Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction vacated by state court 1

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction vacated by state court


Bill Cosby was released from prison after Pennsylvania's highest court vacated his sexual assault conviction and judgment of sentence, saying his due process rights were violated in the first major case of the #MeToo era.
The panel of Pennsylvania State Supreme Court judges said in their opinion released Wednesday that when former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor investigated allegations of drugging and rape against Cosby in 2005, the prosecutor's decision to not prosecute him in return for his deposition in a civil case was ultimately used against him at trial.
"In light of these circumstances, the subsequent decision by successor D.A.s to prosecute Cosby violated Cosby's due process rights," the judges wrote.
Cosby was sentenced in 2018 to 3 to 10 years in a state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.
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    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR the book that contains a correct amount of beating one’s slaves, and thinks rape is. Property crime against the victim’s father, is not reliable access to carpenter justice wizard stuff.

    1. @Bessie King
      Don’t get me wrong I grew up to Bill Cosby in the 1970’s & 1980’s… I was a fan of his Comedian shows & fat Albert & the gang on Saturday mornings cartoons & a few other’s..I think what ever he did wrong in the past should had stayed in the past..I believe these woman where willing to play this sex games with him ..I don’t think it was Racially motivated..
      I was a male slut myself in my younger day’s with many of strippers or the playboy bunny types & I’m white & a President Trump supporter…

    2. @Mike Smith everything is racial. Why Bill Cosby first, people been complaining about the casting couch for years. Why one of the most prestigious black man in Hollywood or the entertainment industry. At 80 yrs old be charged with a crime of rape. That happened 30 yrs ago. The majority of men in the entertainment business are white. This is the culture of the business, but Bill Cosby is the first example..why???

    3. @Bessie King
      They decided to make him a target because of the me me or the Leftist Finalist Activist…You know Psycho woman that hate men because their life’s are all about

    1. @Eric Watson .O. that’s what I’m saying…I’m a victim of molestation as a child. I told my mom finally in a week. She almost killed my uncle. I didnt wait no 10 years ….trust. And I would not wait, if I was sexually assaulted. Unless they were paid and were running out of money. Its BS, I feel it for them…but this is off to me.

    2. @CJ Lite Hmm, I agree with you that it should be the same for ANYONE who is sexually assaulted to be taken seriously but then you add the big IF. Your points are mainly about men being assaulted and while I agree many men have been sexually assaulted over the years by both men and women. But I don’t think it’s going to get you any points for not saying that the issue does mainly happen to women and girls. And no man should be ashamed or shamed for being a victim. Just recently a woman in the army was repeatedly horribly raped by a man and Did come forward. The Army did not protect her, she was given an order of protection but she still got assigned to do an training exercise with the suspect and it was so traumatic she killed herself days later. And what the army usually learns is that there are more victims of these sadists. I think we also need to reform the way sex offenders are labeled. I don’t think a man who drunkly pees in public and because a someone under 18 witnessed it they are labeled for the rest of their life with that moniker. And some convicts should almost need a big letter A on their shirt. And having a problem with emojis is just really petty… the peace symbol was entirely sincere.

    3. @Tania Rosen I agree with your points and as for the Emojis the peace sign looks like two fingers stuck up (in other words up yours). it in (my view didn’t look like a peace symbol)

      So my apologies for presuming it was something rude.

      PS: And i’m not looking for points to score over anyone (not my thing)


    1. Noah T The problem is that too much time went by before the victims came forward. He is in his 80’s now and … sorry .. no old man needs to be in jail for some bullshit like this. If the victims where so mad they should have charged home the morning after he did whatever they say he did. Not a decade after the fact.

    2. @Doctor Thirteen Marion Berry was black if I’m not mistaken?…. Of course HE got locked up for it lol smh

  1. 25 years ago, I was asked to come in to the police station as I was being accused of food tampering. I was innocent and not budging but they tried getting me to confess as a way to lessen the punishment. When that didn’t work, they brought up my fathers unsolved murder from a few years earlier, as if I was suddenly going to confess to that in exchange for going easy on this whole food tampering thing. Moral of the story, don’t trust a DA, a detective, or anyone questioning you.

    1. @KittyKAT666Meow Where did you hear THAT?! Not that I don’t believe you, but I would like to see that one in print!

    2. @TAZ MAN : Bingo! White rage & that white guilt projected. Until that group deals with its rage & guilt innocent people will continue to be suspects to them & in danger of being falsely accused, railroaded, & prosecuted.

    3. @Pirate Remy when you have nothing to hide the innocent talk. Ty for your comment, I learned that after the fact.

    4. @Pirate Remy 40+ women could fabricate a lie and make anyone believe. Sounds impossible right? Lol.

    1. Remember this is America. White man speak with forked tongue. By the way did you get that 40 acres and a mule.

    2. @Pat Doyle he always maintained that it was consensual.
      Anytime a woman calls rape on a man,10/10 times the man would be scrutinized hard even if she’s lying. Guilty until proven innocent.

    1. I know it’s very rare to see A black man gets true justice. He was wrongfully convicted and everybody knew it from the beginning.

  2. I wonder how much of that had to deal with the fact that the lawyer just happened to work for Donald let’s try and take over the country trump

    1. @Helena Handbasket
      I see the justice system acting as it must to prevent a police state as a success, even though sometimes I do not like the results. One of the most basic tenets of our system is that it is better to let 10 guilty men go free than to convict one innocent man. And the only chance we have of getting even close to that is to make the justice system follow the rules.

      A rapist (assuming he is one, as I suspect he is) going free is a failure, but this ruling was a good one. It protects all of us.

      BTW, WORSE than this has happened to someone I care a LOT about – my niece. My hatred of rapists does not cloud my judgment however.

    2. @RedRedMane
      Bullshit. He thought he had made a deal that would keep him from facing criminal charges (as it should have) and agreed to testify in a civil case. Yeah, he cleverly planned for the next prosecutor to break the law and take him to trial! What a moron you are.

    3. the failure occurred when he was charged in the first place. He should have never seen the inside of a prison. Now he will be suing the courts.

    4. @Pat Doyle Broken nose, cuts all over the back of the head. Plenty of evidence. Pro fighters get knocked out without any of the visible damage George incurred in MMA. Trayvon was beating up George and not stopping. His dad at first even did say it wasnt Travons voice yelling for help, but then they told him tp lie. Who would be yelling? I think it would be the person getting punched in the face with the broken nose and on the bottom and and having the back of his head against the ground. So plenty of evidence indeed. Trayvon put that nice man in a situation where poor George had to defend himself, and did so. With everything said, if it can’t be proven otherwise, then George walks. Don’t take people’s rights to defend themselves, you commie.

  3. Amazing that last time we saw him he didn’t know were he was or what was going on. I think that was a ploy!

    1. @Jelly Bean2021 It’s not a technicality. It’s law. Now, if he wants, Cosby could have a case against that district attorney.

    2. @topgrain – the rapist admitted guilt and that’s why he was charged and convicted. The deal was broken that IS the technicality.

    3. @Bessie King – when you admit guilt, you are guilty. He got out because a pinky swear was broken.

  4. Seems like due process to me. There was an immunity deal. It’s the prosecution who has a lot to answer for

    1. @Joe Veitch Nothing needs to be in writing. The issue is that he was forced to respond to a deposition in a civil case – there is no taking the 5th in a civil case. When he was later tried in criminal court, that deposition was not admissible as evidence. Does not mean he is innocent, it just means the prosecution screwed up. They could probably have gotten a conviction without the deposition, and this would not have happened.

    2. @Joe Veitch lol, no. When you are deposed (the act of giving a deposition) you are on record and their is a court recorder writing everything said down for all parties to refer to.

    3. @Erik Anderson they did not say it was in deposition was verbal only between prosecutor and Cosby, no record but court said it was binding. Just what I saw on news who the hell knows what really happened

  5. He was forced to incriminate himself and violates his 5th amendment rights.
    He should grab a plane out of the country immediately.
    He best try to become invisible now.

    1. I get this sneaking suspicion he’s not going to just lay low and live is remaining days quietly. He’ll probably taunt his past victims and run for political office. Because, of course he’d do that!

  6. Not a “shock” at all…. He was convicted on tainted testimony and his 5th Amendment rights were clearly violated. That is not allowable.

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