1. he’s worried what kind of precedent is set if a former President is indicted for illegal activities, shouldn’t we be more concerned on the precedent not to do so? I thought America had rule of law ……….

  2. Australia is well recognised as punching above its weight internationally, and for being a positive force on a wide range of issues. Unfortunately, the ridicule and opprobrium the Morrison government brought upon the country has damaged that standing, but there is great appetite to see Australia back in the game and on the right side of history.

  3. Indicting a former President who has broken the law is VITAL if we are to be truly a nation of laws rather than an autocracy or other lawless entity. If you say that no one is above the law, then it must be proven by holding a former president accountable. It is a must for our democracy.

    1. @BeHuman I noticed it happen with other accounts as well, In “Google chats” in Youtube windows, there are some there as well, but with those I found they actually have hundreds nearly identical account names, takes about 3 days to get them all, banned in Chat, but diff nick. This CNN bug might be in their servers.. But YES it is annoying ..

  4. So where is the line on what a president/ex-president can do before they are accountable in the eyes of the law. If reckless disregard for the national security isn’t it, what is?

    1. @P L
      Lol, that is the only thing required of all of us, “patience” we’ll know that justice was adhered too in the fullest extent of the law.
      Stay well PL

    2. Careful what you wish for , any harm done to another in spite always returns in the form of despair, until one breaks free of the darkness that misled them.

  5. It is critical that no individual be insulated from accountability simply because they are a national political figure, a former president, or a candidate for public office. Choosing not to pursue accountability for fear of the political criticism or consequences is itself a deeply political act.

  6. Typical Barr: “Technically” he can be indicted. But he does not want him to be indicted. What? Nobody is above the law, Mr. Barr!

  7. he said in 2016 while campaigning, “in my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. NO ONE will be ABOVE THE LAW.” ooops! NO ONE means you too!

    1. @Chucks Grace Actually nuclear information is classified by law as an act of congress and is outside the presidents power to declassify. I would also point out that mere possession of those documents, classified or not, is illegal.

    2. @Chucks Grace LOL all the MSM could talk about were unknown sources when reporting the Dossier and you ate it up.

  8. The perspective from a citizen; damage to our country will occur if DOJ does not indict if DJT broke the law. DJT has damaged our democracy and he needs to be held accountable . Any other citizen would be held accountable and rightly so.

    1. Agree 💯! Where are the consequences of they’re just going to pardon the bastard? You or I would not be pardoned! They take away the whole deterrent if that is done!

    1. @Chucks Grace The president does not have the power to declassify nuclear information. That is classified by law and outside of his powers.

    1. @Steve Wilson including him, if 5he evidence exists. And it appears they have the evidence to indicate trump

    1. @Criminal n Chief we ran out of baby formula for the love of God.. rolling blackouts in california.. democrat ran

  9. He ABSOLUTELY MUST be indicted. If NO ONE is above the law, it’s imperative he’s indicted, found guilty (he categorically is) and sent to prison. Secret Service protection be damned.

  10. It’s amazing that US politics are defined on where one stands on Trump, and the degree of agreeance or disagreeance with him.

  11. “do you indict a former president?” how can this really be a question given the overwhelming information about his conduct both seen and heard. and that’s just of what we know !

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