Bill Cosby Was Not Exonerated, Says Civil Rights Attorney | MSNBC 1

Bill Cosby Was Not Exonerated, Says Civil Rights Attorney | MSNBC


Civil rights attorney Charles Coleman joins Morning Joe to discuss Bill Cosby's release from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

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Bill Cosby Was Not Exonerated, Says Civil Rights Attorney | MSNBC


  1. there are people in jail bc they had weed in their possession but this creep gets to be free

    wth is happening to the usa

  2. So will Cosby resume doing Jell-O Pudding commercials again? And if he does will the Pudding be laced with knockout drops???

  3. You can tell when they are faking it, they start limping, using sticks, wheelchairs, pretending they can hardly walk….

  4. People: In court : Oral agreements are placed on the Transcripts. Or should be place on the transcript
    When an attorney make a verbal or written deal with the defendant'(s). The records of the court are placed on public view. But some of our courts Do not honor the due process laws.. Example:
    My experience with a bias judge who let their court prosecutor recharge a case after the prosecutor dropped all the charges because the prosecutor had No evidence. However the court let the Prosecutor bring new charges Under another allegation; Without (Myself) the defendant knowing. The court created false charges then convicted me on charges which I was never aware of and/or never charged with in the beginning of the case. The First charges and the recharges were a lie! But the prosecutor coverup the facts that I had put in a sexual misconduct complaint against one of their police officer!. I fought this particular court for 8 years. I fought their lies! without a fair Due process. But the court and their connectors basically cover up everything. Some of our court do not uphold the fair act of our due process laws. When they’re the law!!!! But understand this: Some of our corrupted courts (Prosecutors) will coverup the truth!!! Ps .Here’s my point. It is not about : The Plaintiff or Defendant. It’s about the truth! And truth is, some of our court ( prosecutors) Do not uphold the fair act of a proper: Due process. All Cosby wanted: Was a fair Due process. Peace

  5. He blind in one eye but yet it just creepy how he is smiling and being walked by his lawyer and these other people. Its just ewwww.

    1. You’ll be old and decrepit too some day. When that day comes if you’re not shot or stabbed first, think back about this moment in time.

  6. Can they refill with his admissions under oath or show that they would have got this information through another line of evidence…?

  7. Outrageous and should have never happened. Your justice system stinks of corruption America and don’t ever think its better than it is. Its one rule for the rich and famous and another for the person on the street.

    1. This was not “corruption”…it was an existing technicality of the law (prosecutor made promises he shouldn’t have)

    2. @john hopkins did he commit this crime? If so the justice system stinks and it is not fit for purpose. Your system is a joke with people getting off major crimes because of technicalities. That’s not the justice system of a civilised country that’s banana republic justice.

    3. Well Cosby admitted to the crimes so I would say yea he done it lol. And this was corruption on the side of the ex D.A the court took his word for it even though he said he told his secretaries about the deal and they stated under oath he never told them anything about it.

  8. He’s got more victims he’s going back to court. He’s going to need to do some work for lawyer money.

  9. The D.A said he did not have no credible evidence to get a conviction plus people must read the deposition he never confessed .

  10. This shows what loopholes in the law can do. Too bad the system will never be fixed. Civil, criminal, and even family court is completely screwed up….

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