1. Ok……I thought my phone rang for a second. Guess it was just the ringing in my head. Oh……another thing. I’m sitting on the toilet in a public restroom in New Jersey thinking about all of you………

  2. Oh come on billy’s plan includes 18 months of lock down. He knows what was in the plan. And now biometric passports.

  3. The face of evil!!!…. I have no proof, but I think this was planned…. Pandemic or Plandemic?…🤔🤔

    1. @Aiden Stone Dont get complacent. try to be patient and reason with each person. Try to be respectfully. I am so tired of dummies, but its better to calmly explain now, than fight the Chinese AI zombies in the streets later!

    2. @Matt S wise words. I guess it’s just a miracle that surgeons and theater staff don’t pass out mid-operation. Is it any wonder comments like yours are passed around to be laughed at?

    3. @Poe Desta-Emil Scandali I tried to reason with a Chinese AI zombie earlier today. Damned if after half an hour I discovered I’d been talking a phone booth.

    1. Bill Gates ran past me to get to his seat at the Indian Wells tennis tourney. Just a normal guy running with a pepperoni pizza trying to obey the quiet rule between points.

    2. @Debra Jones TDS ain’t no joke, lady… Stop thinking in Red vs Blue… Start thinking in Sheep vs Shepherd.

    3. @Debra Jones Its not about politics there are elitists out there with unlimited funds that don’t mean well.

    1. Bird 🐦 to fly higher than you,
      he’s known as a bird 🐦
      Than you, stupid guy!
      He predict this pandemic,
      a few years ago. Did you? huh.
      You should know it,
      *Even if you know or not.*

    1. Sorry Kathy; He is not only a “thech billonaire”, but one of the most brillante minds in human history. He is in deed an expert in the mater .

    2. @David Willis By helping people illness you mean using experimental vaccines on people in third world countries that have resulted in sterilization, crippling side effects, and in some cases death.

  4. If the vaccine is any thing like Windows, we will have to get an update shot every 3 months.

    1. Yeah, and every time you get an update shot there will be some part of your body that doesn’t work anymore.

  5. They start tolking about second wave, iam still waiting to see first wave , does anyone knows when is coming, let ask Billy boy.He knows everything.

    1. Yes the “second wave” will be here in around August to September, there are 2 different dates and one is in late August and the other mid September and here’s a little bit of extra info just to really take the piss out of our intelligence the carrier this time will be fish

  6. For the past 30 years they started all these bad viruses. By messing with stuff they have no business messing with.

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