Blaine Comtemplating Stepping Down as Reggae Girlz Coach – May 2 2022

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  1. Vin just go bro we dont need to know what going on in camp Jamaica not ready for what going on under your watch that show that your not fit to run the program. DONT put doubt in people head your 60 nuff just go# bring back busby

  2. I am rookie as it relates to football but have been giving a keen ear to the latest saga regarding Vin Blaine and the Reggae Girls.
    While watching the interview this evening, I had a flashback to a similar saga with Brazilian coach Rene Simoes… realize what happened after? Jamaica has never reached that level of football achievement AGAIN. Smh…… The JFF management ought to be careful as the Reggae Girls might experience similar fate by not qualifying for another world Cup again. Most times persons in leadership role are not liked or appreciated due to their uncompromising approach or stance to lead for the betterment of the team and to get the desired results.
    I am not saying that Vin is indispensable but losing him could be a BIG MISTAKE. This amateur is warning JFF. If there are outside influences triggering the turmoil due to selfishness and achieving one’s own agenda, shame on you!
    I hope there will be reasonable solution….as I don’t see it being resolved amicably.
    Coach Blaine I wish you the best…..I know other countries are paying attention to hire your expertise.

    1. Vin didn’t qualify the team when they made The Women’s World Cup prior. What makes Blaine as important to the success of the ladies team? He wasn’t a part of the previous campaign. How it is being done is wrong morally but please don’t compare him to Simoes and Simoes accomplished.

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