Billionaire Jeff Bezos Set To Launch Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket 1

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Set To Launch Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is set to launch into space onboard a rocket a capsule developed by Blue Origin, the billionaire’s private space company. Former astronaut and International Space Station Commander, Leroy Chiao, and author of “Test Gods: Virgin Galactic and the Making of a Modern Astronaut,” Nicholas Schmidle, join MSNBC to discuss how Bezos’ launch will differ from Richard Branson’s first space flight. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos Set To Launch Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket


    1. This is what playing no taxes get you. I’m all for a coup of every American stop playing taxes until billionaire start to pay their fair share. This totally sickening. Its nothing exciting about this story

    2. @Tavon Bryant: If most people shared your sentiment, they wouldn’t use Amazon and Bezos would go under pretty quickly. But that’s not the case obviously. People LOVE Amazon and use it all the time. Sorry.

    3. @Reason Says who? No one would have bought whatever it is they buy on Amazon’s platform if the platform didn’t exist? Get outta here. They have no unique product. The goods would still be sold and the government would still get their sales tax on those goods sold.

    4. @Constituent A: Wrong. Amazon is a RETAIL company that is capable of delivering products to FAR MORE people worldwide than ay local retailer could achieve. They’re unique product isn’t a product at all….it’s a SERVICE. Amazon accounts for more than 7% of the retail sector in the U.S. alone. That’s 7% MORE products being able to reach a wider market thanks to Amazon.

  1. I wonder if he’ll bump into the Jupiter 2 or maybe an actual Battlestar that might be named Pegasus

    1. Paid with the money that belongs to the poor who can’t even afford a roof over their heads because of the idiotic salary

  2. Tourists in space. I’ll be impressed when there is a gift shop on the moon. And all these rich guys get hotels and casinos? “Welcome to Moonbase Zeta Casino sir, bounce this way. Would you like a Margarita or Martini in a sippy box?”

  3. Any UAPs near the International border, take mr Bezos away and do you your experiments on him!

    1. They pay their taxes, they aren’t tax evaders, like Trump. If you don’t like how little tax they pay, lobby to get tax law changed. Whining on YouTube does nothing.

    2. @Deborah Freedman debs it is vitally I.portant people use tax havens if people didn’t avoid paying taxes how wpuld London sustain itself

  4. Whatever you are secretly hoping for – an 82-year-old adventurous woman deserves coming back alive!

  5. Absurd. What a little boy. Pay your taxes, treat all your employees better and maybe one day, we’ll be interested.

    1. You only live once. This man has spent alot of money over the years on donations. We may not know where the donations go but he does give his money away nvr receiving anything back from that money. So you figure it out. It’s not his fault these people are poor. It’s like him saying hey you have the internet and can watch videos on youtube in the shade in a house that’s air conditioned and the homeless don’t. It’s not your fault those people divide to be homeless. And you know something alot of homeless choose to live like that because they have peace and can do what they want. Can spend what they have on what they want and basically have no rules and live free. They may struggle but they rather live like that than have a house where they have to waste money on electricity or waste money on the trash pickup. They find things like bills a waste.

  6. “Cool story,” said the single mom working 2 jobs so that her kid can have enough food and get those eyeglasses she needs.

  7. Just a matter of time before there is billionaire bits falling back to earth. Thrill seeking doesn’t always end well. You got everything…why risk it all for this?

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