1. So good to know they could put their heads together for this very important legislation

  2. Gee I seem to remember Obama administration trying to pass one of these … only to be shut down by the GOP … but they can always blame the green new deal…

    1. GOP shut it down due to like always with democrats there was a lot of pork attach such as the government being able to spy on private citizens, which is ok with you socialist democrats but not anybody else. If the bill would of been just cyber protection it would of past. Many democrats voted against it too.

    2. @7thpilot if you didn’t like that kind of stuff you should have went against “The Patriot Act” they can literally already spy on you for no justifiable reason other than because “security”. Along with detaining, and stripping rights. That was a republican bill. So what’s that about who? As usual you’re late, wrong, and fooled.

  3. Biden’s fraudulent presidency sending America straight down the dumper 😳

    1. @Barbara Jolley you’re literally trolling him right now 🀑 What a πŸ’© show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Nope that’s all under Trump, Biden is making America great again. Locking up all the traitors and white supremacists. Providing millions of jobs, majority of the country vaccinated, green new deal, infrastructure, cut child poverty in half, sanctioned Russia for their attacks on our democracy. Joe Biden is the next FDR, he’s has a 63% approval. That includes Republicans that approve of him too, Trump could never break 50%. You can project and live in a bubble all you want, the facts don’t care about your feelings.

      PS Trump is going to prison soon, keep donating.

  4. One republican wiling to bravely go on the limb alone in the name of national security is NOT bi-partisanship. Let me know when they give up the election lie or get off their “100% against anything Biden does” stance, then we can talk.

    1. Biden has divided America like it’s the Civil War all over again. That was fast!

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Trump devised the country and a Biden is trying to put it back together…Russian disinformation

    3. @Karen Rowland You can’t reason with the maga cult. I mean, they actually think the election was “stolen.” πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  5. Better have oversight on dispersal of the funding . Seriously , republicans Do Not Play Fair .

  6. Oh yes bipartisanship is so real πŸ™„. Good luck at getting a bipartisan Bill through which requires all of those in Congress to repay those PPE loans from the first stimulus check especially congressman Roger Williams who took out a loan for his small business of not five people or 15 people or even 75 people. No he took it out for all 102 of his so-called small business employees and what’s really funny is that in 2016 his net worth was 16 million dollars and yet in 2020, it was up to 64 million dollars 🀯. I wasn’t aware that those in Congress were paid so well 😏

  7. Democratic failing in every why and the free $ bills have came in lol go woke go biden lol 🀑

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