Big Oil Suffers Setbacks, Forced To Deal With Climate Change | Maddow 1

Big Oil Suffers Setbacks, Forced To Deal With Climate Change | Maddow


Bill McKibben, a founder of the grassroots climate campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about three huge oil companies, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron Corp losing major climate change court cases or being forced by shareholders to address climate concerns.
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    1. @Bill Rodriguez It’s not success if it’s breaking people’s backs in half and killing others. They are ill-gotten gains. They aren’t coveting anything, they want our species to have a future on this planet. Educate yourself.

  1. This is terrific news. We need more accountability by corporations, more commitment to the environment )and less to profits) We need more responsibly sourced power, less consumption, less population, more care for our planet.

    1. @Santiago Pina yes, I realize it was off subject, but it’s still a pending issue. I propose that we make an effort to reduce the population to 4 billion. Reduce consumption, improve health, wrath and well being overall. We don’t need large, poor populations of uneducated, unhealthy humans. Eat less, be less!

  2. Anytime something new comes along or things change there are alot of people who can’t handle it. I hope they do come up with a way to clean up emissions from vehicles

  3. Unfortunately it took numerous climate disasters in the past few years to actually get people in power to start taking climate change seriously. This should have happened a very long time ago. For the sake of our children, their children and so on, I truly hope it isn’t a situation of “too little too late”.

    1. If all companies of all areas of production don’t follow suit in the next few years, unfortunately it will be. We can only save the planet if all companies decide to follow their steps IMMEDIATELY.

    1. No problem
      Cut the advances and they get and they wil low down their stubbant attitude.
      Time wil come

  4. If the shareholders themselves are calling for cuts to emissions, then it must be far far worse than we realize.

    1. They are not neccesary blind,these stockholders.
      They experience like you and me
      the changes in weather.
      When even russia and china recognised the climate change
      Amerika has to follow.

    2. As time goes on, more and more of their shareholders are younger and their views shape these companies from the inside.

    3. It is far worse. The 1,5° has passed. Some countries will sink, some already work on evacuation. 2.5° we’re already scratching on it. 3 years of drought in the EU. Followed by the cooldest spring. Harvest will look bad the 4th year in a row.

    4. @pruna blue pepper you have no idea how right you are…. I personally experience how climate change is affecting my society

    5. @Erick Uiso we’re running out of water and our electricity grid is basically dead, crops aren’t growing and shelves are emptying out.. We are FEELING it rn

  5. Change is difficult – most people have a very tough time accepting change – especially those who are greedy.

    1. Especially if they put their lobbyists to work calling for tax breaks on alternative energy sources.

  6. This is massive. Literally making a presentation tomorrow in front of retirement fund committee to have fossil free / ESG options. This news couldn’t have hit at a more opportune time. Very exciting!!

  7. Another bad day for the former GOP. All their lobbying for the polluters and against science has been for naught.

  8. A GREAT day, for Mother Earth…..
    To little, to late?
    Time will tell.
    As an older human of our planet, I worry for the children, their children and so on.

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