Bill Taylor Testifies Staff Member Heard Sondland Discuss ‘The Investigations’ With Trump | MSNBC 1

Bill Taylor Testifies Staff Member Heard Sondland Discuss ‘The Investigations’ With Trump | MSNBC


Amb. Bill Taylor, in his opening statement, offers new information about a previously unknown call between President Trump to U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordan Sondland about Ukraine investigating the Bidens. Aired on 11/13/19.
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Bill Taylor Testifies Staff Member Heard Sondland Discuss ‘The Investigations’ With Trump | MSNBC


    1. @Kevin Mcneil I think you just proved my point. Democrat Socialist don’t care about our Country or rule of law. The only thing you care about is how you can LIE to get what you want.

    2. Their testimony did themselves and the democrats a lot of damage. When the smoke clears, I think they’ll start to realize the significance of something they said during their testimony, which will come back to haunt them.

    3. @catalinacurio It’s not that simple. What if the truth is sensitive intelligence for example? And they have both taken on themselves to decide stuff well beyond their grade and remits.

    1. David Champagne indeed, President Sharpie has played the trumpet minority like an out of tune piano. But this jig is up now.

    2. @UCwwa8Vv-nBOmgoemEXNV5rA You do know that there is a cure for Truth Derangement Syndrome (TDS)? Or was it Trump’s Dumb Sycophants? it’s so easy to get mixed up with his admirers like you and Jim ‘Gym-Prowler’ Jordan , the Judas of Justice, because y’all talk out of both ends at once.
      Actually, Trump Derangement Syndrome fits too, since he’s got you believing that up is down and that he led the Israelites out of Egypt!

    3. @k williams all this corruption and criminal activity you talk about and they use hearsay and so called extortion that the people that were supposedly extorting didn’t even know? Lol this just gets funnier and funnier.
      Noone that doesn’t let the media think for them sees a crime.

    4. Dear Blob Bunni:

      Trump is a big fat poopy face. A really stinky doo doo face.Trump is a big fat, poopy, stinky doo doo face. And Trump smells like fresh poop and doo doo.
      PS, I don’t really care what I remind you of, you’re a waste of time. MUTE

    1. Well, yeah… in the same sense that electing a President with no political or governing experience was a bad idea.

    1. ​@Dicky Jones gym jordan spent his entire career rolling around on the floor with semi naked boys . ask him nicely and he ll take you for a dicky back ride around congress

  1. It’s hard to see how the Republicans can counter this testimony with anything of substance. They have obviously known that the facts were terrible for Trump since the beginning. No wonder they only try to push debunked conspiracy theories, and whine about the process.

    1. I heard from a reliable source that heard from an insider that heard that Trumpocalypse diddles little boys.

      See how hearsay is super reliable evidence in court?

  2. This is glorious!!
    Been listening to the first part in its entirety so far.
    There is already enough evidence to put Trump and his cronies in jail for good!

    This is a fantastic day to witness!

    1. LMAO No doubt, on the same “Commie Fake News Channel” some of the tRumps Trolls SHOUT about. Who woulda thunk it.

  3. Poor Jim Jordan. The only person at the hearing that can’t afford a jacket. Lets all take up a fund to buy the poor guy a jacket. Yeah, I know the statement the little guy is trying to convey. Pretty weak. Such a tough guy. PUNK !!!!

    1. Agreed. Jordan is simply a “mouthpiece”. There us NO real defense. He’s more hot wind than anything else. Just like his boss.

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