Biological Bomb Ready To Blow: Trump Defies Medical Experts Pushing MAGA Rally As Virus Cases Spike

Biological Bomb Ready To Blow: Trump Defies Medical Experts Pushing MAGA Rally As Virus Cases Spike 1


    1. 6 18 20 Hey @Katherine Coles, There’s a lot of trolls on this thread. A dummy wrote there’s a spike with the protesters-WRONG. I read a report by epidemiologists & no increase has been found; masks & being outdoors seemed to help. Stay safe, keeep calm, & be well. v

    2. Richard Marty The only problem with that theory is the MAGA rally attendees will infect innocent people.

      If they just killed themselves off, I’d be fine with that result.

    3. @Drake Fire
      @Drake Fire

      By: John YoutubeMark
      By the way in which the Right Wing assessment is the main factor of the concerns to the Right Wing {that you are sided with } This video does indeed show you & yours are the ones Triggered. And that you use the word Triggered & that happens to be the DJT Jnr YouTube site where in invites his father to an interview by his so called son whom is part of that nepotism leadership. So Triggered you all are.
      You {The Right Wing! } are planning the 2nd revolution with a no holds barred endgame when & if there is a left wing President that wins the 2020 Election .To the many the Rightwing are consumed with never coming into power ever again via the Electoral College & Republican Party so the video explains. TRIGGERED by your political insecurities. So the video says that
      2 thirds of the Military are Trump loyalist, & that they have 400 million guns and Ex amount of trillions of rounds of shells/ bullets to implement the Revolution & you would say that’s not an extremist wing where if you don’t get your own way then like the tantrum daddy of all you all are willing to overthrow everything to instill a communist style Governance of your Right Wing choice which is to put Trump back no doubt. {You can breath now sadly}
      The Right Wing as you know is extended all around the world & they are causing anarchy everywhere they are & therefore Trumps ambition is to rule the World via the right wing movement.
      The madness of the Right wing is endless but nevertheless Trumps existence can be attributed to trump loyalist {The Electoral College & the Republican Party}.The video does have one misleading lie in the text inserts sections where it abstains away from acknowledgment as being White Supremacist, {yes that filthy little phrase} when in fact the Right Wing & the Republican Party are synonymous with it.
      Not the Democrats, that would be you enraged BLOWFLAKES getting more and more triggered.
      The trump right wing & electoral college are TRIGGERED.TRIGGERED.TRIGGERED.

  1. I’m of the mindset that we should be ENCOURAGING Republicans to congregate indoors more.
    Just avoid them afterwards.

    1. yeah. we can’t shoot these dangerous idiots. we ran out of lions, tigers, and bears… let the virus do its magic.

      america without republicans and maga will be so much better off.

    2. @mike mann songs Hiss communist, deal roughly and hard with it. Flarp in the floor around ina circle, Yeah right there, make me another crybaby video in 2020, pound the ground,, ,, pull ya hair out, pooh yeah!! Hold on I’ll go get you a flag!

    3. The trouble is they have no regard to the virus and will bring it home with them once they leave the death rally.

  2. “MAGA WOMEN ARE SPECIAL” says her hat.

    Yup. I bet she thinks her morbid obesity is not a risk-factor. smh. These people are dangerously under-educated. But who am I kidding – no amount of education would help.

    1. Hiss communist, deal roughly and hard with it. Flarp in the floor around ina circle, Yeah right there, make me another crybaby video in 2020, pound the ground,, ,, pull ya hair out, pooh yeah!! Hold on I’ll go get you a flag!

  3. Trump: Welcome to my rally ! Some of you may die , but that is a sacrifice that I am willing to make ! 👏👏👏

    1. @minj binj You really need to learn English if your going to try to communicate on face book in the USA. I believe you’re trying to tell us that former Vice President Biden is a much better man, much more experienced than Trump and the majority of us agree with you.

    2. Trump: I have an idea…….why wont all my worshipers that come to the rally ingest bleach to stave off the coronavirus?

    1. that might imply that Trump actually had something upstairs that could be polluted. I suspect that Trumps mind is a void, containing only a wormhole to an alternate universe.

    2. @saffron wetter if the PRESIDENT’S son in law got a 1.6 billion dollar wind fall, does that sound like, working for free. Take your head out of the sand.

    3. He’s a sociopath and a narcissist. This is the very last person you’d want to give credence to.

  4. Trump is the best friend any virus could ever hope to have. This Tulsa rally is going to be like CoronaPalooza for COVID-19.

    COVID-19: Donald, I just want to say, thank you for being a friend
    I traveled around the globe and back again
    Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant
    I’m not ashamed to say
    I hope it always will stay this way
    My hat is off, won’t you stand up and take a bow

    And if you threw a rally
    Invited everyone you knew
    Well, you would see the biggest gifts would be from me😆

    And the positive test results would say
    Thank you for being a friend.” 👍😆

  5. Maybe this time tRump is right! I say let’s do an experiment: let them gather, pack em in! Let’s see what happens

    1. We already know what’s going to happen and have seen it. But you can’t educate a Rightie. They’re too stupid to ever learn.

    2. Marchant2 but how stupid they are to believe that tRump even cares about them! It is literally crazy!

  6. ‘Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is.’                 Winston S Churchill.

    1. @Villz3gs the hypocrisy/irony here is that the President of the United States should be smart enough to know better and to set a better example for the rest of the public. He is supposed to be leading this country into prosperity – not death!! But like they say – Everything Trump touches, dies!!

    2. @Doazic at least the protesters had a very good reason to be in the streets. Trump doesn’t have one valid reason for holding an indoor rally, except for today he said he’s doing it for his followers because “they” like it!! 😂😂😂

    3. PKay Gray it’s the same thing as dems following their leader and the republicans following there leader. Makes no difference because both the protests and the rally are considered a threat to society as far as Covid goes. But the difference here is dems claim to practice social distancing and it all seemed to not matter when the people up top made it ok to throw that all out the window with the protests. As far as republicans and the President I don’t see how it’s hypocritical when he holds a rally because he obviously does not take covid as serious as the left does. If you cannot see this is all political and the media is just playing mind games with everyone than… And to be honest, we’ll see how serious covid is after the elections. We’re only seeing numbers generated by the media. When or before the virus came over here, idk if you remember but Dr. Fauci said there’s nothing we can due about the virus. It’s has to run its course just like any other flu, he specifically said “everyone is going to get it.”

  7. They need to make sure that they have a free cocktail bar serving free Shooters of bleach. And a snack bar with candy bowl full of hydroxychloroquine.

    1. thats funny but now that it has been it is sad that the mentality of the people that support this guy, they will probably all be looking for exactly that!!

  8. Don’t worry, President Xi said if he keeps holding rallies and bringing Americans close together in tight closed spaces he will buy all the farmers goods they can handle. *winks*
    Art of the deal in the works people!

    1. ….. including all American property putting Americans in concentration camps to be re-educated !! Putin and Trump celebrate !!! 📝📝📝📖📖📖📖📚📚📚😱😱😱😩😩😩😷😷😷😷🍷🍷🍷😷😷😷😷

  9. This is what happens when a egomaniac narcissist is put in charge of people (American public) he couldn’t care less about!

    1. Obviously his followers like his egomania and narcissism so they pretty much have the same characteristics. Birds with the same feather – flock together.

  10. Hold the event or not, what I want is Tdumpster off the script sinking his chances for reelection even more.

  11. Republicans true victims are the innocent children they have at home.The nursing home grocery stores.

    1. Yes that is sad, I hope their children and older family members don’t get sick! I’m Democrat and will vote for BIDEN!

  12. Was wondering why there wasn’t any legal action against this. So, good on the Lawyers and Doctors!!

    1. We can get of Trump’s ignorance and stupidity by not re-electing him in November he only cares about himself not the American people. Trump is most popular in southern states because they are less educated and  follow his ignorance and stupidity.

  13. Dear Lord, she’s a perfect example of the typical okies I’ve been dealing with for years. Having common sense here makes you feel like an alien

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