

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