Bill Clinton Almost Cries After Trump Exposes Scandals! 10/9/16

Bill Clinton Almost Cries After Trump Exposes Scandals! 10/9/16

Donald Trump slams Bill Clinton over his past with women and Bill Clinton almost cries.

Clintons Exposed – October 9, 2016


    1. Yup, and it was revealed that Chaka Khan was paid nearly $400 million by
      the Clinton Foundation and by the DNC to make that speech. Khan is also
      friends of the Clintons and the Obama’s, prepared Hillary’s taxes, which
      she needed to refile 3 times because she failed to report items and
      income.. The little U.S. pocket constitution Chaka Khan waved around was
      purchased by a DNC staff member just hours for the debate, and he doesn’t
      support the U.S. Constitution because he advocates for Sharia law (not so
      America afterall). Oh, and he was also exposed for running a cash for visas
      scam to sneak muslims into the U.S., and he has direct ties to the
      government of Saudi Arabia. Which is why this p.o.s. disappeared from the
      spotlight so quickly in early August. Hillary still continues to prop this
      troll up. It’s also rumored that Khan’s son wasn’t killed while defending
      the U.S., and was actually on an Islamic jihadist mission.. Either way,
      Hillary is wrong on this too, and her loyalties lie with muslims, not
      Americans.. That’s painfully obvious.

  1. How is it “racist” to say someone was not born in America? The fact that
    one may not be born in America and, therefore, is not eligible to be
    president is a legal matter and has nothing to do with racial background.

    1. that’s the law for a reason…without it our enemies could send someone
      over to win our election. All this enemy would need to be able to control
      is the mainstream media…then they would have the Whitehouse and the

    2. It’s not racist. Only regressives who don’t like hearing the truth and
      deflect from reality call everything “racist”..As of 2016, that word no
      longer has any power, thanks to the Marxist leftists.

  2. He is crying because he may miss an opportunity for a fresh batch of young
    interns to molest if Hillary does not get back in the Whiehouse

  3. I still say the only thing that would have made this debate better would
    have been hillary having another seizure.

    1. She was close to it at the end. Her eyes became huge and black like they
      have during those other times.. So when that happens it’s either seizure
      time or she’s about to turn into the Hilldabeast of Soros world.

  4. Funny how Obama’s after calling hillary on her being not fit for the
    PResidency, now claims she is. Democrats are wishy washy and no one want to
    own it.

    1. Just like Bernie said she wasn’t fit to be president, now he says that she
      is the most qualified. Dems are full of crap.. Most Republicans too.

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