Bill Kristol: I Think Trump Wants To Be President Again 1

Bill Kristol: I Think Trump Wants To Be President Again

Political author Michael Wolff who's written extensively about the Trump presidency has written a New York Times opinion piece stating he's certain Trump will run for the White House again in 2024. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses that with conservative commentator Bill Kristol.
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    1. Here’s the facts: There’s a chance that the question will be moot, if Donny is already a convicted, thus disqualified, felon; or if he’s actually serving time; or (as is most likely) if he and his company (including, but not limited to, all of his subsidiaries) have been RICO’d, in which case he will no longer be allowed to collect money from his gullible, racist base.
      But, if none of the above occurs, there’s one more, bigger obstacle: the possibility of there being a free and fair election. If it’s a fair contest, NO WAY will he risk being a LOSER again.
      Just LOOK at what losing once has done to his mind? He would not DARE risk that again. But, he would keep up the pretence, even among his friends, family and colleagues, so long as the MONEY keeps rolling in. I could even see him pulling out at the very last moment, for, “health reasons,” or because of some excuse he blames on, “the deep state.” And that would be as big a shock to his party as it would to his base!
      But, I guarantee he will not run in a free and fair election, as he just cannot get the numbers, and never will again. He only squeaked it in 2016, after losing the popular vote by millions. He lost the midterms after that, and then this election by many, many millions! Can any of you imagine Donny running again if the polls are as horrific as I predict they will be? Being a, “loser,” is worse than death to a Donny. But, I hope and pray that RICO will finish him, long before anything else?

    2. The problem is that at his age, the only thing he has been running is his big mouth. All that aside, he will be in prison because what he and his motley crew of miscreants failed to pay attention to is a law called 18 US Code Section 2383 which says that anyone who incites an insurrection and is convicted will be sentenced to ten years in prison and become ineligible to run for any federal office in the United States.

    3. You got 4 years to impeach him u failed now u got another 4 year to prosecute him and if u fail again, he is 100% innocent for sure and liberals are the corrupt politicians. All the billionaires, celebrities, late night hosts are all liberals.

    4. @Ash Roskell if Johnny boy is convicted then why isn’t he in jail. You know what’s hilarious how you program sheep every month believe the new conspiracy there’s always an unnamed source that never comes forward to testify. When dumb liberals think emotional outbursts are actual facts

    5. No not for sure. So dumb. He’s banned from everything so u can’t hear him. He’s not running. MSNBC viewers are so ignorant to reality

  1. The whole world is petrified, the country with the greatest nuclear arsenal is still enabling the megalomaniac wannabe?

    1. Lol. You obviously haven’t seen the video of Slow Joe babbling before a live audience a few days ago.

    2. I am freaking out with this news. I already suffered severe trauma from the Trump presidency and how in God’s name is Trump qualified to run again

    3. Thank you don and I agree no president who’s been impeached should be able to never run again and remember he was impeached twoce

  2. Sure he does. So he can get revenge on those who he thinks spoke against him, or didn’t kiss the ring enough. Please God NO.

    1. @Leonie Romanes – yes and I think he really hates the other third but wants their money and votes and praises !!!

    1. First Trump has to clear his thirty plus lawsuits off of his agenda.
      Then the judiciary can start all over again.

    2. A good time to investigate Biden?

      “The big guy gets 10%”
      – Hunter Biden

    1. He pretended to be good with numbers. Turned out his mental abacus is missing a few columns of beads.

    2. The deals the trump administration made with autocrats, that allowed them to grow in power and boldness, has made everyone less safe, not just Americans.

  3. Noam Chomsky said: “The Republican Party is the Most Dangerous Organization on the Face of the Earth”.

    1. Noam Chomsky is a real intellectual, a brilliant man and re the repulsive party he is bang on! I am in the UK and I am watching Trump and Republicans like a hawk – the last thing this world needs is another Hitler and another Nazi party with a new name. The idea that such a monstrosity could grow out of the most powerful nation in the world is alarming to say the least. You only need half a brain to work this out: Germany was not the most powerful or biggest nation in the world, and look what they did twice. No prizes for predicting what might happen if a wannabe dictator with intense NPD and such a low IQ and a party of sycophants grew out from the USA!

  4. When one can invest with public funds and make tonnes of money without having to put in a single cent, why not?

  5. Good news for the Dems then – they’ll likely be in office for a few more terms if Trump is the opposition. Thankfully, a small majority of Americans are sane.

  6. Three more years of no proof to back up his election lies will have even his brain dead followers thinking twice.

    1. Unfortunately, they won’t. You called it, they are brain dead. How can u think if your brain is not functioning. Trump got lucky that his supporters are gullible.

  7. Trump wants to stay out of jail and keep from going broke… in essence trump will be running from the police

    1. Yep the guy is trying to avoid jail by being President.. can you imagine saying that about any other President or country ?

    1. @Brian Whiting _”bring something to the table. What policy?”_ 1) Tax cuts and Jobs Act, 2) Aggressive corporate deregulation, 3) USMCA, 4)Remain in Mexico Program, 5) changed our national defense strategy to focus on large state actors like China and 6) created Space Force to protect our satellite assets, to name a few. He also
      7) cancelled the Obama era AFFH program that was trying to use transportation funding to “fundamentally transform america” translation: end single family zoning in US metro area suburbs so they can force states to build affordable housing apartment buildings in the suburbs. and 8) opened the Keystone Pipeline and had the US energy indpendendent. Gas was under $2 a gallon when trump left office, now six months later its over $3
      _”He encouraged North Korea to enhance their nuclear program”_ uhh really? Because i remember exactly the opposite. How did he do this?
      _” nd he tried his damnest to do everything that Putin wanted while extorting our allies”_ you’re going to have to explain this as well.
      _”Oh and let’s not forget the destruction of our Kurdish allies.”_ Or our Afghan allies that Biden has just done the EXACT same thing to.
      _”Any one of these would have been a threat to the world”_ since these examples are untrue then having a hard time following you
      _”The combination made him the worst President ever. That’s not my opinion, that’s the opinion of all the world’s leaders”_ LOL!! No one cares what ‘world leaders’ think! hahahah. geesus thats funny! This isnt a GD popularity contest! Trump told our european allies that they needed to increase their defense spending to 2% of GDP instead of the 1% theyre paying now. And when he did they all stood there looking at him like preschoolers. Of course they dont like it…they dont want to pay! They want the US to continue subsidizing their defense spending so they can continue to spend money on their social welfare programs…which we, the US taxpayer subsidize through our defense spending. L…OOO….LLLL

    2. @Raptango_NA tax cuts and jobs act: the tax cut was something that only helped millionaires. Less than 1/10th of one percent of the population while it added more to the deficit than the pandemic relief package in March and November COMBINED. Corporate deregulation doesn’t help anyone but the BOD of a corporation. The USMCA? WE ALREADY HAD IT. It was called NAFTA. There was nothing of any substance that was in the “new” deal and a lot of very important stuff to American workers that was left out until Pelosi forced it back into it. Remain in Mexico… I don’t know if you’re making something up or are you really taking pride in one of the largest human rights violations since the holocaust? We already were focused on China and what he did do was stop focusing on Russian aggression all over the world. Remember his conference in Helsinki? “I can’t imagine why they would do it” with regard to Russian attacks on our sovereignty. And space force… Sigh. Obviously you are too young to remember but there is a sign on the moon to this day saying “We come in peace for all mankind”. Our satellite assets were never in any danger. I don’t know what you’re trying to say by AFFH but he WAS obsessed with getting rid of anything having to do with Obama. He oversaw huge catastrophes with gas and oil and you want the Keystone Pipeline? US will be energy independent by championing renewable fuels, not by constantly ignoring what has become a health hazard from one coast to the other. You want to talk about gas prices? Do you know how expensive gas was when Ford took office as opposed to when he left? That’s the most ludicrous thing you’ve said yet and there was a lot of competition. We are not talking about what Biden has done so far, but one point has to be made. We abandoned the Kurds because Trump okay’d the Turkish slaughter. Your reference to Afghanistan shows you do not follow facts. We are already actively getting our allies out of Afghanistan. I emplore you to find out what the facts are before you parrot your bigoted friends on Fox (or OAN or NewsMax or whatever garbage you listen to).

    3. @Raptango_NA surely you don’t REALLY believe that. A popularity contest is EXACTLY what the President is. How else do you think a real estate man could be President? Or a movie star? Or a one term Senator? HW and Nixon were the only Presidents within the past 50 years that had resumes that made them qualified for office. Gore and HRC came close but of course neither of them won despite being the choice of most of the country. OF COURSE it’s a popularity contest. And our ability to lead in a more technological world depends on our alliances.

    4. @Brian Whiting Yes I believe it. Popularity is important for the voters, not our allies. Trump talked a lot about how our so-called “friends” weren’t so friendly to us, how they were perfectly happy to let our military protect them but not contribute to the costs. You cant demand that people pay you and like you at the same time. Alliances are built on alignment of national interests, not on how you feel about the leader. I dont think all that much of Macron, so what. I like french technology and Aeroespecial helicopters.
      This is a problem with the political viewpoints of Democrats…they focus more on attacking their political opposition personally, calling them ridiculous names like Fascist or Hitler, than they do on arguing policy. I dont even care if I like a politician or not. I mean it makes some difference but I vote for policies that i want, not the person.

    5. @Raptango_NA all you need to do is look at the pictures of meetings. The pictures with Putin and Elizabeth II with both Biden and Trump is hysterical. The only references to fascism and Hitler only came after he and Republicans started acting like the Nazis. If the thugs had been spoken out against they would have stopped. It is the actions, not the personality that is being attacked.

  8. If so the image of the great USA would be completely destroyed. He did a lot to destroy it last four years. Around the world people are whatching in desbelif.

    1. @Candida prout Mostly, voter apathy.

      Most of the country never supported Frump or any of the policies that ‘administration’ pushed through, most of the country do not support gop politics……..but too many people, too many **registered voters** just didn’t vote.

    2. The great image of the great USA? Which one? The image of a war mongering nation that invades countries on false pretenses? Or The image of a free country for all that suppresses and discriminates people of color?

    3. @Andrew Woodcock you are right in all you wrote. When I say great USA, it is the idea Europe has about the courageous USA second world War, fighting against Hitler. I grew up in a family who told me to thank you for your help. I kept this image. But I am aware of all the things you say. And there is no excuse. I have the strong idea of a great democracy. Those last four years it was a desbelif. Not only for me. I wish you the best.

    1. Welp, we almost didn’t survive the first one and its still iffy if our government will survive the corrosion he caused.

    2. We want trump back. Period. Gas hikes. Inflation. Unemployment higher taxes is all the kid sniffer biden has given America

  9. Maybe he’ll catch the Delta variant with his non vaccinated crowd in Florida. Better yet lets get him indicted and imprisoned then he cant run. More of Trump is just a nightmare causing thought.

    1. @Pete Rembranch I know. But the kind on character he is was already well known long before the election. Yet 70 million people – nearly half – voted for him. 70 million!!

    1. @Abimbola Aku Impeachment is not about conviction, although it can happen, but the whole think is about wether the american people can trust you in office or not, and in this case the answer is a resounding NOOOO!!!

    2. @Abimbola Aku the only reason trump wasn’t convicted was the senate had a republican corrupt majority, and never allowed any evidence or witnesses to testify. It was like taking a murderer to court and making jury composed of his mom his kids and his accomplices, they would never convict him no matter what.

  10. He wants everyone to keep talking about him. This is what he loves. We’re playing right into his hands.

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