BIG Mochafest Party Held in Jamaica | Rick's Cafe Loses Certification | TVJ News - May 28 2021 1

BIG Mochafest Party Held in Jamaica | Rick’s Cafe Loses Certification | TVJ News – May 28 2021


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    1. Will the owner of Rick Cafe charged, NOPE. What of the capsized party party boat issue, was anyone arrested NOPE, It goes to show that if you are poor and living in Jamaica, you are at a severe disadvantage to even live.

    2. @The___candyshop an no one get lock up , but the local people keep party the police bus waiting on them

  1. That so true when Election Day both party go hard in bringing out the elderly to vote let see they both put out that same energy in getting the elderly vaccinated

    1. I agree Minister of Health needs to make arrangements for aids to go into the interior communities to take out the elderly who have no other means to access the vaccine

    1. If you think the gov. Addressed anything you love unicorn meat gwan eat. They are all liars and I don’t buy not a word from dem not a word

  2. Heads need to start rolling at JTB….Rick’s cafe coudn”t do this without proper approval….unoo tek black ppl fi eediat

  3. Classism classicism at it’s best..Joint task force was put together to arrest person in Clarendon without mask yet party going on in Tourist areas and it went on until it ended…

    1. Which part of Stonyhill? Never seen a party since or before Covid19. As a matter of fact the place a ghost town after 8 pm.

  4. The government was well aware of this mochafest but the double standard and the likki likki mentality of the foreign exchange dollar$ caused this to happen.

  5. FLOW needs a bit more competition, that’s totally unacceptable. Paying for service you’re not receiving is outrageous.

    1. I totally agree with you there is a flip side Jamaican people put up with if we the people stand up and said enough is enough maybe the garbage truck flow probably we would see some turnaround everyday of the week something go wrong with flow lime service lime garbage truck broke down Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday we should come together organize a mass protest from moron point to negril I never like the workers at flow never did never was at the same time we never have a government who stand up for the Jamaican people everything about flow is rubbish

  6. Jamaica Tourist Board had this event advertised on its website. So how comes they pretending they don’t know. Hypocrisy at its highest.

    1. @diane robinson This covid nonsense played out, how can a low life government locked down a third world country for over a year. People need to hustle…..

  7. Its very hard limiting people for a Jamaican party, even when its invitation only your place is loaded with people and you don’t even know some of them. Since this party was advertised this is exactly what would happen.

    1. @Ali Gordon don’t blame the government, blame the peoples they’re the idiots, no government can reign without the support of the peoples, ask yourself why Jamaica have so many churches and why only the poor dropping money in the collection buckets ! That’s why the white man said if you want to hide something from a black man put it in a book !

  8. Suh, officials never saw the promotions leading up to the event, something not right. Patron should also be charged just like how they charge and lock up people partying in their community.

  9. I find it strange that not even one Patreon was arrested yet when the poorer class try anything like this we hear how the police make dozens of arrest

  10. You would think this virus make people draw closer to God Almighty, but they’re still living like the devil

  11. Have you guys ever watched the movie, A Bug’s Life? It’s a children’s movie but there is a lot to be drawn from it. The IS strength in numbers and if every customer decides to come together and say enough is enough in a PEACEFUL LAW ABIDING WAY. JPS, FLOW, and all others will have to listen. They need you to stay in business. You the people have more power than you realize.

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