Black teen in Ohio shot and killed by officer after attempted stabbing | USA TODAY 1

Black teen in Ohio shot and killed by officer after attempted stabbing | USA TODAY


Police officer shoots and kills Black teenager Ma’Khia Bryant after attempted stabbing

A police officer shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant after arriving on the scene to respond to reports of attempted stabbing in Columbus, Ohio.

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    1. Yeah that will teach her to call the police for help. Oh wait she is dead. Cuz the cops shot her 4 times. In the chest. With a gun. Not a tazer.

    2. Why was she in foster care if her mother was minding her ???? typical blame everone else ….this is getting scary …. lazy violent people claims etc

    3. @Ender Panda The taser may not be effective in the situation as only about 50% of taser deployments are successful. If the taser fails the girl would most likely kill that other girl and would pose a danger to the rest of the people. I think it is unfortunate it came to deadly force but I also think it was necessary in this situation.

    1. The Democrats needed votes. If they lose the minorities they can easily manipulate, they’ll be done as a party

    1. She was defending her self because those girls were gonna stab her and she litterly called the police saying two girls are trying to hurt her. Alot of people like u preach self defending but when it comes down to a black girl doing it that goes out the window. Kinda of weird isn’t it?

    2. @LOOPYPOOPY those girls had knives on them and were planning on stabbing her to death? and once the police had arrived where would you say the threat is to the caller where she would have to resort to the actions she took?

    3. @LOOPYPOOPY nah pink girl was not attacking her when police got to the scene but she still rushed her with knife in hand. If you called the police why ignore their orders once they finally get there?

    4. @LOOPYPOOPY But how does that cop supposed to know that? And all that is thrown out the window once that girl had the knife to stab that other girl. He had no choice to stop her. It is sad for everyone.

    1. @LOOPYPOOPY Who was? Was that on video? Does someone have other videos or recordings? Looks like there was some audience there on the scene before police arrived. They might have video of that?

      If you watch the bodycam video you see that there was less than ten seconds when police stepped out of his vehicle when girl in pink clothes was pushed to the car and the attacker had the knife going to a motion to hit her. In that split second police had to decide what to do. One second later that girl in pink clothes would have had knife in her stomach.

  1. Youtube is hard at work restricting content and comments of this video already. Also we are given the crappiest possible quality video to ensure confusion and division amongst viewers

    1. @LOOPYPOOPY lmao its literally a video of another video on a screen of many screens….. I doubt that is standard recording format of a body cam.

    1. He absolutely did not. That cop should have walked away the second he saw they’re black and circled the block another half hour. This way he only needed to call for the bodies. Now his life is over for saving two of them who will be dead next week as they’ll have the stabbing 16 year olds ppl coming after them

  2. Police officer saves a teenage black girl from getting stabbed should be the title of this video

    1. @Ender Panda cops shoot to demobilize/kill buddy this isnt the movies where u shot someone in the leg if u adrenaline is going u would barley notice he had a split second decision that saved the girl in the pinks life.

    2. @Ender Panda It is against the law for anyone including law enforcement to intentionally shoot to injure. You are not allowed to shoot unless you believe you or another person is in immediate, life threatening danger. You are also trained to neutralize the threat, basically shoot until the threat stops.

    3. @Ender Panda
      No to just all of that. Knife was up in a forward motion had others on scene been prepared and had a angle…. The second that forward motion happened possible double digits.

      Tazers won’t stop that action a leg is a complete miss or straight through hitting someone else. Also the leg does not mean not dead arteries.

      With that attitude job should have been done when they received the call. What is your emergency? Oh um you sound hmm we may not have any help available. Everything is Raycism to you will it be the day this bs ends up in countless doa because there are none willing to go to a lose lose situation? I don’t care what your Race is as a Officer I wouldn’t respond. Every last one would still be in the same position with people like you and the media.

    4. @Ender Panda no, the adult man in the grey hoodie kicked the girl on the ground. Instead of trying to get the weapon away from the child he helped engage in the fight against teenage girls.

  3. She was just about to stab the girl, she pulled her arm back to thrust the knife into the other persons body. The cop saved a Life he had no option but to use deadly force.

    1. Another option would have been to rush forward and try to grab the knife. It would have risked the girls life that was the target of the stabbing as the assailant might have had a chance to hit her at least once.

    2. @Car Bonara the family will prolly be trying to sue the cop that shot her. “Oh she was such a good person, she was just going through a rough time right now, she didn’t deserve to die”

    3. @Tyler Harris I guess no one deserves do die violently but really the cop had to choose in a split second if he wants to try to keep the assailant alive and risk the life of the girl in pink clothes. Very hard situation. The attacker didnt give the cop much choice.

      The man in the fight that tried to kick the fallen girl to the head should be charged.

    4. @Car Bonara exactly! No 1 should EVER try and harm a child! Imo, harming a child, immediate death penalty! It’s sad to see what all this is doing to Minneapolis. Ppl have gone nuts, ppl on both sides. I don’t wish anyone a violent death, anyone.

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  4. Teen or no teen Knives wielding will get you shot unless the officer’s trained in aikido martial arts like Steven seagal

  5. Title of this video should read “Cop stops the attempted murder of a teen girl by lethal force, the attempted murderer has been killed.”

  6. They wouldn’t show the part where SHE IS STABBING TOWARDS THE GIRLS NECK ! Thank God that officer saved her life !

  7. People on Facebook saying she did not deserve this.

    But who goes around swinging a knife at people, tf. She got what she deserved.

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