Blanchet claims that Trudeau’s 2021 federal budget is ‘age-based discrimination’

Blanchet claims that Trudeau's 2021 federal budget is 'age-based discrimination' 1


  1. After seeing how many children get infected in crowded day cares, it makes you wonder if they are doing it because it’s convenient.

    1. Boomers already ruined unions and the economy with their laziness and greed. They somehow destroyed the greatest period of growth and opportunity in just a few decades.

    1. We spend more on our bloated government and our seemingly endless supply of ministers than the value of our GDP. Canadian politics is one big slush fund.

  2. Well…in Canada, child care is such a big deal that Canadians as a whole have negative natural population growth. I am not worried about whether subsidizing child is a discrimination. I am more concerned about whether using the money for improving child care right now is the right thing to do when we are worried about economic recovery.

    1. @Don Turner With the money from future generations, the jobs outsourced and best of all the lack of accountability.

    2. I’m 58,been working since I was 16. Finally bought a house on a 25 year mortgage. I’ll be 83 and still working while millennials are taking it easy.

  3. What a load of crap from our,and I use that word loosely Prime Minister. I am 70 is that not elderly. I have recei.ved nothing but a few hundred dollars at the begining of the pandemic.Since then nothing,and the grocery prices have skyrocketed. So Mr. Prime Minister don’t talk out of the side of your face to me…

  4. It came from the Libranos…no discrimination at all, if was from anyone else would be definitely discrimination

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