Bipartisan Mayors Call For Increased Federal Covid Relief | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Bipartisan Mayors Call For Increased Federal Covid Relief | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) discusses his relationship with the Biden administration and the need for federal coronavirus relief for his state. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Bipartisan Mayors Call For Increased Federal Covid Relief | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Sure there’s $5 trillion sitting near for potato head to given by favors and pay people back for getting him elected well they throw some people 600 bucks maybe remember shovel ready jobs Obama borrowed $1 trillion to pay back his people trump didn’t have to do that

    1. Paul: No, he Just moved 2. 3 million of campaign- donor money into his private business. Forbes August 25, 2020
      The Hill
      Tax records show 200 entities funneled money to Trump Properties.

    1. Unless your friend is dying of COVID-19.
      Then, just open your Bible and pray.
      God will most certainly save you because of your “blind” faith.

    2. @000 000 sure you did, but it doesn’t mean everyone else is just as well off. You open completely up like you want then covid will spread as it did before, more people will be sick and dying then who is left to run those stores?

    1. What a stupid statement. How about make it available to those who choose to take it? What a hateful attitude

    2. @Charles Brown it’s no more hateful than the actions and attitudes taken by individuals and leaders that got us into the current situation.

      People need to be honest with themselves and if they did nothing to improve the situation and treated it like a joke then they can get to the back of the line. There are obviously people hurting and they should be helped, but when you have a bunch of morons frolicking on the beach on holiday or traveling because they need a weekend getaway it’s very hard to have any sympathy for the states that condoned the behavior.

  2. Give biden a chance trump ignored you all for 1yr biden has done more in a mth so wise up and stop your nonsense

  3. I wonder if the American people will see the stimulus checks before this summer when gasoline is $6 a gallon

  4. The Mayor need to talk to his Trump Republicans, because they are the one whom are holding up the Recuse Package. People in Florida need to follow the CDC guidelines, they need to work with,, not against the Biden Administration. Everyone should watch the Biden Administration briefings that are being held, they give alot of information in all topics.

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