1. When your neighbors raise their childeren from birth to hate you there is likely to be endless conflict.

    1. Israel has the right to defend itself!!! Hamas and its supporters, Representatives OCASIO-CORTEZ, OMAR and TLAIB will never succeed!❤️🇮🇱🇺🇸❤️!

    2. UGodOmega a human mind could look at a lot of the Bible and say that ain’t right. But will you judge God? God is holy and just and above reproach in ALL his ways. And when it looks the most hopeless for Israel you will see the face of God as He Himself comes to their defense. Blood will run through the valley of Migido, 200 miles by 50 miles, to the bridle of a horse. Will God be wrong to utterly destroy the enemies of His people?

    3. Emmanuel Robert does the phrase “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” mean anything to you?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera I used to work with some israelis that were very obsessed with weapons technology. You know nothing.

    2. Especially all German made weapons that they still “have to” provide them with… 🤢

    3. @Julian Bibi WANTS to stay out of JAIL
      Needs to keep war going
      Trump was looking for way to bomb Iran who would have then attacked Israel
      Israel Will begin to lose USA support.

  2. And this will be a greenpass for other UN members to veto UN actions against their allies. When ‘good guys’ turn out to be biased ‘bad guys’ have no reason to become ‘good’

  3. Conflict, at this point it’s a war. Hamas and Israel are at war. Their citizens are the ones who suffer.

    1. @Ken Howard world war 2 all children.was evacuated to the country praying the parents.who are still.there get out asap

    2. This is not a war! This is occupation and a slaughter. Israel has one of the strongest militaries with the full financial and diplomatic support of the U.S. behind it. Palestine has rockets that are 95% ineffective due to Israel’s iron dome. Israel has ground superiority, air superiority, and weapon superiority. This is not a war, its ethnic cleansing

    3. @John Luca — sorry, hamas launched those rockets and now they’re eating it
      I know which side straps bombs to kids and tells them to get on a bus. And that side, hamas, is getting slaughtered like lambs.

    1. @Adam Mustafa There is no such thing as a western school. There are private and public, the private are mostly religious schools, there you will likely be misinformed and brainwashed to believe in a sky dictator and never know or appreciate freedom.
      In public school it depends on where you go, you can get a good education where public school is well funded and where misinformation and brainwashing is not installed by a religious populace or school board.
      The education you get in Texas sucks, the education you get in Beverly hills public schools even is probably quite good.
      The less religious and poverty stricken the area, the better your education is likely to be. The more religious or poor your location is, the worse it will be.

    2. @jim bob there’s a reason why most public schools in the north are likely to have liberal learners in the USA. Likewise, in the south, it’s mostly conservative the farther down you go. You rarely get a balanced campus in someplace like the USA. You can see the liberal ideology actually slowly taking over many conservative states.

      There are also many cases where even religious schools are displaying a western narrative on the students which is very contradictory to what their ‘respected’ faith teaches. Isn’t this brainwashing? Indoctrination is everywhere.

      This has had an effect that you will never find, for example, an American (be him/her elderly or young) supporting biblical law as the legislation for their land.

    3. @Adam Mustafa You seem to be implying liberal education is brainwashing like conservative.
      The opposite of faith is facts.
      The opposite of indoctrination is teaching kids how to tell truth from lies.
      Liberal education is not brainwashing. If there are things being taught in liberal education that you can point out are not true, liberal schools will change to reflect the truth.
      If you are talking religious schools they have no obligation to truth, and truth cannot influence them unless forced by law. Conservative schools don’t teach how to tell truth from lies, they suppress critical thinking skills.

    1. Mainely you have no idea what you’re talking about. The Israelis treat Palestinians better than their own government.

    2. Look at a map of Palestine….then look at an old map of Palestine…then tell me where all the Palestinians went….then get back to me about how good Israelis treat Palestinians.

    3. @Mr. Misfit — i don’t see israelis strapping bombs to their kids. This is no longer a debate. Hamas is getting smoked.
      Bye .

    4. @Bill Billson Hamas sucks, so does land theft, occupation, torture, murder and war crimes. Bye.

  4. Yes I
    Love you for making a stand we need more people like you in America good bless you the world need peace

  5. So the witness testimony was going to start on Netanyahu’s trial. Then this starts. Coincidence?

  6. You’d think these lunatics (on both sides) would get tired of living in fear for their lives and the constant killing.

  7. “They were upset… so they killed 50 some odd kids…..also we can’t do anything but continue to give them the bombs being used”

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