Bill Cosby accuser reacts to his release from prison 1

Bill Cosby accuser reacts to his release from prison


Victoria Valentino, one of the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, says that the decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to vacate Cosby's conviction was a "gut punch" and came out of the blue.
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    1. @Linda Felder Got Proof? Nope, Dems don’t need proof they got double standards BILL CLINTON!

    2. @Antoine Bruno I have read Black Robes White Justice HAVE YOU?
      Teach GED or assist in PIH rehab with the Anons? How about donating to My Block My City My Hood and black capitalism?!?
      CNN Globalists are WARMONGERS for ratings. Didn’t ” mostly peaceful but fiery” look like a war zone to you and didn’t CNN sell a fvckton of adds

    3. @Trevor Guthrie One, you meant Aristotelian. You don’t have to try to use big words to try to impress us. Two, Google is a powerful drug. Way to Google search those organizations. I think your a BS artist.

    4. Why don’t people like him? He didn’t do anything. Not one woman provided a shred of proof.

    5. @Sr Chalice wow, I’m as so far gone, but still not as re-tarted as you snowflake…

    1. If anybody should be mad it’s Cosby. He never should have been tried and convicted in the first place. That’s literally why they freed him today.

    2. @Andy Newman i’m just saying , i think “typical white boy” is pretty elementary in comparison of how bad derogatory terms can go. also not 100% sure where you’re going at but regardless it’s pretty baseless to say that’s a common pejorative among black folk. the statement was wrong to begin with. and the only thing to that last part i can even say remotely is that your avatar is a white guy, i assume. Not saying he was right to assume you are white , but your statement came off as matter-of-fact while his could have just been easily ignored.

      but now that’s even more interesting to think about. if he assumed your whiteness and you assumed his blackness and neither of you is actually either one lmao.

    3. @irish- Nah. Blame the rapist. Everyone should be blaming the rapist. Instead they’re blaming everyone else. We have some sick sob’s in this country. The biggest reason the U.S. has turned into a shithole.

    1. @Carla Defoe I do not know the last time you had any dealings with the court system in America, but you actually have to prove your innocence. I can go make a statement about you right now to the local authorities and if anything like that in your past pops up, you will be detained on my word because you are presumed guilty. That carries right into the court room. Open your eyes!

    1. @Nathaniel Russ Bruh… Y’all and your political brain washing. The woman speaking for WOMEN… Period. Not for y’alls crazy party crap. There’s A LOT of people that aren’t Republican or Democrat… We’re American.

    1. Please elaborated? I’m not too knowledgeable on the details of the case but to be honest I was surprised he got convicted to begin with. I do believe he’s guilty but the cases are so old I thought it would be impossible to convict him given the lack of evidence. Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is a very high standard.

    2. @FloridaBoy Highlights The prosecuting DA ignored a binding, legal agreement that was already in place that was to keep Mr. Cosby from ever being charged with this crime. The prosecution’s blatant disregard to Mr. Cosby’s rights is what got this conviction overturned yesterday. It wasn’t the fact that he wasn’t guilty of drugging and raping these victims, it is the fact the DA backed out of the agreement not to prosecute and did it anyway. Hope that explains a little better.

    1. He can see clearly now…He’s out of jail…Its going to be a bright bright sun shining day!!!

    2. Old man Cosby couldn’t walk into prison,needed a wheelchair, but came dancing out the door, when judge set him free

    1. Cosby’s lawyers knew about the glitch the whole time. They had the ace card and waited until the right time to use it. Brilliant strategy on their part. They used same bogus laws and legal system that sends innocent people to prison… and set him free. His whole sentence is now vacated. They broke back of the me too movement.

  1. He has a huge lawsuit, yea he lost 6 years at the end of his life, it will be in the millions. Ironically enough

  2. This is not an “anti-victim “ decision, it is calling out prosecutorial screw-ups. Unfortunately, he was freed as a result.

    1. @Roxanne Hale it’s because he was wrongfully accused. The was set up all on lies, the only victims were Bill Cosby and his family. I’m glad that true justice has prevailed because he was innocent .

    2. @Roxanne HaleThe Lady said, on this very same podcast, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court looked very closely & suspiciously at the: 1) the erroneous nature of all witnesses included, and 2) questionable validity of those witnesses.
      Also stated; in this very same podcast is the fact that Court did not even have to consider the Glaring Red Flags of the outlandish witnesses. The Case was closed by the 1st Prosecuter!
      Ms Hale, with these facts, from this video it doesn’t make any difference who my sources are, or where my sources come from; does it?
      Ms Hale, did we watch the same video?

    3. @Talley Rand 20 years ago? Didn’t want to damage the image of Black male image?
      This is the best you can do, and this was the best the court could do!
      I don’t believe her nor do I disbelieve her. She is a non factor to anyone who dares to use reason. She is about as relevant as the witnesses of the trial; and none were relevant. Wow, that story you directed to me is the same BS. You’ve proved my point, not yours!

  3. It’s seems like CNN do not believe in there own justice system…..the right decision was made, no need to give such leverage to her to say lies…you’ll never let Cosby express himself or what happened like you did for her.

  4. They’re probably going to play ”It’s a man’s world” in the background through this news cast in SNL

    1. I certainly hope so! If not I already purchased all the DVD’s. The show had some great people and should never had been cancelled over one man anyway!!!. Cancel culture won!! There is something called a remote. Don’t let me the show then switch the channel!!

  5. Unfortunately its not a glitch…it was a legal agreement that was broken.
    It’s too bad Judges can’t do the right thing, if confident, even if the law would be circumvented.

  6. Even though his conviction has been reversed, the women he hurt can take comfort in knowing that he will never get those two years back. If the prosecutors are elected, the women of Pennsylvania can think about this next election.

  7. Where’s the story about how NY isn’t charging Trump?

    You almost had him guys, keep trying I’m sure you’ll get him next time.

    Now tell us again how you’re not opinion, you’re just telling your “point of view”
    Brainlet Don Lemo’n

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