Blood on Black Wall Street: Excavating the Past | Into America Podcast – Ep. 117 | MSNBC 1

Blood on Black Wall Street: Excavating the Past | Into America Podcast – Ep. 117 | MSNBC


To mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, Into America presents “Blood on Black Wall Street,” a two-part series that investigates what really happened back in 1921. On the second episode of the series, Trymaine visits a historically white church in Tulsa, where Reverend Marlin Lavanhar is working to get his congregation to reckon with its role in the massacre. Plus, he looks at the shame and guilt that has kept this history buried in white families for so long. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Blood on Black Wall Street: Excavating the Past | Into America Podcast – Ep. 117 | MSNBC


    1. @CShield I’m not offended at the idea of black Wall Street. It’s when we put white in front of anything it would be considered racist. So as long as that double standard exists. Then no. Black Wall Street won’t exist either.

    2. @Matt T Listen to what black people have to say. Stop being offended, not everything is about you.

    3. ​@Matt T Using the word black to describe something in a period of segregation by analogy to something else which the audience are more likely to be familiar with is not a double standard. The concept involved with it is fairly obvious, it isn’t implying that no black person has ever been in the ‘regular’ wall street, but rather than this is analogous to wall street and was created by the african american community in a time of segregation.

      You are deliberately looking for a problem. Now, perhaps the language isn’t ideal, but perhaps you could comment on the substance and not just the form?

      Because to be clear, you called it racist because you failed to understand it, despite how manifestly obvious it was. So you’re being very quick to press the racism button here, and given you’re doing it in the ‘reverse racist’ direction, so to speak, it seems plain to me you have likely been swept up in the right wing craze for pretending that talking about racism is racism. Perhaps that’s not true. If it is, you should seriously think about what you’ve become.

    4. @renideo Nope, if that’s the case then you better not have a problem with putting “white” in front of certain things, which I’m NOT in favor of. Why separate things by race in 2021? Its self defeating.


    MSNBC pandering, pretty par for the course.

    1. @William H Is that why most minorities become nauseous at the thought of voting for the Republican Party?

    2. Are you capable of processing information without a reductionist apoplectic reactionary screed? You don’t seem to understand what you’re responding to at all.

  2. Understanding American history is important. However, there are so many other atrocities against so many other races in US history, I wonder why this one gets so much attention.

    1. Transnational human trafficking and torture come to mind. Forced reproduction. The enslavement of descendants. A civil war.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 – Wounded Knee. Trail of Tears. Japanese “interment camps”, slave labor of Chinese, mistreatment of Chinese, the hostile take over of Mexico land, the subjugated Hawaiian islands. Yaknow. Other races, that live in America. (Last I heard, and this maybe crazy…the USA isn’t all black. Just a guess).

    3. @Bat Boy There’s a significant difference between advocating for raising the profile of other things and complaining about justly raising the profile of the thing in question.

    4. @renideo – Advocating for other races. And complaining about the black race? Is that what you mean / think I said in my last comment? I am painfully pointing out the obvious, because the other poster doesn’t seem to understand my original post. And wants to drag in the entire US history of slavery.

  3. The military will be removing joe Biden from the white house in August

    1. Considering the climate, perhaps you could get your juvenile entertainment in a non-inflammatory way. Unless you really believe that, in which case well, I am truly sorry for you and your impending humiliation.

    2. @renideo these FORENSIC AUDITS OF THE 2020 BALLOTS are spreading fater across the swing states then cvovid19 lab made virus.

    1. The Democrats laugh and cheer because Republican politicians don’t bother to invest money in education for the Red States, keep them dumb.

    1. Which is entirely irrelevant. Or do you say that in literally any discussion of any topic other than the border? Carthago delenda est and all that.

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