1. Tom Steyer!? What!? 🤦🏽‍♂️ They do realize the only reason he’s on the debate stage is because he’s accepting donations lol

    1. @Eric Rossoni what happens when Pete is president…. And still takes the money?
      Obama is worth hundreds of millions now.

    2. cj p
      Yes that’s what happens when you become president, you get a salary of $450,000 for life and anything you make extra on the side.

    1. Joe Biden is nothing but a Republican! Joe Biden voted in favor for war… Joe Biden created that racist draconian crime bill.. Joe Biden worked with known segregationist to deny disenfranchised Black kids opportunities to attend the well funded schools of wealthy white kids. Joe Biden agreed with Paul Ryan to cut Social Security. Why in the hell any Black People would vote for Joe Biden seriously concerns me! Bernie2020!

    2. Demetrius Phelps – It’s funny if you’re not a Democratic supporter. The far left supporters put them all in a terrible position. The electoral college system will never benefit the Democrats now with the current far left contingent they have in place.

  2. as much as i disagree with most of these folks, i’m a bernie supporter myself, i do have to applaud their approach. each of these voters at least is going to make a decision of their own based on logic that makes sense to them.

    1. Preston Williams Preston Williams if you are homeless you can get a mailing address. If you are here illegally you arent entitled to any benefits and should be deported immediately. If I steal something and get caught I’m not entitled to keep it. Stolen citizenship by anchor babies should be revoked and cancel birthright. It is only abused now and the people who are abusing it won’t stop breaking the law there. Shame on you for excusing it, do you know that the victims of illegal crime are predominantly people of color, women and other minorities like LGBT… and you act like you care. The refugee program is not a game. Just because someone can make more money doesn’t entitled them to break the law. People like you are why that equality law will never happen. Unbelievable the hutzpah you have.

    2. Preston Williams and everything is better privatized. Even UPS&Fedex is better than usps. Government can’t even get the mail right.

    3. @Spoony G if you are homeless, you can’t get a mailing address, unless you use the address of one of the over crowded homeless shelters, and then you have to actually live in the premises. You cannot use a post office box, or lie about having an address, you need both a residential and mailing address and it can’t be a p.o box, if you lie, it considered assistance fraud. Wrong, privatized education and health Care is NOT better, it ups the costs and at best keeps the quality the same if not worse and makes them less accessable to those who can’t afford it than socialized medicine,and education. We are talking about human beings here, not objects such as cars, houses, or parcel packages. In fact privatized parcel services competing with USPS, and folks like you using private service, has lead to the lack of tax funding, the lack of hours, and there for a higher cost on postage, packaging/boxing, and ultimately a slower service due to less hours of operation, your example just supports my point that capitalism consumes and destroys even right here on domestic soil. USPS (a good social like program that was made post cheaper and readily available to everyone at low cost to the general public) will eventually be destroyed by unbridled and unregulated capitalism and once that happens all private parcel services will raise shipping prices to snuff out competition.

    4. @Pizza pizza pizza so no comment after watching those videos?? I really want to see how you liberals justify this stuff and keep calling anybody who questions Bernie’s radical ideology as conspiracy theorists. They aren’t even hiding their Bolshevik revolutionary intentions at this point

    1. What’s your argument with styer?
      Fossil fuels dominate for a reason. There is no good storage capacity for wind and solar.

    2. @Pizza pizza pizza you talking about resurvoir storage. Huge loss in that system. Up to 30%. Not to mention affects on farming and natural irrigation.
      hydro electric is very regional and also disturbs irrigation.

  3. As a black man I don’t really understand why black people love Biden so much. I really don’t understand!! They can’t even name a policy he’s fighting for. They don’t want change….all they see is Obama..

    1. @HumbleDictator Ask little girls of color what Serena and Venus Williams do for them. Just seeing these successful women of color inspires and energizes young girls of color to let them know they can do more, be greater, achieve, excel etc. Does that answer your question about what the first black president does for other people of color? Was Obama perfect? No and I think he is humble enough to admit that. But he didn’t gain the title as most beloved president in recent history for doing nothing.

    2. @gastarbeiter1 Isaiah 5:20 & 23 might help…Trump loves America 100% so you might have OPPOSITE syndrome described at those Scriptures

    3. @HemiHead664 I used to get badly bullied as a little kid for being an “Oreo” and it used to hurt me so much. Now that I’m an adult I see that it’s more of a compliment than anything else.
      I think the problem here is the black community; when a black person wants to “act white” (basically become a functioning member of society), they get cast down by their fellow blacks. As a result, they stick with the hood life, dealing and hustling, for fear of rejection and harassment by other blacks. That’s incredibly sad.

    4. @Matthew Bucher my 401k keeps going up and jobs jobs jobs like he promised…sick of winning…Dems said GDP would never go above 3.0 with Trump…god bless Trump..saved the world

    1. @foreigner fan Donald admitted that when paris Hilton was a mere 12-year-old, he found her to be beautiful and sexually attractive to him. Gross pedophilia for old fart like him and his best buddy jeffrey Epstein 😝 😝.

    2. @Ms. Vee Trump banned Epstein from all his properties. So learn that. Clinton and P e d o Joe were best pals with Epstein. Over 50 flights between the 2 of them Cheers

    1. @Roger Wilco *”your tinfoil hat”*
      You can always tell an indoctrinated neoDim’s IQ when they use the TinFoil Hat argument. A shallow reflection of today’s public ed.

    2. @52 80 i bet you’re one of those idiots that calls a contrail a “chemtrail”, and think vaccines are part of some elaborate government conspiracy.

    1. Imagine turning to CNN, the network that still has a fake hate crime posted as if it were true, and expecting one grain of truth. You guys have got to wake up and learn to discern who the people are that seek to control every aspect of your life, the left.

  4. This was obviously recorded along time ago 😂 they’re talking about candidates that have already dropped out.

    1. @Mandee Michelle kamela Harris and Cory Booker and in the beginning it said Cory Booker had 4 percent of the black vote. how’s that possible after he’s already dropped out. It’s pre recorded watch it again.

    2. Phone One Yes and black people are just stupid enough to follow what she saying do you know how ignorant your comment sounds?

    3. @John Bahlsdeip The poll shown at the beginning, that included Booker, was taken from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 8th. (It says so on the screen) Booker dropped out of the race on the 13th. From that, one could presume this was recorded between Jan. 9th and Jan. 12th. That’s anywhere from 5 to 8ish days old. I don’t consider that a long time ago. Not at all. I’m pretty sure the thoughts, the feelings, discussed within the past week, are still just as relevant today! Lol.

    1. Logical Conservative CNN isn’t an authority. The do however own up to their mistakes unlike the propaganda spreading sh!t you get your “news” from Don’t believe everything you see on the internet there little incel boy.

    1. I live in Charleston, South Carolina. Joe Biden has a home here. He and his family frequently walk around town when they are in town and are very friendly. Honestly when it comes to South Carolina, its more of a loyalty thing with Biden vs Policy

  5. CNN changed the title based on these comments. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU GUYS. Your biases are clear as day.

  6. Overheard among these folks on the way out, after their 6 minutes of fame: “so we’re all really voting for Trump, right?”

    1. Ed S – Your liberal (missing) sense of humor is showing. Ok, I got one sure to bring a chuckle into your TDS-darkened life: How do they separate the men from the boys in Schiff’s home district? With a crowbar. 😝

    2. Corey Coleman – Wow, that was almost intelligible… good work! Remedial writing lessons are paying off.

    1. These libitard blacks all exhibit Stockholm Syndrome. They like crazy Joe Biden because he reminds them of “Massa.”

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