Big Oil ‘Never Lost A Fight Like This’: McKibben On Death Of Keystone XL Pipeline 1

Big Oil ‘Never Lost A Fight Like This’: McKibben On Death Of Keystone XL Pipeline


Bill McKibben, climate activist and founder of, talks with Rachel Maddow about the diverse coalition of activists who protested against the Keystone XL pipeline for years leading up to the developer, TC Energy, cancelling the project, and the ongoing resistance to other pipeline projects like the Line 3 pipeline.
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    1. @Armando Mercado

      When 500million are middle class usually they don’t have to use them. Along with UBI of course. They definitely can get oil from Iran where they’re swimming in it. Y’all funny

  1. Yes! Actually so proud he mentioned us Natives; we fought so hard along side ranchers and cowboys (surprisingly). I was getting upset that she didn’t even say one thing about us.

    1. You should be PROUD to have a pipeline cross your land and so should the ranchers be PROUD to have a pipeline cross their land. Your people and the ranchers are powered by oil and you get your three meals a day because of oil pipelines.

    1. @Korruption Kult Dems vote against a pipeline, now waiting in line PRAYING a pipeline will bring them some gas

    2. @86 commies Anyone who uses the word commies is stuck in 1970.Pathetic.Second orange man IS bad.What part is tripping you up the orange or the bad????At least we don’t blame all our problems on BLM,Antifa,and Biden.

    3. @Korruption Kult Why do lefties always being Q into it? You have no facts to use? How many times have you heard a Trump supporter say, Q said….”? You haven’t. This brainwashing media is giving you thoughts you think are your own.

    4. @Lee Teplitz You’re holding a petroleum product. Probably one of uninformed opinions you make.
      Renewables are unreliable and enrich the country we buy them from. Want to venture a guess of what country that is?

    5. @Joseph Scott You do realize that pipelines pay states and private property owners money for easements per foot. So by your theory many more hands touch a pipeline than a train. Thanks for playing, try again.

  2. Isn’t the cancellation of the pipeline the result of the oil that would be flowing through the pipeline was Canadian? TC Energy is Trans- Canada Pipelines.

    1. @Marie Jones Do you mean the one who calls himself the Shaman? Chansley or something like that?

  3. People think I am against line five in Michigan because of the environment, more like keeping dirty spark knock shale oil gas out of our cars.

  4. Congratulations to Bill and everyone who fought this good fight! I am so happy and grateful!

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