Bloomberg Outpaces All Democrats In Ad Spending | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Bloomberg Outpaces All Democrats In Ad Spending | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


    1. Rusty Shackleford You forgot to mention the kids shot in school. When the chief of the Republicans in senate received 1,25 million dollars from NRA and other rifle associations, I wonder why he doesn’t even want to see there is a problem.

    2. @Philippe Chevaut According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), school shootings are rare and they are.
      The FBI data shows that school shooting deaths have ranged from 11 up to 32 per year, ever since they’ve been tracking them (about 2-3 decades).
      Those numbers show shootings that occur IN and also traveling to and from school.
      And… a lot of those are also due to gangs.
      While it would be good if there were none or close to none… the numbers are relatively low for the thousands of gun deaths per year.

    3. @Philippe Chevaut pharmaceutical companies lobby politicians for much more than the nra does. People die from drug complications, mistakes , opioid and other pharma drug causes… do we remove medicines?

    4. @Philippe Chevaut because American citizens have the right to bare arms, I believe the law says something like shal not be infringed but for some reason POC’s and progressives dont agree so they try to remove people’s rights.

    1. No, gracias!!! Quedese con ese paquete!
      Nuestros paises Latino-americanos ya han sufrido bastante con el comunismo/socialismo asqueroso…. si quisieramos pasar hambre y trabajo y no tener libertad, nos iriamos para Cuba o Venezuela.

    2. Le hechas la culpa a los países y gobiernos inocentes cuando el culpable es el E.E.U.U. y sus embargos y sanciones

  1. Look at that Lady smiling she Loves being Ruled by BILLIONAIRES, Trump, Bloomberg what’s the difference, America is getting flushed down the toilet by corporations…..

  2. One day the media seem to be working on the Biden campaign; now they are giving Bloomberg the same free media they gave to trump. I believe they would like for anyone to win including trump except Bernie, and that is why I am Bernie or Bust. They can’t tell us who to support, and it is very insidious that they would even try, not to mention offensive.

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