Bill Barr Now Says Trump’s 2020 Fraud Lies Were ‘Bulls–t’

Speaking out in a new interview, Trump's former attorney general Bill Barr is now saying that there was no truth to any of Trump's attacks on the 2020 election. MSNBC's Brian Williams speaks to Jonathan Karl of ABC News who conducted the interview with Barr.
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  1. Too bad “ Mea Culpa “ is Taken.
    This guy can’t Rewrite History & His Complicity While a Federal Employee.

    1. I just see a big fat rat, jumping from a sinking ship!!!! BILL BARR WAS THE MOST CORRUPT ATTORNEY GENERAL IN HISTORY!!! AND WE WON’T FORGET!!!**,

    2. @John Edward when some congress hs changed the truth in history ! then it no longer is history ! just lies and congrecss trying to save face! reverse charges for crimes perpertrated in the worlds eyes ! you cant put blinders on gods eyes !


    1. LOL!!

      No they’re not.

      Checj out Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic on Rumble, Apple Podcasts etc. It has 65 million downloads three times a day, and the downloaders are all motivated, united and well otganised patriots.

      You’re just completely duped by a lying media, as you will discover in a major way over the next couple of months.

    2. @Gugenheimer You believe a proven lying propagandist and that leads you to believe somehow I’ve been duped? How can you be so gullible? Did you even notice how they keep saying something big will happen in the next couple of months? And when nothing happens, it’s just a couple more months away. You should send Trump a check. He earned your money.

  2. Wow, so noble of him to speak out 7 months later, after resigning early so he didn’t have to take any responsibility. What a hero. No one could have saw this coming from the guy who covered up the Iran Contra. It’s Barr trying to whitewash his legacy. People are realizing they are going to be the villains in the history books. Bill Barr’s Rehabilitation Tour Begins.

    1. @Mallari Culp What “hard pillow to swallow” and how did “Trump exposed them all” Again straight up, The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos! Who last time I checked, is a US Citizen! When exactly did he defect to Russia?

    2. @Refund Replay OMFG, is that all you have? I’m not at all a Jehovah’s witness or any other religion you want to claim! Very far from it!

      Bruh….. how does that exonerate Bill Barr from anything? 🤣 And how does that compare to trump, who’s a pathological LYING conman?? 🙌

    3. @Refund Replay Bruh….. What has ” Bernie Sanders” got to do with anything? What about the pope? What about Iraq? What about the Berlin wall??

      How is “off the top you head” evidence?

  3. Denouncing election fraud was Barr’s version of a hail mary pass, “Please, please, PLEASE do not arrest me for all the crimes I committed against this country! PLEASE!!”

    1. I think he abruptly resigned because he was privy to conversations between Trump, Rudy, Mr Pillow, Flynn, and Lin Wood on how to proceed with Martial Law and Barr knew there was no coming back from that.

    2. of course its not like you can name any actual ‘crime’ committed but you dont pesky little things like reality bother you!

    1. @Myriam Ickx that is not even true, haha. the only “lawyering” he did was in official capacity, as all AG’s do for the president. You so stupid, you should work for MSNBC, or even CNN, if you are bad enough at it.

    2. @Philip Williams : You know very well what I meant: Bill Barr used – repeatedly – his position as AG to act de fact serving Trump’s interests. But as any good Trumper lacking in intellect and ever ready to DDP, you can only insult people, not reason with them.

    3. @Andrew riley Painting and carpentry services lmao. You tried and you failed clown. Everybody knows Mitch McConnell and the republicans blocked everything Obama tried to do and Trump didn’t even offer any legislation.

  4. Bill Barr and Jeff sessions will never be invited to the Trump family picnic never time soon !

    1. @William Yahwehson yea n they were leaving in massive numbers while he rambled on incoherently as always

    1. I think he was likely privy to discussions between trump and his merry band of thieves — Flynn, Mr Pillow, Rudy, etc about trump declaring martial law and Barr realized there was no coming back from that.

    2. @B Bodziak huh? i don’t remember Trump declaring martial law at any time during his presidency. what a lie you’re trying to spread.

    1. @Anthony Voss ah, the Kamala approach to a situation. Next you will tell me you havent been to Europe either. lol

    2. @Sam Smith I have no idea what ur talking about…Europe??…why would I want to go there for…ion like the a-holes over here

    3. @Anthony Voss roflmao…did my statement really just go over your head???? lmao, you need to stop doing drugs and pay attention.

  5. Billy Barr will eventually lose his law license in the State of New York and will be investigated by the Justice Department.

    1. Hope your right He needs to be disbarred. He waited 6 months to be truthful. Like Pence to late to save grace.

  6. I thought it was illegal for criminals to profit from their crimes – book deals, interviews etc

    1. do you just not realize you are completely uninformed about reality and that these kind of hot takes just reveal your ignorance? typical msnbc drone, no facts just exclamations without basis in reality.

    2. @423patricias they literally take their scripts directly from the dnc and the cia. its disgustingly obvious.

    3. @will williamson if so then why am I not an American citizen but an American National State Citizen. Do you even know what your birth certificate actually is? I want no part of media bs.

  7. Trump was the only person trying to “change the rules”. At this point, Barr is just trying to protect his behind.

    1. Not even close. Even the attempted coup was the result of a decades long plan by conservative Republican leaders. He’s not the cause, he’s the symptom.

    1. History is written by future INTERPRETERS. They are not HISTORIANS until they finish their FULL TEXT and it IS INCORPORATED INTO SOCIETY:.

    2. @Nathaniel Barton victims write history and never tell the truth. The historians are always bias to their race, and country. American Historians can’t even read German, and wrote the Germans history. Sad crazy world we live in.

    1. Trump has rightly called former prosecutor Barr a “disappointment in every sense of the word,” after he described his claims about fraud as “nonsense” in a soon-to-be-published book. “Bill Barr was a disappointment in every sense of the word,” Trump said in a statement. “Instead of doing his job, he did the opposite and told people that the Department of Justice would not investigate the elections,” he added, accusing the former prosecutor of covering up for former candidate Hillary Clinton, among other things, and “not investigating the elections. real facts”. Trump is absolutely right.

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