Black Voters: A Central Part Of Democratic Primary Politics | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Black Voters: A Central Part Of Democratic Primary Politics | Deadline | MSNBC


Steve Kornacki and The Root’s Jason Johnson discuss the high support for Joe Biden among black voters as other Democratic candidates are trying to chip away at his lead
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Black Voters: A Central Part Of Democratic Primary Politics | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Im black and know black people, the polls seem pretty accurate based on conversations Ive had. Only young black voters like Bernie.

    2. @Kip McEwen Turnout was less than expected. Some people thought Hillary had it in the bag, they were wrong!

    3. @Shona Lovely your right. Most young black voters want Bernie, so that leads me to believe that the 27% number for 18-29 is BS. Also Bernie’s 6%.

    1. But the pollsters said Hillary would 1.) win the popular vote, 2.) electoral college and 3.) most states!

    2. Man I’m black and I know most the people I talk to over 30 will not vote for Bernie. They are moderates.

  1. LMAO! I missed the part where Joe Biden threatens to take Harris out behind the school gym for some push ups! DID HE CHICKEN OUT AGAIN??????????

  2. Always with the economist and quinnipiac polls. Never Politico, The Hill or Emerson polls eh? If you used their number or even the average of them all Bernie would have much better numbers. One again showing you BIASED opinion and not a unbiased analysis.

    1. It usually takes about a week until the previous weeks polling comes out, that’s my guess.

  3. You know, when it comes to Biden, It just tires and Exhausts me that his response to pretty much everything is, “Obama”….I worked with Obama on this, Obama and I had success doing this, Obama’s a Great man, Obama this and Obama that…

    I mean MY GOD, we know you worked with guy and did many great things, we know Obama’s a good guy, but PLEASE, just say something different, go at least 1 minute without saying his name.

    That is just so damned Annoying, to the point where I just want to MUTE him every time he talks!

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