Bill De Blasio: New York City Has Made A Remarkable Comeback 1

Bill De Blasio: New York City Has Made A Remarkable Comeback


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses the current mayoral race, criticisms from candidates, police reform, tackling homelessness and the city's comeback after the coronavirus.

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  1. I am such a mom, now I feel sorry for her. But the boys need to be free immediately. I will consider the civil suit. So please stick to telling the truth and setting the boys free.

  2. Nyc will vote him out in a couple days he should leave quick i know a lot of people that really hate him think he ruined the city compared to other mayors the cops haven’t been doing there job i live in queens its now back to the 1980 s crime wise

  3. You mentioned Red Sox i thought that was a metaphor for the week and of course Mika Brzezinski is an Orioles fan her dance totally worked and her confidence is growing pay attention to the Mika’s Orioles ladies and gentlemen

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  5. They have GOT to stop these “raise your hand if…” questions. It is completely unfair, and is looking for drama, not a real discussion of the issues.

    I get it. Sometime politicians tap-dance around directly answering the question, but this should be decided by the viewer, not forced by the moderator.

    “Raise your hand if you love your mother, more than your father”

  6. There has *never* been a sitting politician in history that has said, “My city is garbage.” But we know better.

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  8. If by comeback you mean body count, New York meat wagon morticians have made a comeback

  9. YANG will demonstrate there’s ASIAN incompetence TOO !! Mayor B !! Might be worse than DIKINS and KOCH combined

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