Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak 1

Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak


Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of US cases has not yet peaked and the country won't likely be able to return to normal life by April. #CNN #News


    1. @Tim Downey fatty sheep you are. Media conditioned to blame it on the leader who is fixing what his predecessors fixed with tape. And here you are, believing CNN like a religion.

    1. He actually has been very involved with infectious diseases and viruses and is behind alot of the modern research on the subject. So he is slightly qualified to talk about it

    1. @Eva Dien He made a Ted talk about pandemics like 4 years ago lol he always a investor not only computers

    1. Doug Steele Guitarist Nearly all ‘actors and entertainers’ are not RICH. Most are struggling as those in low level entry jobs, such as McDonald’s. Maybe you mean the top 1% of entertainment, A-List like Taylor Swift, Chris Evens and Ellen DeGeneres? Yes I agree they pay taxes !

    2. Doug Steele Guitarist why do you feel entitled to other people’s money? Do something similar to what they do and get yourself that money, do that hard work and dedication, you can do it too

    1. @noah griego actually if you click on someone’s name you can see all their comments on their channel. Also I’m a writer i write words and people pay for them. Im working now more than ever unlike most people…..what do you do again?

      Sick double burn i know, you’re cooked but try to come back i dare you. Go ahead and cap matter fact, anything to try and save face

    1. Viewing displays for any length of time will cause you to blink less it’s just a lessor known side effect. If you struggle with dry eyes and see an optometrist they can usually guess that you work with technology before you tell them because this is a lessor known symptom. That they blink as much as they do indicates to me that they get good eye care. I guarantee (not really) you who started this are not blinking at the rate that you should be and probably use eye drops for dryness.

    1. xxx yyy rather than arguing with you I’m going to try to understand you. Why do you think Gates is a criminal?

    2. @Robin the Frog LOOKS like the question LETS me know you want to Argue….I’m Sure gatesnHasnt SLEPT a Bad Night in over 40yrs….. I Don’t care what he does. As long as he stays in his place. Let me choose what I need ,. Same way as he’s telling me that he knows what I need, . ! Maybe he does.. but I’ll choose for myself…

    1. frankbraker

      Fortunately, many governors are paying little attention to Trump. Even the OK idiot who took his family to some crowded restaurant a couple weeks ago is beginning to wake up to reality.

    2. frankbraker you wanna know what else is academic, not your comment. You can’t just utilize the word academic and expect to sound educated.

  1. Great sales pitch.
    But I’m good on your vaccines. Don’t you even dare try to force me Bill, damnit.

    1. People are waking up to his sales pitches. What makes him a consultant on this issue! He’s got his agenda and it’s wicked. He can keep his vaccines. Natural immunity is the best immunity. We don’t need to be injected with things that have never been proven to be safe.

    1. Bill gates does not know 1% of dr fauci s knowledge. Nerd vs actual virology expertband doctor

    1. If you don’t believe the audience is dumb then you have only to look at the recent person(s) who overdosed on the cure our also dumb president suggested people look into. That said I totally understand what you mean.

    1. No. Local governments decide. Dont give up your rights so freely. I’m staying in, and anyone smart should too..that doesn’t mean the government should force it.

    2. @RaCesw3 Your rights end where my rights start. In this case, your freedom will be infringing on mine if you’re more likely to expose others to a highly contagious disease.

    1. Feridun Berk Akyol you seem like a fake profile… there are whole villages in Africa that now kill any one working for the Gates on sight. They know the gates foundation has done terrible things to the Africans alone let alone what he is trying to do to us. This man wants to lower the population with what is happening and has admitted it.

    2. realtalkboys777 harris can you explain your statement then ? I’m curious as to why so many people believe that

    3. ettekamba6969 god or the devil isn’t real he’s a very very rich man who doesn’t know about the real world. Like we don’t know about his.

  2. Bill Gates looks like he has a resting smile because he has pity on us while we look up to him for information and guidance while we’re all just trying to figure out what to do

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