Bill Gates: Five Areas Of Climate Change Need To Be Addressed | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Bill Gates: Five Areas Of Climate Change Need To Be Addressed | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Bill Gates joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,' and why he argues the world has just 30 years left to avoid a catastophe. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Bill Gates: Five Areas Of Climate Change Need To Be Addressed | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @warpedjaffas1 It would be using compressors to move the oil compared to a ridiculous amount of trucks that will be used to transport it now. Nevermind the tens of thousands of jobs he eliminated and the 2 billion dollars in wages he also killed off. Do your research before you speak.

    2. @mike briganti Ice bergs break off from the ice around the pole and travel out into the Atlantic all the time. None of them take 20 years to melt 🙂

    3. I love the way that “””GLOBAL WARMING””” or global climate change only effects Texas because Cruz is a republican .

  1. staggering fact: agriculture accounts for 72% of all greenhouse gasses… livestock production accounts for 41% of that… we need to seriously wake up.

    1. @Rodney adam Shortnacy the real answer is to produce our food in a more sustainable manner with less or no pollution, pesticides or chemicals… that’s what’s killing the environment… its doable.

    2. @Chris Kelly Listen. IF you want to live in the stone age that is fine by me and my country. Russia will pick up the slack and i bet China will as well.

  2. So electric cars are clean at the end customer side .
    However don’t overlook the child Slave labour in The Congo cobalt mines and the environmental Impact of the mining and battery disposal.

    1. @Wisconsin Man You are really good at ignorance and stupidity. Why do you work so hard at it? Get an intelligent 16 year old to read Lawrence Krauss’s book ‘The Physics of Climate Change’ and let him explain it to you. You are obviously too stupid to understand the equations but an intelligent 16 year old might be able to explain what they mean. You are ignorant, stupid and proud of both. You must be a Republican.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I think that the people of Texas just got a taste of global warming. I don’t think that they liked it.

    3. @Wisconsin Man You forget one thing, we are also subject to cycles. Civilisations rise and then they fall. Would be nice to break out of that would it not.

    4. @Mark Gohl well as from as civilizations rising and falling, with Biden in, we’ll fall a lot quicker. But as far as Global Warming, it’s a MILLIONS of years cycle. Long before us and long after.

    5. @Wisconsin Man Important not to confuse long term natural cycles such as the Milankovitch cycles for example with the very rapid CO2 injection we are doing. We can use our knowledge of how Natural process run to understand its effects. The nearest natural process to what we are doing is Regional mass volcanism. Look it up. I have no opinion on Biden other than American politics is uniquely broken …… SAD

    1. @T. R. Campbell All you are doing is affirming what I stated earlier: that AOC was simply repeating what many other scientists had said before her. What difference does it make, whether Sagan was still alive or not..? He still said it. As a matter of fact, Sagan testified before Congress regarding the danger of man-made climate change, all the way back in the mid-1960’s. This is not new.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Actual we know that much of that is not true. So firstly not to trust anyone with a political agenda that is sensible. Second to go and understand the mechanisms involved. That way you can bypass much of the Lies and Hype. People want to paint this as less or more than it is. Knowledge lets you cut though the crap. We can talk about how CO2 had been higher in the past that today if you like and indeed much much higher and how much fun it would have been to live on the earth at the time. You talk about normal parameters, Normal is a much overused word. For most of the worlds history the normal state of the earth’s atmosphere was a total absence of Oxygen. That that would pose certain challenges. As far as geological events go our industry has grown to a point were we have become a geological process. Were we want to go with that is our choice. After all Freedom is a choice. So is freedom without responsibility.

    3. @Mark Gohl All of what I post it is scientifically accurate. You pose a question about how one would like to live with much higher CO2 levels. Well, we know that during the Cretaceous period CO2 levels were in the neighborhood of 1600 ppm and temperatures were 2 to 3° warmer than today. You will notice that time that animal, plant and aquatic life was extremely robust and in many cases very large. The earth was thriving at that time. Everything came to an end suddenly because of an astronomical event.
      But let’s move to modern day. Astronauts aboard the ISS thrive in an atmosphere averaging CO2 levels of 5200+ percent. I have seen data where sailors on nuclear submarines encounter slightly higher CO2 levels.
      I think you were trying to deflect and I understand perfectly. I to fail to understand the data before I realized that the people that I trusted to be scientifically accurate and lied to me. We have to remember that CO2 is plant food and we look at the slight uptick that we have now in natural CO2 coupled with the amazing crop production of last year the value of CO2 is obvious. Believe the true science rather than the political science and you will get along just fine.

    4. @Mark Gohl This is why I don’t trust anybody with a political agenda. We learned about the political agendas. We learned about the political agenda from the leaked emails years ago from the CRU at East Anglia. We also had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and learn the political and financial agendas of IPCC chief financial officer Ottmar Endenhofer and former IPCC executive Director and former Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres. We learned about the IPCC political agenda which is why we have to reject the political science and stick to hard fast replicated science.
      Remember, we now have over 100 vetted scientific research papers from around the world proving the failed CAGW theory. As Albert Einstein stated when he was asked what would happen if 100 papers prove his theory of relativity wrong. He said only one paper was necessary.
      I would urge you to trust real science and not the political science of CAGW. Thanks for your post.

    5. @T. R. Campbell Looks like you are still in the political molasses. Now try to dig deeper to the actual physics itself understand the principles behind it what the claims are and what they are not. Then you have a neutral position. Actual physics does not contain political figures or mention bizarre ideas like CAGW or indeed anything from Al Gore ,that is still political. Maybe start with what black body radiation is and how it works. That has been established science for a while now. I do trust real science that is the point and I do recognise stuff that is not. What has Christiana Figueres got to do with actual science …. exactly … Or I could ask you a question What in you option is the rule of cyanobacteria in the events of snowball earth.

  3. Time to update the national building code to net-zero ready as the minimum standard. Homes with a 4-5 day thermal cool-off time would have coasted through the Texas cold snap.
    The irony is that net-zero homes are ideal for hot climates too. You can save a bundle on A/C costs and the house has a 4-5 day thermal constant, so doesn’t freeze for 5 days if the power goes out and can be heated with a few hair dryers. Additionally, by ventilating the house overnight to cool it off, you may never have to run the air conditioning.

  4. this is the same message since the late 1970th… and almost the same words, that Kofi Annan used in the 2000s. Let’s hope, that we finally begin to listen!

  5. We are hitting checkmate with our obsession with individual freedom and our social and environmental world crisis. Simple to me no world, no freedom.

  6. When it his the general publics pocket they whine and cry. Lets prove it in the election Municipal, State or Federally run on clean air policy and tell the people how much it will really cost they will cry foul, example anti lock brakes in Russia were an option and no wanted to spend the extra $50 on safety equipment. This is the country that refused to force catalytic converters on cars.

  7. 5 areas of climate change….needed to be addressed when Carter was President. Even if we stop everything we’re doing wrong right this minute, the biosphere is in a tailspin, and there’s no going back

  8. ‘How to get to Net 0 by 2020’…Eliminate the GOP, Get Money out of Politics, Establish The Green New Deal. The ‘Economy’ is a moot point if we dont have an environment.

  9. Excellent –it would be so cool if you guys reported on the whole recycling “industry.” I would love to know how waste is handled nationwide. I realize that this is a huge topic.

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