1. We’re MORE likely to wear masks, it’s the 30 to 50 year old idiots who aren’t wearing masks, going around like, “We’re gonna die then we’re gonna die, oh well, economy this economy that”

    2. @BLM is a communist terror organization None of this is true, who told you this? Who filled your poor little head with these lies?

    3. @Jade Moon What do you define as ‘OLDER’?!!! Because your claim is not actually true! Young people are less likely to wear MASKS as are the MIDDLE-AGED who have all convinced themselves that either they will not FALL to this illness or that IT’S NOT EVEN REAL. Protesters by and large were MASKED but the MEMORIAL DAY Celebrators WERE NOT MASKED! Most in RED States are not wearing Masks (across AGE GROUPS) whereas more in BLUE States are Masked. This is more nuanced then you obviously understand.

    1. @Patriots love their Nation Whenever I go into the red parts of this country, I’m taken aback by just how many grossly obese people live there. And they smoke, there are very few smokers where I live. So go ahead with your herd immunity, I bet a healthy, thin, non-smoker in their 60s has a better chance of surviving than an obese smoker in their 30s. Never-the-less, I’m going to continue being a courteous citizen, and wear a mask in public. Thankfully, our governor has required that.

    2. but the media and the president said for months and months that it was only old people getting sick. And on here, gonna guess not tonne of young people hang out on a CNN feed, and half the people here STILL don’t think there is a problem, and another 1/4 of them admit they don’t take precautions. So you expect young people to?

    3. @Science Basketball and so what? Because you and your cousins had a fairly positive reaction to it, it must be exaggerated? Tell that to the 122, 000 people who have died and their families ok? 1 in 3 people get it. MOST will never even know. THAT is why it is so scary. It spreads like wildfire. And while it currently doesn’t hit the majority of young people hard, that doesn’t mean it won’t mutate! The flu mutates all the time. If that happens, it might not just be the older people affected proportionately.

    1. @Jay Yosi where did you arrive at this, since there is such a wide range of patients.
      This sounds very sketchy

    2. @Robert Adam
      yeah make sure all under 30s pay double. and kids spreading it treble.
      of course thats IF they survive.
      most of that bunch would sooner die than pay.

    3. @Robert Adam so how do you account for the numbers in countries who have universal healthcare? If it is free to go to the hospital, then what need to count ANY numbers? Yet, they do.

  1. Who do we think transmitted the virus to the old people in retirement homes and long term care facilities? Caregivers etc have always been in this age bracket.

    1. Lex Gaming Not really: there is not enough staff, supplies, sizes, time. 1person, 1 hour to get 11 Alzheimer patients ready for the morning,? Hahaha. And you think people are not cutting corners? Sad.

    2. @A lone Voice it’s better than not being covered but all protocols must be used distancing washing hands and mask. Sneezing and coughing travels far I rather be covered if I or someone else is sick even if it’s just allergies or a cold. It’s allergy season and many are coughing or sneezing because of that.

  2. The problem is that nobody here wants to do anything that’s a minor inconvenience to them in order to protect others. We value individualism over collectivism that’s why we are not recovering as fast as other countries.

    1. @Kerosin FuchsNot really. If you look at the number of tests administered per capita, the US is 26th.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Of course you trust all the white countries…. You lefties are all the same weird kind of racist. Go to Europe.

    3. @Matt nobody said that at all. Of course the protests are and will continue for the next few weeks to increase the numbers. And that was talked about in the clip. Did you only read the title and didn’t listen?

      But they are ALSO talking about bars, beaches, places where NO one was wearing a mask.

      They are just making a point that young people carry it and don’t usually know they have it. It is equally their responsibility to be tested, to care for others, to know that you might not feel it, but you can pass it. Constant reminder. But young people aren’t the only ones…..

    4. @Deborah Freedman and they are tracing and testing at high rates. You can’t shut down clusters that come up if you don’t trace. Some of those countries had teams already in place for when/if a pandemic comes. They didn’t have to train people. They just started working.

    1. That’s because people In your country you don’t have people who think wearing a face mask somehow takes away their “Freedom ” or that it’s some kind of political statement. We have so called leadership calling covid 19 a hoax and useful idiot’s spreading lies that face masks are bad for your immune system. I hope we get a safe vaccine for this soon because I see no end to childish behavior of these anti mask people.

    2. we knew in the UK too, but like every PM he didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger, I stopped going gym two weeks before lockdown

    1. you mean high premiums for all mike finn you dumb old hippie just except Trump will be reelected who wants CHAZ zones

    2. For who say, “What about the rioters?” when asked about the health of rallygoers:

      – That’s not a reasonable answer.

      – PROTESTING, (not rioting), AND attending a Trump rally are BOTH UNSAFE.

      – Most protesters wear masks. Most Trump rallygoers do not. A disease is not a political issue!

      – One is a call to end police brutality. The other is listening to an old man incoherently ramble and tell the same, old lies about how most of the country consists of communist, open-border loving, stealth-racist rioters who want to confiscate your guns. You can watch him lie on TV.

    3. @Omar A I dont know what you are talking about. I live in Canada as well and never had to wait that long, like EVER.

    1. @a.m it isn’t protesters, they’re wearing masks…the young people in my state are acting like covid is over and cured. They’re out and about with no masks, hanging out in groups partying , socializing, and doing whatever they want.

    2. Trump’s words and behavior are really quite consistent.

      As far as confronting problems, he sees himself as a great, if not the world’s greatest, “counter-puncher.“. He will hit you 10 times harden than you hit him.

      He does know how to “counter-punch” pretty good, but he’s got a “glass jaw.” He’s good at striking out, at belittling, but if you get him good, he’s like Scott Farkus or his toady, Grover Dill. They really get walloped, and they cry to tell their mother. Or their “base”.

      So, COVID-19 struck the country hard. Trump’s predilection is not to hunker down, but to somehow directly bully the virus into submission.

      Maybe that’s by denying the existence of the threat. And so, he wears no mask. Maybe he thinks by insulting the virus by calling it “Kung Flu” or Chy-navirus” that it will go away in humiliation.

      COVID-19, like Honey Badger, don’t care.

      The virus is not a problem for a Superman like him. And if you support and believe in him, you will be under the protection of his tent. Wonderful magical thinking.

      He also decided that he knows more than the doctors.

      We just need to let the virus “burn through” the population, as he asked Dr. Fauci about earlier. Dr. Fauci told him 2 million might die. Trump’s response was-we’ll wait a few weeks, and by Easter, it will go away.

      Well, with his impatience and belief in his intellectual superiority, he kneecapped Fauci and took over the briefings.

      He is going to let the virus “burn through” the country. He doesn’t have enough patience to do otherwise. The pain for the nation allows for his counterpunch- the end of the virus.

      If he gets hurt, everybody gets hurt worse.
      If the economy isn’t improving punish America. Insult the virus. Ignore the virus.

      Maybe it worked with his ex-wives. I don’t know.

      And all the lies? He has never thought of them as lies. He merely gives the people what they want, right now. Or maybe giving himself what he wants, right now.

      Trump need not fear for a job. So long as Isuzu goes through with plans to return to America, he will serve as the new Joe Isuzu.

      Joe doesn’t lie. He just tells you what he thinks you want to hear. That’s our Trump!

    3. @a.m Health experts have stated that outdoor protesting is low risk, vs, indoor gatherings are high risk.
      Try some critical thinking, if you can. A very small number of people protested compared to the number of people emerging from lockdown.
      Attending a protest in the open air is low risk from covid19 as compared to resuming sharing space with people indoors with recycled air conditioning, and touching common objects like lift buttons, door handles and elevator rails.
      Try some critical thinking mate, if you can

    4. @SouthSide Chicago Show me video of protest where most everyone isn’t wearing a mask. Then I’ll show you a Trump Rally.

    1. @curtis heard Imagine that. No cure for AIDS. NO vaccine for AIDS. But when people learned about how it was spread, they were able to control the spread. Use condoms. Dont use dirty needles. Use gloves if dealing with bodily fluids (particularly blood).

  3. I guess this is a good time to say that I should be blessed that I’m a social oddball and absolutely lack the kinks that my fellow generations have such as going to parties and shopping and bar hopping and so forth. All I do every day is going to work, do 12 hours at said job, go home, and then repeat.

  4. Putin should be proud of himself, he unleashed a very efficient weapon on Americans; Trump only took 3.5 years to destroy USA.

    1. A lone Voice he didn’t but he is letting it run rampant. You can clearly see he’s given up on the covid issue. If anything he’s encouraging to go against cdc guidelines.

    2. @Hoanglong Le see I think a lot of people see chaz, and the Theodore Roosevelt statue being taken down and think who’s gonna do something about that Trump Or Biden

    3. @Oscar Osei But that was the communist plan to destroy democracies. Use the grievances and ideology of the left to cause division and upheaval, and then cultivate leaders and ideology of conservative capitalists on the right to take advantage and steer the targeted country in a counterproductive direction.

  5. Wear a damn mask when you around others…take it off when your not…it’s just that simple. What’s hard about that?

    1. @Bill Wilson Here we go again, people making an unbiased desease all of a sudden take sides lmao. Ridiculous

    2. @Tom McDermott – exactly right and explains why there is NO DIFFERENCE in the infection rates between surgical masks and N95.

      The virus is small enough to penetrate both N95 and surgical and hence equal infection rates.

      These people wearing the homemade flannel shirt & jock strap masks are off their rockers as the study shows.


      Results of our systematic review and meta-analysis show that there was no significant difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks when used by health care workers to prevent transmission of acute respiratory infections from patients.

    3. @Ben Pierce – I would like to know where you got the 80% number? I see about 10% wearing them in stores and about 50% of those are elderly and justified and the other look low IQ.

    4. @Bill Wilson to get natural herd immunity, at least 50% of population has to have been infected to develop antibodies. That’s over 150 million people in the U.S. If even 1% of them die, that’s over a million deaths to get to herd immunity.

    1. 5 yrs old I almost died, I’ve been waiting ever since…lord knows I’ve tried my own methods, and escaped dozen others.
      I respect life but you can’t live others lives for them, they’ll do what they want to do so we better get started digging the graves and building ovens for creamations

    2. So… you want to ban young people? That sounds like something a Satanic Democrat could sink their teeth into.

    1. Yeah.
      When maga protest, it’s call a cop.
      When Libby’s protest, it’s call a firetruck, ambulance, counselor, National Guard, NATO, UN Security Blanket, et al.

    2. You can thank Obama and piglosi for that your party is so good they sent millions to the lab were it started and visited it a week before it began it’s not hard to connect the dots unless you are brain dead

    3. stupid reply. Crazy lefties have been gathering everyday and night in “protests” for the past month. Isn’t it funny how the media never talks about Covid spreading among the “protesters” when it is the left doing it. Most people are too dumbed down to even notice the hypocrisy, or they are just hypocrites themselves. SO which one are you?

    1. my 70 year old mother and father got it – dad never had symptoms – mom was sick with flu like symptoms for about 4 days. neither went to the hospital and both now test negative. dont be scared of covid – we as Americans have much scarier things coming.

    2. @T Dub It has been stated several times, people react differently to covid 19. Respect the virus and its possibility to wreck havoc. I’m glad your family is fine, but it is not wise to assume that everyone will have the same outcome. My young daughter who is on intense immunosuppressive medication appreciates everyone that is wearing a mask and showing consideration to those of us who need it.

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