Black student read-in at 'whites only’' library sparked a movement | USA TODAY 1

Black student read-in at ‘whites only’’ library sparked a movement | USA TODAY


Nine Black college students staged a read-in at the “whites only’’ public library in Jackson, Mississippi, sparking a campaign that would energize students across Mississippi.


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    1. @Michel where white Americans have over 115 trillion in household wealth and African Americans have only 6,down from 12 thanks to the 08 crash. a world where we are still segregated. a world where a woman’s uterus is more regulated than an AR 15. a nation that still has native Americans rotting away on reservations. all you did was switch the explicit to implicit. America is as anti black as ever.

  1. I wonder why Muslims don’t have racism in mecca where people from all around meet to perform Hajj and umrah and pray all together shoulder to shoulder.

    White America needs to learn from Muslims when it comes to racism just like what Malcolm x found out when he went to the kaabah.

    1. Many sects of Muslims don’t get along such as Shia and Sunni. That’s what causes some of the fighting in the Middle East.

  2. Why are people so cruel ? We are ALL children of God made in His image. Time for everyone to honor that .

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