'Blood on your hands': Afghan interpreter says Trudeau to blame if her family is executed by Taliban 1

‘Blood on your hands’: Afghan interpreter says Trudeau to blame if her family is executed by Taliban


Maryam Sahar, a former interpreter for Canadian Forces, says the situation in Kabul is dire and Canada has left it's 'allies behind.'

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  1. I know they have the odd children, but I don’t think they had enough to take over a country…, give them a couple of more decades to grow up at least…, blood on our hands…

    1. Did you think Pretty Boy ( thick as brick ) would know anything about flawed Brzezinski doctrine( yes Mikia’s Dad ) …simply… use Afghanistan as a pivot point to stop the creation of Eurasia ..if he can’t get that right …get anything else correct ROFL

  2. What would you expect from Trudeau? Action? Pfft. Get real! Has no one learned anything? I can’t believe Canadians still take Trudeau seriously. Worst leader in Canadian history!

  3. How does Trudeau get to use a Jet owned by Canada, and the other parties pay for their own election transportation

  4. Afghanistan Robotics Team saved! They are in Qatar. Canada needs to bring them here. These are brilliant girls and young women!

  5. Trudeau the clown is better at managing a circus. Prayers to the women and children under the Taliban.

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