Bipartisan Caucus Backing ‘Concept’ Of Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC

NBC News national political reporter Sahil Kapur discusses the latest on the bipartisan infrastructure plan on Capitol Hill. 

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Bipartisan Caucus Backing 'Concept' Of Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC


    1. Corporate tax hike pays for much of this. If you make less than 400k a year, you will not pay a cent of this. You stand only to benefit, regardless of the eventual price tag.

    2. But let’s keep going, debunking common myths.
      Gas prices rise in the summer because they actually sell you better, pricier gas. They also rise in the summer because more people are driving. They also spiked this year because *gasp!* President Biden made a comprehensive vaccine rollout, and now a whole pile of Americans are vaccinated and ready to rock and roll.
      Inflation is the fault of capitalism. It fluctuates. Blaming it on Biden is straight-up shortsighted. There are literally dozens of factors at play here.
      But again, I point out that if you make less than 400k a year, your taxes aren’t going to go up and your average price of stuff isn’t going to rise as a direct result of improved infrastructure. As a matter of fact, slow transition away from fossil fuels, improved roads and bridges, broadband access and clean drinking water will improve the lives of millions of people, a fair majority of them conservatives. It looks scary and expensive, but it isn’t.
      You need to stop being afraid of progress, and you need to stop being afraid of competent government. You spent four years listening to a guy brag about himself and mock everyone else who wasn’t obedient to him, while doing very little on the ground to help everyday Americans. Now that’s finished.

    3. @Gregg Chambers
      Thank you for stepping in with factual truths. Normally I find manplaining annoying but not this time‼️👍🏽🇺🇸🌎⚖️

    4. @Gregg Chambers the amount extra you have to pay for food gas and other goods is more money out of our paychecks than if he raised taxes on the poor also raising taxes will drive business out of America remember Obama said jobs aren’t coming back Trump doesn’t have a magic wand well jobs came back and they are already leaving again under Biden car factories are heading to Mexico

    5. @stan marsh
      I drove a decade+ old used vehicle for 5 years and what I wasn’t spending on payments, I was eventually spending on maintenance and inefficient performance. We’re all making modifications in our lives and expenditures, maybe a reconfigured situation would serve your limitations better. Americans are so spoiled on vehicle ownership, which is quite dear, I admit. Every month now, I struggle to cover my transportation expenses.

  1. After 4 years of trump and republicans promising but doing nothing about infrastructure funding it is no wonder they still aren’t interested.

    1. That’s because people don’t know what was taken out. I trust Nancy Pelosi. She knows what she’s doing.

    2. @No Show Joe Again, why didn’t trump and his congressional cult do something after he said they would for 4 years?

    3. @No Show Joe
      Define, “infrastructure.”
      To me, it means anything and everything that keeps the country functioning.

  2. ‘A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow’s Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts
    “Maddow’s show is different than a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news,” an Obama-appointed judge ruled.’

    1. Rachel was awarded court cost of appox.250k.
      Tucker the pucker corporate
      Lawyers stated that ” No body believes anything he says.
      Get it.

    2. @Robert Hylton The judge’s reason for judging in MadCow’s favor was that she doesn’t even report news. Imagine a “journalist” not reporting news. Pretty much destroys her credibility. Yes, I know she can do no wrong in her cult’s opinion

  3. The dems are still divided, and now progressives can’t even support “bipartisan” bills because of their own ideals.

    1. @Jackson R
      The NW had roads failing in the extreme heat they’re experiencing in the last 2 weeks and 500+ people have died from heat related incidents. Your brain is not separated from your body anymore than our lives are not separated from our climate environment and all the traditional and progressive infrastructure falls under the same umbrella, neighbor…🤦‍♀️☎️💥🇺🇸🌎

    2. @Joni Beehive I know, climate change bad, I agree with you. But im just saying that issues like these in the short term will divide the democratic party.

    3. @Jackson R –

      Center-left are the majority, with progressives pushing their agenda.

      Far-right is the majority, with center-right either 1) try to get them under control, or 2) have left the party and call themselves “Independents”.

    4. @Jackson R
      The Democratic Party has some hard left progressive reps that I find frustrating and annoying myself, but they’ve got to find some less radical proposals and compromise on the most pressing and impactful issues, than some want right now. I’m not a registered Democrat.

    5. If you promise progressives that the other bigger half of this package will pass via reconciliation, they’ll back the lesser half as a show of good faith. They’ve done this before.

  4. This is what I love about Nancy Pelosi. She knows what they’re trying to do and will not be fooled.

  5. When Cori Bush & Maxine waters claim to hate the bill of rights & constitution.. where does that lead??

  6. Joe Biden needs to pass the 1.7 trillion Infrastructure bill. This will be a huge win for his administration. Republicans need to learn a lesson.

  7. Go BIG, or go home.
    Congress has passed the buck for too long, the longer we wait the more this costs us.

    1. Joe Biden is the President because he was voted in by a majority of the American people who despise Trump and what he stands for. There is absolutely no voter fraud whatsoever on the part of the Democrats in the election.

    2. Wow. Still salty in July, I see.
      I gotta tell ya, bro. Back in mid-November, when it became crystal clear that Tronald Dump had lost the presidency, I didn’t expect anyone to be lying about it seven and a half months later. Well, here we are. I was wrong.

  8. The problem solvers caucus has some pretty far right wing Greedy Old Party members who are trying to pretend they aren’t the party of “no” and “obstruction.” You can bet they’ll talk about the deficit, and very conveniently forget how much they themselves raised the deficit when they voted for that unnecessary (and not even in a pandemic) deficit busting no-strings-attached tax cut for the wealthiest and made it “permanent” while the middle class go an expiring tax cut that wasn’t even comparable.

  9. progressives have 93 votes in the house…

    so the issue is who’s going to believe the republicans aren’t hiding something with this incredibly weak infrastructure bill? since, after all, republicans claiming infrastructure matters is the equivalent of claiming trump lost the presidency, right?!


  10. Democrats, Republicans are the same politicians just depends on which state they are working .

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