Black and blue: The double pain of being a Black police officer | USA TODAY

Black and blue: The double pain of being a Black police officer | USA TODAY 1


Black officers who face insults and personal attacks get a double dose of pain and frustration.


Officer Phillip Jackson has served his boyhood neighborhood for over a decade, but that's not what protesters saw as demonstrations unraveled in June.

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10 Comments on "Black and blue: The double pain of being a Black police officer | USA TODAY"


  2. Reginald Roberts | July 10, 2020 at 10:17 AM | Reply

    A good deed doesn’t make you a good person. If I rob someone at gun point and on my way home help a old lady cross the street, am I good. Some of the worst officers I’ve ever seen was black. Something happens to a lot of humans when they are given those uniforms that transcend race and that badge becomes who they are. My home state of Georgia had a tactical unit called Red Dogs and they were disbanded years ago for what the rest of the world now understand as toxic police culture. If any cop claims to be good please show me where you have brought your own in without camera footage. What we are experiencing here is directly because of the oath breakers who chose not to honor the constitution and instead turned into bullies.

    • Nautica Gibson | July 10, 2020 at 10:24 AM | Reply

      Bullies?? …lol ..smh you & that pig must be some straight up punks yo!!
      *im a Southern 1980s baby* (meaning a white wannabe bully was going to suddenly dissappear)

    • The media is literally convincing people that cops are bad. How did they do that? By running videos and narrating a story everyday. This has been going on for some time and especially around election. So what are you doing different? You’re just saying the same thing the media is saying so what’s your damn point?

      Lesson is to not come up with conclusions on individuals including the police. All prejudices are formed through lenses of experience and they have some form of truths. Your brain automatically does this for organization, survival, motor functions, etc… if you’re gonna say that lot of cops are bad, I’m gonna say lot of blacks are criminals so I gotta look out for blacks. You see what just happened there? Both worries are validated right? You want change be the change.

      When you look at a white man, do you assume possibility of racism? If so you are being prejudice. When you look at a cop, do you assume possible corruption? Yeah you do, you’ve just admitted it. So you are just guilty of prejudices, biases too. So what makes you any different? We know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  3. We have reached levels of black fatigue never thought possible. 💯🤮

  4. Rat both times.

  5. Marcus Cooper | July 10, 2020 at 11:42 AM | Reply

    You choose to put on the uniform. You didn’t choose to be black. When your supposed brothers in uniform do awful things speak up, denounce them and ask for action. Don’t sit passively by and toe the line. The same way you as a cop don’t want to be generalized, we & YOU as a black person don’t want to be generalized and want our humanity and equality recognized!!!!

  6. Lonnie Da Don (Artist) | July 10, 2020 at 12:19 PM | Reply

    Really gots to look at your co-workers mr officer cops blame everyone else but themselves for they wrong doing

  7. Jimbo Jimberson | July 10, 2020 at 1:49 PM | Reply

    I’m disturbed by these comments. If you cannot see this man as an individual and choose to only see his group identity (cop? black?) then I urge you to do some research on the concept of identity politics… To not judge a man by his individual character and actions but his group identity is to revert to tribalism. We can do better.

  8. Oh americans and their love of the struggle. How pathetic.

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