Bill & Hillary Clinton had “Open Sexual Relationship” insider Exposes! 10/24/16

Bill & Hillary Clinton had "Open Sexual Relationship" insider Exposes! 10/24/16 1


Bill & Hillary Clinton had "Open Sexual Relationship" insider exposes! 10/24/16

9 Comments on "Bill & Hillary Clinton had “Open Sexual Relationship” insider Exposes! 10/24/16"

  1. the world is upside down, indeed

  2. Trash was in the WH and trash may go back in… Vote for Trump to stop
    Democrats corruption and their threats

  3. no real marriage then, no wonder Chelsea looks like someone else the
    Democrats party must go from America

  4. Absolutely amazing that the media is so corrupt that we have to go to The
    Enquirer for real journalism.

  5. The democrat party needs to be erased from the AMERICAN political system.
    The underhanded democrat jihadis have corrupted the presidency, the DOJ,
    the FBI, and virtually every position in government. From the email scandal
    where the president lies, to the hiring of thugs to disrupt our election
    process! No da,n excuse for them to exist! CLINTONS have been one huge
    investigation since Bill was Gov of Arkansas. Questions of his enforcement
    of trafficking cocaine to Mena, unexplained deaths, illegitimate son,
    Chelsea isn’t Bills, 56 people they have known ended up murdered. Let those
    stats sink in! How many people do you know that have been murdered? Enough
    frikin said!

  6. Chelsea Clinton should want to go on the Maury show now!!! That’s how
    Hillary Clinton will get the millennial vote.#HelpHillaryFindHerRealBD

  7. VD comes to mind………….

  8. Christopher Pearson | October 25, 2016 at 5:09 PM | Reply

    Everything going public with HRC is fake and just a show. She can’t talk
    about the real issues because the public is not privy to know. You can see
    all the chatter and I guess as long as the public is just a chattering
    bunch of confused and contentious little monkeys then Hillary is being as
    effective as she needs to be. Her real sponsors acting behind the public
    scene will be the ones to make sure she gets the White House again…

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