Bill Nye On How To Make The Climate Better: Vote | MSNBC

Bill Nye On How To Make The Climate Better: Vote | MSNBC 1


Bill Nye talks to MSNBC hosts at the Global Citizen Festival 2019 about the dire climate crisis and what global citizens can do to make a difference.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Bill Nye On How To Make The Climate Better: Vote | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Bill Nye On How To Make The Climate Better: Vote | MSNBC"

  1. This guy is a scientist right? Nope.

  2. I’m expecting the comments section to be full of people suffering from Thunberg Derangement Syndrome. Thankfully pre-existing conditions are covered under Obamacare and treatment will also be available under Medicare For All.

    • Niffenator What if I can’t afford my deductible?

    • @Midnightspecia1 Don’t worry! President Sanders will cure your healthcare woes with his excellent plan.

    • Niffenator I hope your right…I have Obama care, and our deducible for a family of 4 is around $8,000 bucks. It’s still totally unaffordable. If you don’t have the cash in the bank may as well not have insurance anyways. I nearly would vote Sanders….because it’s sooo frustrating. I liked Gabbard but they cut her out. Something has got to give.

    • Also I’d rather slam my hand in a car door and just deal with the swelling/pain at home then vote Biden…so there is that.

    • How dare you!

  3. Plant trees. Do not eat meat or dairy.

  4. WOW ! Japanese Top Climate Scientist Dr . Nakamura (MIT NASA JPL Goddard Japan Earth Sciences) , New Book , “Confessions of a Climate Scientist” says : 1. The Global Warming Hypothesis is an Unproven Hypothesis . 2. Oceans , Aerosols , and Non-linear Dynamics are NOT understood . 3. Assumptions are made , then Adjustments made to Support a Narrative . 4. No understanding of Cloud formation and forcing . 5. Ice Age just as likely as Catastrophic Heat . 6. Our Models are Mickey Mouse Mockeries of the real world ………

    • @Grogery 1
      Said the man with no balls.

    • @Mister Sad There is little money made with Truth , but a Vast Amount to be generated with Lies ! The bigger and scarier the Lies , the More people will Pay . And the Swindlers with their money will vigorously fight the Truth or be exposed and face Ruin ……….

    • @Gerard Comeau My 90 year old Neighbor says the Climate is the Same Now is as it was was 80 Years ago ! Kids don’t have a Clue about Claim-it Change , except what they have been Told by Cartoons , government teachers , and Hyperbolic documentaries . Propaganda ! It’s the Biggest Failed Hoax there ever was ! ………. and It Keeps getting Colder !

    • @Mister Sad They were skiing till June in some places . The Great Lakes froze almost Solid 2 of the last 3 years and the water is really high ! It’s been cold all year except July here . TG oil prices are low ! You can have all my Blizzards and heating bills if you are Feeling short Changed . Enjoy the warmth while it Lasts ! If you want Proof , watch a few tony heller vids ! He lays out a compelling argument ! Planting trees is a great Idea ! And it doesn’t cost $ Trillions !

    • @Gerard Comeau If the Temperature went Up by 10 degrees in Norway the people would be out in the streets doing a Happy Dance ! Just think for a second ….. if the Temperature went up by 1 degree ….. how much would your life change and would you even Notice it ? How are the Glaciers going to Melt if it’s one degree warmer …. Instead of -30 , it will be -29 , instead of 80 , it will be 81 ! Nobody and Nature will even Notice ! …….. Claim-it Change is a Hoax to get your Money ! Because Mother Nature doesn’t listen to Man …. And , a Lot of Men shouldn’t be Listened To either …. !

  5. Lol “vote”

  6. hustler3of4culture3 | September 28, 2019 at 5:55 PM | Reply

    Emily tich sussman is an EMBARRASSMENT.
    She is the daughter of an oil family who stands to lose her fortune under Bernie’s wealth tax, which he’s been talking about since the 1990s.

    Talk about the fact that crude oil will be gone in less than 50 years, according to a 2012 study by British Petroleum, an oil company.

    • Glad oil will be gone! Now let’s start making the earth healthy with millions of green jobs.

    • BbetrGODczU L : I think the point bull moose is making is that there are many people who tune out anything involving the phrase “global warming”, but become greatly concerned when you mention that the world may run out of oil within their own lifetime. Sometimes you have to know what’s important to the other person before you can form an argument they find compelling. If they care about running out of oil, make that your central focus in showing why we need to invest in renewable energy sources. If they care about trophy hunting, ask them what they’ll hunt when all the big game animals are extinct. If they like hanging out at their exotic seaside property, ask them to consider how much closer the water is getting to that nice beach house (assuming it hasn’t already been wiped out by a hurricane). If they enjoy eating tuna fish, talk about rising mercury levels in the water and mass die-offs. Tell people how hotter summers will make their electric bills higher, and cause more rolling blackouts. Figure out how it will affect the people you’re talking to in concrete terms, not abstract ones involving people and places they can’t see and/or experience for themselves.

      Convincing people to change their mind is about meeting people where they are so they’re more willing to listen to your side, and going from there; it isn’t usually successful when all you do is shame them and shout the same arguments and statistics at them repeatedly.

  8. Blessings to you ❤❤

  9. His neck propela provides power for 500 homes
    and he could be emissions free
    if he didn’t like beans so much. Alas… (don’t tell AOC!)

    • Dorky

    • Z1BABOUINOS : Actually, if you eat beans regularly, and take the time to sprout beans just a tad before cooking them (you can do this by soaking them for two twelve-hour stints instead of one twelve hour soak), you don’t really have any issue with flatulence from consuming them.

    • @ErykaSoleil wow… 2x 12H… I’ll take your word for that sunny eryka. You seem to know your stuff well and I’ve never cooked an egg. I prefer to be served. A meal from a woman’s hands tastes (and feels) better, if you know what I mean. Btw, grilled octopus for me tonight. No beans. Greetings from somewhere in the Aegean sea.

  10. I love Bill Nye. I wish to one day shake his hand. I grew up watching him.

  11. MsLSD fake news presents bill nye the fake science guy………….

  12. All of these people could actually do a job that benefits climate activism.
    Instead you get people screaming at others to do things differently.
    Do it yourselves.
    Set an example.

    • Roger Out – ya I bet they’re real examples driving their gas guzzling cars to the event as well.

    • @Crimdor what would you expect if our “president” is lowering emission standards?

    • @Roger Out – I expect other countries to be the main target of climate activists. The USA isn’t even one of the top offenders in the world right now yet all the blame seems to fall on America.

      It’s BS and climate activists are too afraid to deal with foreign nations.

    • María Martínez | September 29, 2019 at 8:42 AM | Reply

      @Crimdor In case you haven’t noticed, all countries except USA remain in the Paris Accord and all are one way or another doing something to stop climate change. The protests are because they aren’t doing enough fast enough, and are worldwide. Didn’t you see the Thunberg girl scolding the Whole World at the UN? As an example, Chile already has a 20% of its energy coming from clean sources and is striving to increase that ASAP *for economic reasons* and because there are places in the country where pollution is already unbearable. What USA does? “Beautiful coal” and cars that burn more to travel less. Texas has less solar energy that sunny Germany. Do you want the world and Swedish kids to stop nagging the USA? Do what The Science Guy says: move your behind and go vote, in every level, for people that effect change other than the climate one.

  13. North America used to be covered in glacier. Europe too up to a point, etc
    Miles thick glacier. It all melted before we even got here. Even if ‘peoplekind’ plays a role, we only accelerate the *inevitable.* (…don’t tell Greta!)
    Hold on to your rubber dinghy for another 20,000 years, when the interglacial period ends and then dress reeeal warm.
    Have a nice warm day ☀️

    • María Martínez | September 29, 2019 at 8:18 AM | Reply

      Yep, there have been times in which Earth has been colder or warmer, but all of that took millions of years, giving time to living beings to adapt and evolve. Now it’s happening in a matter of decades, it coincides with humankind starting to burn fossil fuels like never before, and yes, now we are here, with our reliance on agriculture, ports and coastal cities. Your post is like a guy saying that as fire existed since the beginning of time, once you set fire to your own house, all what you can do is sit there and burn with it.
      Isn’t it funny that you believe what climatologists say about ancient climate changes, but refuse to pay attention to what they are saying now about current, manmade, *stoppable* climate change?

    • “we only accelerate the inevitable”…

      Life on Earth requires time to adapt to changes, the mass extinction occurring right now isn’t part of that natural ebb and flow of climates. Climate does change, not at this drastically rapid rate.

      People are worried about immigration now…just wait…its only going to get far, far worse. And that is one of the lesser consequences of inaction on this serious problem.

    • @María Martínez What I do find funny, is people pretending to fully understand and even manipulate(!) chaotic systems. Maybe I know one or two things on the subject… Climatologists don’t decide if a chaotic system is on the brink or well past it. They run to mathematicians. Why do you pretend to know what the consensus is between mathematicians and climatologists? Even between climatologists there is no consensus anymore (on the *Stoppable* part I mean).
      You don’t just lack the scientific background on the subject, but the empirical also. Your example, House fires: Did you know, there’s a point, beyond which, firemen don’t even waste water on a house fire? How do you think most big forest fires eventually stop? Hint: *Not* by the thousands trying to fight it.
      *Stoppable* climate change? *Ludicrous!* But even if I play along on a fantastical senario, how exactly are you going to *stop* 3-4 billion people who are about to exit poverty and begin to approch western life style consumering? How is this *Stoppable*? Or their birth rates that won’t stabilize to westerns norms before the next 90-110 years? (at best!). Show me the ON-OFF switch that can prevent *that* in the next 8-10 years… Is it a nuclear switch? A sterilization switch? Or, let’s leave it to Greta. She looks like a very stable… and scientifically proficient little girl……
      What I do find funny my dear, is people like you, being mesmerized by colourful neck propelas and pompous speeches by obnoxious looking kids. But then again, who said that there aren’t any funny elements on chaotic systems?

  14. First step get rid of Andrew Wheeler head of EPA who was a fossil fuel lobbyist before his new gig. Then pray for impeachment and removal of 45.

  15. Make the Climate better? Outlaw conservatism.

    • @thebillis1 No really, Sanfransisco has a problem with human waste on the streets. Watch the documentary “Seattle
      Has Fallen”another leftist city. It will open your eyes to what progressives do when they rule with no opposition. I use to think that way too

    • Tuko Lo why do you feel the need to lie? Does it make you feel good?

    • @thebillis1 No. I just think it’s hypocritical that all these lefty celebrities fly around in private jets and point their finger at the Orange Man, because he doesn’t want to start a carbon tax that will harm the lower and middle class. Look at the riots in Paris

  16. 💜
    Follow science, an not the lobbyist-controlled a-holes…

  17. To the trolls: a scientist is someone who lives and breathes science, someone who has dedicated his life to doing or teaching science, someone who inspires others to follow science. Bill Nye is a scientist.

  18. Tessmage Tessera | September 28, 2019 at 7:34 PM | Reply

    Yes… vote for justice Democrats, and Independents who share their desire to build a safer and more equitable future. Vote against everyone else.

    • Tessmage Tessera I will vote TRUMP 2020 and for Republicans to re-take the House.

    • Tessmage Tessera | September 28, 2019 at 8:20 PM | Reply

      @john ryan Good luck with that. Trump is going to prison.

    • Tessmage Tessera : I remember getting so excited when Justice Democrats got big enough that the mainstream news had to mention them on-air (not just MSNBC, but well-known media in general).

    • @john ryan I bet you were one of the idiots screaming the blue wave was going to be a red one. You are on the wrong side of history and your worldview is dying. Good riddance to it. You belong in a less enlightened time.

    • Tessmage Tessera a rock wouldn’t listen to word you have to say. All the times I seen you post one of your stupid comments, it’s never intelligent or adding anything of value. Nobody cares, so keep drawing your naked cartoons, pervert!

  19. I wonder if Trump’s mouth-words were played backwards we’d find buried an elegant poem of our coming demise dictated by Hades.

  20. And he didn’t say sh*t HAHAHAH not one answer, what can you do to make climate change better and this guy says talk about it and vote…what a scam…HHAHAHAH

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