‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler handcuffed at Atlanta bank | USA TODAY

'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler handcuffed at Atlanta bank | USA TODAY 1


  1. Whats funny is that, this isn’t the cops fault as they’re being told what to do 🤷‍♂️ the bank messed up

    1. They cops could have asked they have call handlers and dispatch mangers too.
      Usually they should sort out most of the crap calls.

    2. @Kevin they did though, didn’t they? It’s literally shown in History as now German soliders have the capability to turn away from what they think is incorrect

  2. He didn’t wanna get robbed by someone listening in on his conversation because they could just wait outside and Rob him so he decided to discreetly write a note

  3. How can the bank have a policy to CALL the police if anyone wants to withdraw more than 10 000??That’s idiotic 😂

    1. I know in Canada the Federal government is alerted whenever a withdrawal or deposit surpassing 9,999$ is made.

      However the bank calling the Police? thats wild they normally only ask for the security questions on the account up here.

  4. False accusation. Why not charge those they claim called told them for false accusations. Don’t just let them get away with cheap justifications of ” someone called us, told us, informed us. It is their job to check make sure and identify before they act . In this case sue the bank.

  5. How is that robbery if he is asking for a withdrawal from his own bank account ? I wouldn’t bank with them anymore

  6. we need help in Ukraine, we need to get children out of the rubble. close the sky for us or come to help dig out the survivors !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I remember a time when meeting a celebrity was a big deal TODAY meeting one cud mean a sacrificial offering and that’s why I DONT WANT NO CELEBRITIES WITHIN 10 FEET OF ME…. DONT WANNA BE NO WHERE NEAR THESE WEIRDOS 💯

  8. When I withdraw money from my account, I always do it in person at the teller with a handwritten note and give it to them………….

  9. The reason he wrote the note is because he didn’t want anyone to notice how much money was being withdrawn.

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