Billy Graham's Granddaughter On Pope's Same-Sex Civil Union Comments | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Billy Graham’s Granddaughter On Pope’s Same-Sex Civil Union Comments | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


“Homosexuals have a right to be part of the family,” Pope Francis said a recently-released documentary. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it." Billy Graham's granddaughter Jerushah Duford responds. Aired on 10/21/2020.
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Billy Graham's Granddaughter On Pope's Same-Sex Civil Union Comments | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Toward Treatise VOTE Trump out ! He must go away far away! He must leave AMERICA Alone! That will make AMERICA Great Again! He will be GONE!

    1. You need too KNOW what love truly is first! And ALL I see is NOTHING but an agenda especially when it comes too Homosexuality!
      NO Forgiveness!

    2. @Jason b why? What has Trump done against homosexuals? He’s the first President (even Obama’s second term btw) to enter office in favor of homosexual marriage.

  1. Evangelicals, the anti-Christ cult. I survived it and saw it destroy family members. I want NO part of this farce, in any form.

    1. They never read, not even the Bible. On the train, one even told me; Leviticus? My priest says we don’t want to read that. Of course.

    2. Politicians and evangelicals all liars . Voltaire — ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.’

  2. Goofy like her grampa…… They need help not a pat on the back…. If you love them help them for pity’s sake…When you try to act accepting of the sin, you make it all about you…. In your own eyes you become a hero….”Oh look how wonderful I am I will even accept this sin…. I am even better than God”….

    1. Most sane caring people don’t see that as a sin so your BS poetry has no point. Now go say 5 Hail Mary’s and drop a dime in the basket skippy.

  3. Eye roll.
    It is fundamentally flawed to need a Jesus to compel you treat other humans with compassion, respect, and a sense of fairness.

    1. Jesus is needed for salvation! The things you mentioned relate to common decency. Anyone can have common decency but salvation is only received through Jesus.

  4. Romans 1:28


    “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”

  5. The people that this makes angry, walk around angry 24/7. They’re just looking for someone to point their fingers at.

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