1. @GEN 913 what on earth are you talking about? Dude, let’s pretend that they did get 40 mil, (they didn’t, but let’s pretend they did), on what planet would that be enough??????????

    2. ​@Audrée & Jamie lol you haven’t heard? they pay lower taxes and get the cheapest gas, most funding, programs, etc….

  1. Why doesn’t Trudeau hook them up with WE charity? I hear they do great work and can manage that 30 mill no problem.

    1. @Audrée & Jamie canadian government didn’t give $40 BILLION to indigenous ppl? Look it up… you’re clueless and ignorant

  2. All the money in the world won’t change what happened. Canadians have soul searched enough on this topic.

  3. lol they want $30M on top of the $40B they’re getting from taxpers like myself

  4. The Roman Catholic Church needs to release at least some of its multi-trillion dollar ill-gotten tax free gains, especially the compound interest from the Indulgences, to right a multituded of wrongs. Including the misspelling of multitued, the new correct spelling of which has been multilatterally approved !!!

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