Black History Month: Five major innovations created by Black inventors | USA TODAY

Black people haven't always been given their due as innovators throughout history, but many of their inventions have changed life as we know it.

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February marks the start of Black History Month, a federally recognized celebration of the contributions African Americans have made to this country and a time to reflect on the continued struggle for racial justice.

Black History Month has become one of the most celebrated cultural heritage months on the calendar, said LaGarrett J. King, an associate professor of social studies education at the University of Missouri.

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  1. Not interested!
    I’m very much interested in the safety of our girls and children!!!!
    That above video is the opposite of that safety!

  2. This constant infantilizing of black people is tiresome. “Oh so black people also created stuff?? AWESOME!”
    This is sickening. I really miss MLK.

  3. The Tri-colored Stoplight and the Gas Mask used in WW1 were invented by a black man from Paris Kentucky named Garrett Morgan. I lived up the street from his home. He also invented the hot comb

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