Billie Jean King: I Hope My Story Will Make A Difference In Someone’s Life


    1. I still want to know how being “amazing” at one thing qualifies you to give your opinions on everything & expect people to listen to them more than they would the average person.

    2. @DJ Jones To be fair she was part of the 2nd wave of feminism in the USA, and advocated for (and got) a higher standing for women athletes, including prize money

  1. Little known fact. Billie Jean King had a brother who was an MLB pitcher for the San Francisco Giants whose name was Randy Moffitt.

  2. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa, religious figure and humanitarian 🕊

    1. @Bart Järgengärblbärgeler 🤔….😂 Yeah, but it didn’t exactly prove a good strategy for him, long term.

    2. They keep dumping on Fauci when X president trump sat and did nothing . So don’t give President trump any credit , we could have had this nipped in the butt if people was not miss guided . Trump is not the voice . God is the voice so he tells me to protect myself . We have been taking vaccinations for the longest time and because of this man and women have lived longer . I was the last one to take a vaccinations for the flu . after taking the vaccination i received the flu in the past . And knowing how the vaccination was made made me more skeptic . The Pharma companies evolved and have created better ways to keep the vaccination fresh and working . since i am a diabetic , i had no choice but to get the vaccine . I have taken the Madera vaccination twice and I’m still alive . Dr. Fauci is one of the Few doctors who have created Vaccinations and so i trust him 100% to trust loud mouth fascist republicans who know absolutely nothing should not stand in the way of research and science . They couldn’t care less if you die . what is the reason why they would stand in the way of protecting Americans from dying . BTW Covid is not a hoax . but the people who talk it away are . Trust your faith in God and trust your way in science . God gave them the brains to help us . People won’t to have the faith to live . it’s a very precious thing I hope we all want is to have existence and spend a lot of time with our families . Life is to short .

  3. “There is nothing to make you like other human beings so much as doing things for them.” – Zora Neal Hurston, writer

  4. I grew up watching her and she was awesome they couldn’t keep her name out because she was a Phenom Big Ups to Billie Jean KING

  5. 39 grand slam titles?? No, 39 major titles! Sports reporters and other reporters keep making this mistake. A grand slam is winning all majors in one season or in a career.

  6. LOVE BJK, class person for sure! She’s said it was hard when asked about writing her book, however it’s also simply called “life”. I read a book many years ago by a very successful franchise car dealer who said, “Problems are the penalty for living” Keeps things in perspective at least for me

  7. Billie Jean King needs to be recognized for the many accomplishments & struggles she faced both on & off the court.

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