Bike Taxi Operators React to New Road Traffic Rules | TVJ News – July 11 2022

Bike Taxi Operators React to New Road Traffic Rules | TVJ News - July 11 2022 1


  1. React all u want it’s the truth that u should protect urself…cross contamination is real tho..

  2. Cross contamination a real thing. Putting on helmet that so many different person’s use is a no no. It’s like putting on someone’s hat, that’s dirty and disgusting.

  3. So if that is the case about the helmet please to drive or ride safely on the road with your passenger and the other thing Bantu pillion on a bike males always spot check the police please check them

  4. Every motorcycle helmet I have worn in the USA has interfered with hearing. They are not hardhats. And just require reflective stripes, not

  5. I still don’t believe that the bike should be carrying passengers or pillion rider especially since they’re not only dieing but they the pillion rider are the shooter at all times. The driver of the bike cannot shoot and drive at the same time therefore it must be the pillion rider that means it’s one way to stop these hitsman

  6. Look pan da dunce girl deh side way on the bike then she get hurt a bike man she wa blame dunce

  7. Everything these people stretch out hand for government to give them and there families there feeding

  8. Y aren’t every bike owner required 2 register their machines? Those who carry passengers should have a distinct plate n those who don’t should not b allowed a pillion rider.

  9. 0:33 Busy signal
    Mi nuh trust nuttin pon yeng, yeng🏍
    Worse di one dem weh keep up problem dawg 🎶

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