1. John Ciu: … and a great deal of Americans allowed him to do so! Especially the o so corrupt, spineless and backed by dark money, GQP, except for a couple of honorable members. Americans just go on voting for these GQP-ers! Mind boggling, as they have never done anything for the good of the people.

    2. Biggest mistake America made was electing Trump ….then we didn’t remove him from office with Impeachment #1…. And so the use of absolute power and obstruction of justice became worse … and just continued until the insurrection….. wow what a movie …sad that we had to live through it

  1. What O’Brien neglects to say is that there are huge numbers of people only too willing to be corrupted by Trump, because they themselves are every bit as corrupt as Trump himself. and that includes large swathes of the electorate as well as large numbers of the political establishment. Trump represents the lawless and reckless side of the American character, the Wild West spirit, the spirit Hitler himself so much admired and tried to emulate in Eastern Europe during WW2.

    1. @Brandon West what do you want? Tax fraud, tax evasion, redlining, sedition, aiding and abetting, labor violations, conspiracy, obstruction of justice

    2. ~~. We need to call them Nazis ! No dancing around the wound…the cold hard truth they are Nazis . Nazi Bannon is right this minute planning the partys next deadly move .

    3. @Belly Dancer Em See what I mean? You just try to talk in code say vague things any politician has been accused of. No specific incidence of agregious actions like Biden with 94 crime bill or Kamala enforcing it where tens of thousands are suffering still to this day because of it. You guys are just right-wing shills for the ruling class that call yourselves liberal but it’s a total joke to any actual liberals like me

  2. You know why Donald wears his hair like that?…
    To hide the horns & triple 6’s.
    ✌️💜🙏from Chicago 🇺🇸

    1. @Chris James …evidently there is if ✌️💜🙏was sent…. Did you mention to send it out where you’re from???….Maybe cuz it’s NOT in YOU…
      “F” where you’re from.

    2. @Joyce Duncan AGREE! Add into it plague, pestilence, famine, war, FIRE…even more, all signs of the apocalypse.
      Another “Fun Fact”? For evangelistic Christians, this is “good news”…

  3. The scary part is why does anyone believe a word Donald Trump says. When Trump said I won the 2020 election why did these politicians believe him and spend a huge amount of time looking at voting machines that now have to be thrown away because they have been tampered with. Trump has zero credibility.

    1. @Joy Flavell I read that also. I also read he spent a lot of time with his father and that his father made his money by overcharging poor people. Donald said he and his father would stand either side of the door when they tried to collect rent in case they shot through the door.

    2. @Joy Flavell YES!!! I’ve been saying that (firing the IG of the Oversight Cmte and replacing him with one of Trump’s “yes-men”) for over a year. Mnuchin concocted it and I’m sure plenty of Republican Senators/Reps got a nice payout on that first stimulus which would explain their hesitation to indict him on ANYTHING!!! They’re all accomplices.

    3. BECAUSE there are Zionist traitors in the US government that intend to bring it down. They ‘believe’ they’re going to profit from that happening. They won’t. The ignorant poor ppl who worship the golden calf will get free train rides while the dumb rich ones get shot. That’s usually what happens after a Coup. Suffering is on tap for years to come in USA as the ‘owners’ the ZIONIST CROWN, plow their fields for a different crop. End time Harvest is coming. The 1% control everything by stealth.

    4. @Don Adams biden talked to fb about not allowing what he does not want heard even on the vaccines : so no one can post Vacers reports, no one can tell their experience , for starters. 80 million people want to hear from President Trump , America First/MAGA. 80 million + people believe to much shady in the nov. 2020 election and Maricopa has found a great deal and their page has been shut down. Witness’ came forward : these media’s even reported they took back what they said and they did not. But the blame President Trump . The witness’ and the other info A true American would want the election fully investigated not Recounts. So these medias have not good news to report of the administration So they slam Trump. President Trump had an obligation to ask for something to be done , But Americans have been / are dissed . They try to blame him for everything which demonstrates how weak they are. Free speech Are we seeing the ctv footage of the capitol building inside and out for the day before the day of and at least the day after – NO . What kind of investigation is that. But we have seen proven edited videos. There are people who did not vote because they did not want either Who want to know . Fulton County stumbled upon some of the ballots that were run through more than once, Made their local news , if they really looked I bet they would find a great deal more cockroaches .

    1. @Gina Hickman the voting machines don’t have personal information in them. The routers that they want is what have personal information in them. The machines they messed with have to be replaced because of security concerns. If they had to replace the routers it would cost 6 million just for the routers.

    2. @JJ E It is reported that they did indeed get Voters Personal Information. It is true what you say about about the voting machines but I didn’t say the voting machines is where they got the info from I said machines but I pretty sure that it is true they have the voters info in Arizona.

    3. trump Cyber ninjas 👎🤦‍♀️ are too out of shape to be REAL ninjas. 😂😂😂
      Real ninjas don’t whine about wearing masks either. 🐱‍👤

    1. @Charles A Smith Because Barr is probably not as stupid as the rest of the GOP and sees now’s a good time to abandon DJT.

    2. Robert: Yes, trSCUMp demanded that Barr say “there was NO collusion and Barr did exactly as he was Ordered! trSCUMP then demanded that Barr say, “the Election was RIGGED”. and Barr would NOT PUT one more Big Lie on His Soul and jumped off the sinking into criminal sh-t trSCUMp Ship ! !

  4. Let’s have a chat with president Zelinski since Trump’s knee is no longer on his neck and ask him just how “perfect” that phone call was.

    1. @Rhetoric funny wasn’t Giuliani raided with his computers and secret information confiscated? No, nefarious or corrupt information on the Biden’s were found. Why did Barr and Trump fall out? It was reported that Hunter Biden’s tax return had some information that was called into question. Trump had Barr investigate. Trump found out after November 3 that Barr had investigated Hunter Biden’s taxes and they couldn’t find any wrongdoing. Barr failed to tell Trump in November and Trump blew a gasket because he felt he could have used the information against Joe Biden. Barr investigated the Ukraine scheme, the supposed 5 billion dollar payment Hunter received, the reason Hunter was traveling to China with Joe and guess what, none of Trumps allegations against the Biden’s had any merit. Oh and just so you know they are still looking for the computer hard drive of Hunter Biden’s that Tucker Carlson reported lost in the mail. Giuliani is in trouble and was disbarred. Trump is being investigated by New York for tax evasion 15 counts. Trumps children are being investigated and all of Trumps campaign workers from 2016 have all been arrested or indicted on either fraud or corruption. His cabinet members are all being investigated by the oversight committees whom they removed while in office. Yet you still insist on your “what about the Biden’s.” I hope it works out for you

    2. @Rhetoric
      Interesting, no matter how much proof of how horrible and fascist Drumpf is, you still want to vindicate him. You are a product of true brain washing.

    3. ​@Rhetoric All those comments, all those claims and yet you failed to give one shred of proof. You talk about proof, but never bring it. That is the same game cadet bone spurs and all his lemmings are playing and it is so obviously transparent it is pathetic.

  5. It was never about leading America…. It was nothing but another reality show for him, and to make himself look good.

    1. @N 827 he’s NOT president anymore and he won’t be president ever AGAIN, in fact, he was never truly president, just a con artist who wanted the position to protect himself from prosecution for his crimes….

    2. Robert Bjork
      That was the plan but it does not make him look “good”.
      He’s a dangerous jokester.

    3. He wanted a legacy. He loves seeing his name on big things. Tried to manufacture a Nobel for prize. He wanted “his” wall to be the biggest. He tried to push his kids to succeed him as president. That’s actually a monarchy he was trying to push. Now, buildings have been removing his name because he is no longer a brand they want to be associate with anymore.

  6. The answer Tim O’Brien he gave beginning “ i don’t think enough people understand..” was really quite chilling but absolutely spot on.

  7. Nefarious? Absolutely. Performance? Okay, I’ll give him that. But the Orange Pustule is no artist.

    1. @jesuslovesyou? those who identify themselves as Christians while disregarding the core teachings of the one they profess to worship…….you’re correct. They do love him. Not sayin’ much about them, is it?

  8. Yet, many have been bought and faithfully tagging along. Most obnoxious is the GOP unconscionably capitalizing on him.

    1. with these types it’s always $ and power . showing us openly and brazenly they will do or say anything ,using and discarding any and all for their lusts for it . and frump as their idol who represents all this the pied piper leading them on

  9. History will reveal this former President has negatively impacted more people and positively impacted the 1 or 2% that run our government. He ain’t no robinhood.

    1. Why spend time on him cat wait to see his new orange outfit but he’ll get good treatment coke ect not like other inmates don’t think that’s right he deserves jail more than all together wicked .

  10. Trump saying, “I’ll do the rest” implies that Trump knew that Rosen knew what Trump was attempting. Nobody says, “I’ll do the rest” to people that don’t know what “the rest” is about. Rosen needs to go down too.

    1. I’m a solid blue cheetoboy hater and I understand what it meant. Only someone with their head thoroughly up bunkkkerboi’s sphincter wouldn’t understand

    2. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 🤣🤣 I love how Donald Trump lives in your head 24 seven! Poor cheating Joe fan! 🤣🤣

  11. *I can’t imagine how trump had people like Tim O’brien investigated during his “hitman” style governing for four years! Thanks Tim for being a great American patriot and speaking out courageously like you have!*

  12. Giving Trump far too much credit for creativity. He’s a “one trick pony”. Raised to be a bully with no morals or ethics, he’s doing what he has done his whole life. Attack, lie, bully, repeat. Unfortunately for us all, this juvenile strategy works for him at this time just like how “reality TV” is popular. It appeals to the idiots among us. And apparently there’s a lot of them.

  13. The guy literally paints himself orange, has a haircut out of a cartoon, and walks around with toilet paper stuck to his body.

    1. Donalds had so many butt plugs he has to wear diapers. Melania left before the wanna be kings exit from dc. She’s been long gone and media ignores that. Why?

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