Bill Bratton On Cutting Crime, Restoring Order And His New Book | MSNBC 1

Bill Bratton On Cutting Crime, Restoring Order And His New Book | MSNBC


Former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton joins Morning Joe to discuss the city's mayoral race, reforming police departments, integrating mental health into policing, and his new book 'The Profession'.

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Bill Bratton On Cutting Crime, Restoring Order And His New Book | MSNBC


  1. “CRIME” is the symptom and result of all the other issues on that list in the poll. Isn’t poverty and frustration the primary CAUSE of crime? Latchkey kids hanging out on the streets vulnerable to gangs…. The public might think crime is the priority but the mayor needs to focus on the root causes which are social and economic

    1. Crime, it pays real nice but what you really didn’t know, the crime pays twice. It pays once in money, twice in years (in the jail cell ying to hide your tears). And the trip abd cause you tried to get rich, in a graveyard or in a shallow ditch. It’s money or time so make up your mind

  2. Everybody with a brain that works knows how to cut crime….but cutting crime makes no money….somebody has to be the slaves.

  3. 0:34 – look at the chart well. Crime is at the top. Racial injustice is at the bottom. And NY has the most minority voters. Thanks.

  4. Enact Yang’s UBI policy and you will immediately see crime drop sharply.

    Of course it won’t be panacea, but it’s a start.

    So many people think of combatting crime the way we treat disease’s symptom, without actually seeking the underlying reason why people turn to crime in the first place.

  5. All police should undergo stringent pyschological tests, mental health checks should start with police officers before they’re let loose on the public first and foremost.

  6. Lmao Bill can’t answer any of the journalists questions. What exactly is his book about ??? Seems like a whole lotta nothing.

  7. There is a boost in crime because there is a decrease in jobs and economic stability… bring that in the community instead of talking about policing. Policing does not solve the issue.

  8. Note the complete silence from white POLICE UNIONS about 1/6…….
    We ALL know if this were BLACK men attackin the Capitol.. Bratton and EVERY Police Union would be at DC en FORCE to dismantle BLM and DEMAND HEARINGS..

  9. It not simple, the rent moratorium is ENDING…people don’t want to be homeless or hungry….they will do anything for this means!!

  10. The idea of sending out social workers on 411 calls is nuts. Police in other countries don’t face anywhere near the threat of armed offenders that US police do. Domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous calls that cops have to respond to. The situation is already usually dangerously violent by the time the police arrive. What NYC needs to do is to go back to what works. If you don’t like to call it stop-and-frisk, call it something else. If you don’t like “broken windows policing”, call it something else. But do what works.

    1. The idea of sending out armed officers for traffic stops & mental illness or cat in a tree sounds completely nuts to me.. Maybe you are the one who crazy…

  11. Crime was low bc the establishment ignored crime committed by the establishment. If your offering low crime at the price of “comply or die” policing, NO FRIGGIN DEAL!

  12. It’s almost like we just gave trillions in fiat to mentally sickened billionaires like a morning work out but did nothing relevant for low income people during the pandemic. Imagine that.

  13. “his new book” LOLz. Another guy everyone says never heard of him. Whats msn’s cut on this best selling rag?

  14. Maybe if mayor DeBraindead didn’t “defund the police” and eliminate the violent crimes unit.

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