Bloomberg, Steyer Ad Spending Dwarfs Rest Of 2020 Field -By A Lot | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow shows the sheer scale of the difference between what Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have spent on TV and radio ads so far in the 2020 campaign versus every other candidate in the race that has spent more than a million dollars, including Donald Trump. Aired on 1/9/20.
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Bloomberg, Steyer Ad Spending Dwarfs Rest Of 2020 Field -By A Lot | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Shocking. And this isnt even the election proper.
    US politics is corrupt and broken.
    Put a cap on spending, lets see how the debate goes when they cant put out attack adverts.

  2. Think what Steyer and Bloomberg could do with that money on anything other than a failed run for President.

    1. Could have spent it on medical debt forgiveness for a start. Pretty sure that would have been better than paying for ads.

  3. What a waste of money. What a travesty that they don’t spend anything like as much on the voters who need help. Your electoral system needs an overhaul. That level of spending on an election campaign is disgusting. It also doesn’t take into consideration the amount of free publicity each candidate gets through the media. Those millionaires in particular think they can buy your votes. It will be interesting to see if they’re right.

    1. Margaret P – evidentially, it worked for Trump….now let’s see if people get the point that buying a presidency doesn’t work.

  4. Steyer or mayor B would serve if nominated but really dislike the current administration and are actively screwing with them on TV. So🦓 side show…

    1. KELLI2L2 , nope, SS, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PUBLIC LIBRARY, HIGHWAYS/ roads, police force, fire fighters, military, and many more are pay for by tax payers money. The bad socialism we got are the sports arenas/ stadiums. Tax payers money built them and we allow sports owner to make millions/ billions out of them. We can not even get into it for free, we paid high dollar tickets to watch any sports. Try to google it and you will find out that government and tax payers are partners to make our country survive. If someone hate socialism then stop giving money to the government in a form of taxes or stop contributing to ones SS. . I bit the RIS will be after that someone. Our country does capitalism and socialism to survive. That is why some countries are poor cuz they mostly do socialism and little on capitalism. They are depending on people taxes and no big corporations around investing.

    2. @KELLI2L2 haha, you either didn’t read what I wrote or you are trolling. Def: Social democracy is a political, social and economic philosophy that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and a capitalist-oriented economy.

    3. @KELLI2L2 thanks for the link. Good info well hidden. People need to pay attention to what is going on locally.

    4. @KELLI2L2 that’s not socialism, that’s fascism. Taxes come from the people and are supposed to benefit those same people in ways like highways, education, health care that individually could not be accomplished.

    1. @Jesse J I’m sorry, I have to ask, but did you seriously just say that Trump IS NOT a billionaire? Because if so, then that is the stupidest thing you have possibly ever said in your entire life.

    2. The Centrist Gamer yes that’s what I wrote snowflake. He’s a conman. And a degenerate. I’m sure Steven Miller has to tie his shoe laces for him in the morning.

    3. @Jesse J He is a conman and a degenerate but that doesn’t mean he’s not a billionaire 🤣🤣 his net worth is 2.48-3.1 billion, you can’t have a net worth like that and NOT be a billionaire. Jesus man, shows what you know. And no I’m not a snowflake, just someone who knew that Trump is indeed a billionaire, unlike you who obviously didn’t know that.

  5. Bloomberg and Steyer are wasting their money. If people don’t like you, they don’t like you no matter how much money you spend to try to change their mind.

    1. Donald T Rump isn’t a billionaire though. If we ever see his tax returns they will show the kind of fraud he is.

      Getting a loan from Deutsche Bank because of sketch underwriting from Russian state-owned banks does not make you a billionaire. The guy knows how to spend other people’s money though…

    1. and how many student loans could be paid off, how many mortgage interest could be reduced, how many affordable homes could be built and how many underserved areas could be lifted up. Old people use to say MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. but IF MONEY COULD BUY LIFE THE RICH WOULD LIVE AND THE POOR WOULD DIE.

    1. Don’t sneak across the border like a rodent and you can have all the toothbrushes you want, in your own trash country.

    1. Always was. I like how people think getting rid of Trump will change the system that spawned him and tens of thousands of other parasites just like him.

  6. Candidates would be more successful and spend a lot less if they’d ditch ads and make memes, instead. 🤣

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