1. Except there is a difference between Trump and Clinton: One actually committed a crime and the other was doing his job.

  2. I want people to understand this has to go trial for the sake of the Constitution. Right or wrong, we have to walk through this.

    1. No actually when Republicans subpoena Hillary Clinton and George Soros and all the rest the dema squad All the dema squad Will turn on each other People that are gonna be subpoenaed such as James comey Christopher Steele Will all be stabbing each other in the Back This is the part the democrats failed to recognize

    1. Organized crime does not withhold aid. The send it over in a sec and fly over to collect it on the other end. Unlike Obama who gave 1.6 billion in cash to IRAN with out congress approval. You man also recall Clinton’s making 500k a pop per speech.

    1. @Lorraine Myers And that Australian, Alexander Downer, was a very conservative former politician, former leader of the conservative party in Australia and High Commissioner of Australia to the United Kingdom. His ideology is in line with the Republicans.

    2. @Lorraine Myers you are absolutely correct the democrats are not perfect, they are so interestingly shady, its nearly as funny as when I hear that trump supporters are just blind to the facts. Those would be the facts that you are spoon fed through biased mainstream media outlets. Don’t you find it strange that there has been an all out assault on the potus? While every piece of evidence can be argued for or against it’s validity, why not take a more pragmatic approach and look at the entirety of the situation, instead of the small sound bites the media is hoping you will base your judgement on with emotion, instead of logic and “could” this be a way for the media to dictate how a populace will think and behave. Think of a re-education camp, what is the purpose of it, and what are the methods of re-educating a person or group of people, by constant affirmation and constant stimulus to a particular way to think or act. We are in dangerous times and if people don’t “want” to learn more about what is going on, they will succumb to the simplest form of media they interact with.

    1. Jacinta Shitandayi, Obama actually did what Nixon was to be impeached for only talking about doing yet Obama was never impeached or actually investigated.

  3. Clinton? Bubba Bill?? The Lolita Express frequent flyer???

    _26 times, while ditching the Secret Service_
    *The Washington Times – May 14, 2016*

  4. Bill Clinton BE LIKE: “These basTURDS tried to impeach me for getting a consensual BJ– but now they are okay with bribery, extortion, and foreign election meddling?”

    1. riddleOFst33l hahaha Bill Clinton has balls at least. These republicans are delusional and brainwashed but Putin. lmao

  5. “Impeachment is a waste of time.” according to the republicans.
    Only if it’s on republican president.

    As people always say, “What goes around, comes around.”


    1. @Jacquie Doyle says:
      “This impeachment is a waste of time republicans hold the Senate majority unless Democrats..”
      Sure, have them try and taste the result.

      Do you remember Ford?
      The guy lost the re-election for pardoning Nixon.

      We’ll see how many senators will lose their seats.

      Everything comes with the price.

    2. history tells us that previous impeachments had overwhelming support from both republicans and democrats thats when you know there is a legitimate concern. The founders made it that way for a reason, so one party could not hold the power and exercise that power against the will of the people.

    1. @BKD Vickers as usual,you know nothing. All charges in an impeachment can be adjudicated in any state,no statue of limitations. Quit spreading misinformation. It’s ignorant and extremely harmful,do better!!!

    2. He has 29 investigations,11 are state. 5 grand juries already convened in NY. Look up the 11 charges and add the 2 impeachment articles. Any impeachment charges can be adjudicated by any state. It happened with Clinton in civil court. Trump will face criminal court for the nature of his extensive financial crimes. NY fucking hates him and he stole from Uncle Sam. It’s gonna to be amazing. MAGA MAGA bitches!!!

    1. Houston Welch
      We can’t even get the full report from 9/11?
      Tulsi Gabbard has a Bill in the Hopper
      A waiting to be acted upon!
      Unfortunately, the Shillary
      Poisoned the Well
      So it’s difficult say.

    2. Remember Prince Andrews delight in his interview when the interviewer said Epstein killed himself, he chuckled and said yes

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