1. Obama had great plans that the Red Congress intentionally blocked to keep him a one term president… It is more than one man one plan.

    1. @Ricardo Perez and Trump still uses them to this day . Splits families up with no intention to reunite. Yeah he’s the best!

    2. Obama (the first mixed president) had no plans, especially no great ones … his legacy comes down to drone strikes, cash to Iran, crappy healthcare, and a rainbow colored White House

  2. I remember a young man told me , you make a person lie when you ask them questions that they are uncomfortable with and can’t be trueful with because it can incriminate them.

    1. @Anna Draper and technically he didn’t have to. I have a rental property myself and I can choose who I want to live there. No different than saying the tenant can’t have pets

    2. @Jonathan Westmoreland federal law says it’s illegal to refuse to rent to someone because of their race, creed or sexual orientation. If you refuse to rent to tenants for that reason, you could be sued.

    3. @Anna Draper however it is not against the law to turn someone down who cannot afford to pay for it. While he may have turned them down and they were black doesn’t mean that is the reason. Did anyone ask for their W2s?

    4. @Jonathan Westmoreland There were witnesses, including a door man, who said black people asking about vacant apartments for rent were told that none were available or they were quoted rent at twice the amount of what was quoted to white people inquiring about the very same apartments. They found that on the rental applications, they would write codes on them to identify that the applicants were black so that the application would be declined. He was sued by the US Department of Justice and ultimately settled without admitting guilt, because of course, he never admits any wrongdoing, even if it’s blatantly obvious. I don’t even know why I’m writing this because I’m sure you’ll have an excuse for it.

    5. @Michèle W probably because it wasn’t a lawsuit against Trump but against many others as well. Show me where it says that he was the one that created that rule. If it was so blatant that he did why didn’t the federal court outright win instead of just making him run some ads?

    1. @Danny Little and what none of that’s not true and so there’s nothing wrong with that we want to keep our country safe we don’t want to live like a third world country like they do and that’s the problem we let everybody in this country they’ve done nothing but ruin our country I can’t go to Mexico or Muslim country I just live there and get a job so why should we let everybody in here we fought for our freedom and so did our ancestors and so on and so on and every day our country gets ruined because we let our guard down and let the bad in don’t talk about a f****** country you don’t know nothing about

    2. @Andrea Zag What’s not true? Unless your African American or Native American your ancestors were immigrants. The country was built and fought for by immigrants. The people who are ruining it are people like you who think they are native and immigrants are detrimental.

    1. @Anna Draper Please be honest, do you really think Biden is capable of facing this hostile world today? name one accomplishment by Biden as a politician

    2. @Kaliso that’s what trips me up. Trump’s team has done really good things that go largely unpublicized. He is clearly not a man of faith by any measure, and it disheartens me for him to not just admit that and stop pandering to Christians. However, his pandering lends itself in opposition to abortion…good thing…(i doubt he personally cares about abortion or it’s moral implications) The unborn are American citizens with feelings and potential. He just makes my skin crawl and can’t collaborate with opposition to save his life. Just because he’s right doesn’t make the others wrong.

      Harris is a hypocrite…just as bad as Pence. Biden in my view lacks the stamina for office, but he’s a respectable, quiet man.

      I don’t want to vote for someone because they’re not the other person…that’s how he got elected in 2016…on the single basis that he wasn’t Clinton. Unfortunate to have to pick between two folks, neither of which I fully embrace.

      I hope one day to be torn between 2 candidates whom I can’t decide which one I appreciate MORE. what a world that would be!

  3. It was late 1945, early 1946 when brave members of the American Congress stood their ground and demanded for the British army of 70.000 that landed in Athens Greece right after war’s end, to stop their monstrocities towards local populace, while the British Crown was pitting both political sides in Greece against each other – communists vs right wingers -. This raised eyebrows globaly and made the British pack up and leave. Yet they still managed to incite a 10 year civil war that ended in 1955. THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME WITHIN A DECADE THAT AMERICA WAS GREAT for my own country. Greece.
    Do not let the agitation propaganda Trump rhetoric fool you. Yes indeed there were times that America was great. Different times for different people. I really can’t see how China, Russia (a country adored by Trump), a local states coallition led by Israel (another country loved by Trump) can fill these shoes. Awfully big for them.

    1. The British Army did not incite the Greek opposing factions. They chose to be either Fascists led by a despotic King or Socialists. When the British walked away they did so out of frustration. May I refer you to the Trieste situation in 1945 when opposing Italian, German and Yugoslavian factions occupied the city. When the New Zealand 2nd Division forced the Germans to surrender a territorial division deal was struck – and both resident sides to this day continue to thank NZ people for this.
      I suggest that irreconcilable cultural and political intransigence is the issue.

    1. @juan vicks He won’t vote for Trump. But he sounds like he might write in or vote 3rd party (Kanye????). That is absurd.

    2. Politico- Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted Wednesday to authorize subpoenas and depositions as part of their probe into the FBI’s Russia investigation and Obama administration officials’ role in the presidential transition period.

      These officials include former FBI Director James Comey, Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and others, according to Politico.

      The probe looks into the FBI’s investigation of Russian election interference, including its surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, and the transition between the Obama and Trump administration.
      Separately, the two officials are also leading an investigation into former President Barack Obama’s State Department, Ukraine policy and the Bidens.

    3. He was interviewed afterwards. He wasn’t wavering between Biden and Trump, he was wavering betwwen Biden and either voting third party or not at all. Trump was no a possibility.

    1. Mekumcream82 you clearly don’t understand what a war is. 500,000 people have died in the war on terror with half being civilians. The left is full of hate, but that doesn’t make this a war.

  4. When I hear “Make America Great Again” I feel like it’s code for “Let’s put these n-words and women back in their place.” There is nothing about history that would benefit everyone. It’s an insane slogan that only a racist would support. I guess he would be happy if black people were still slaves and women’s rights were rolled back.

    1. BibleBeltBelle, your comment is so compelling and very relevant. You make absolutely to the point common sense and rational sense. You are truly woke. Trump uses subliminal rhetoric his hateful supporters can relate to and like. You are a gem…..

    2. You realize Trump is a republican right? The party who fought to free the slaves. I’d be happy to explain how you are a idiot

    3. Trump is doing all he can to roll back rights. Here’s a man who’s paid for abortions professing now to be pro- life, but sterilizing women held at the border waiting for their immigration hearings. DJT is not pro- life, hes pro convenience. He’d love Handmaid’s Tale…it fits with his beliefs.

  5. “I hope there is not a race problem. I can tell you, there is none with me.” Says Trump and every white man in America.

  6. When a President said “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” and nobody laughed at him

  7. “I hope there’s not a race problem…” WTF. Where has he been this whole time? Who’s “sleeping” now?

  8. Undecided? We’re only having this conversation because the CONstitution needs some serious Amendments.

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