1. Tell me about it I just got an e-mail canceling my appointment for next week. Annoyed

  2. Rare? By their own statistics that would mean there have been roughly 14,500 in Ontario (1.7% of the 853,000 AZ given in Ontario)..that’s a little more than 7.

  3. Halying qhen unhave millions of ppl waiting in line. It seems they are dping this to make somrone happy.

    1. @Stmicheal that would require a gun wheel that can hold 1 million rounds or you can pay russian roulette with a covid revolver and it’s gun wheel holds 200 rounds.

    2. @Crazyman1212 the thing is nobody will know exactly how bad it is for quite some time, that’s the whole point. It’s just one worldwide experiment.

    1. I wouldn’t matter how many doctors, how much evidence there was, or if it came with a gold car. You’re uneducated and facts don’t matter to you.

    2. @Pokarot you’re some kind of special, do you work hard at it…or are you just naturally dence.

  4. Each to their own. You take it…I wont. It’s a rare clotting event until it’s your clot.

  5. Dr Nick is back! Hi everybody! Flip flop, flip flop………science? Rare clotting events…….Death rate of Covid .06% in Canada( based on current death categorize to Covid over 18 months), clotting events .02% ( based on 8 months data) why take the risk?

    1. Your calculations are incorrect. In the Canadian context, the clotting event rate is 0.0004%, or 1 in 250,000.

  6. Odds of winning the lotto Max is 1 in 33million, if I buy a lottery ticket and win… Great, if I loose nothing changes. Chance of blood clot 1 in 60 thousand….. If you clot you probably will die. Mmmmmmm lottery odds seem way better and safer to me. Than again odds of getting killed in an auto accident is 1-1000, but not gonna stop driving. IDK anymore.

    1. odds of getting killed in an auto accident is 1-1000,
      need multiply with odds of getting in an auto accident
      “according to insurance companies that process claims for accidents, the average person is involved in approximately four accidents throughout the course of his or her life. The data suggests that these individuals experience an automobile accident once every 18 years, approximately”

  7. Hey Doctor, putting my age, health and everything else aside what is my chances of dying from COVID 19?

  8. Selling blood clots impressive Dr. impressive (RARE) so rare we have to spend months on talking about it and 16 countries band it but that’s not important!

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