Bloomberg To Fund Campaign To Defeat Trump Even If He’s Not The Nominee | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Bloomberg To Fund Campaign To Defeat Trump Even If He’s Not The Nominee | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. I seen this on some show before, when ad space is bought up in the later days the other guy even with the money can’t buy key ad space.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s a lot harder these day though – I’m guessing it’s got something to do with Social Media and how there’s a lot more prime “real-estate” for advertising than there was 20 years ago.
      Back during George W’s re-election campaign, his party bought up all the remaining ad-space for that years SuperBowl – even though they had to re-sell it (due to some kind of rule I would imagine?) as long as his opponents campaign couldn’t benefit from it then it was money well spent….

      A really good strategy – but at the same time, it’s a really, really expensive way of going about it. Definitely one for the billionaires 😉

    1. @b t right wing BS as usual. Can’t you people ever have a real debate without falling bach on crazy conspiracy theories. Are you related to Alex Jones or zome other fascist troll?

    1. @Rabble Wolf Trump is unintelligent… That is all you have to say… You can’t give any examples of how he is a bad president or what policies you disagree with just orange man bad

    2. Real Talk 76 I challenge you to actually give an example of one of his policies that you disagree with on an ideological level

    3. nick worster Lmao personal attacks huh? Smh… what a low life war mongering centrist neocon… thank me later when your medication is free. POS

    1. @Luna Azule In the Gangster World of International Commerce, Putin is a kingpin, Trump is a wannabe.

      I don’t know how much wealth Putin has, but it’s a lot more than he will ever need.
      I don’t think that he is a greedy bugger, who looks at his bank balance and frets that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have more.
      He want to leave a 1st world economy as an inheritance to future Russians.
      In Russia, every 20 years they have population drip. It’s the children grandchildren and great grand children of the Russians that perished in WW2.
      They have one coming up between 2025-2049.
      No kids graduating from high school and having babies.
      That is what he thinks about. He doesn’t really g/a/f about Trump.

    2. James Bond what does Finance have to do with any of this? If you were intelligent you would care about governance

  2. Credits to Bloomberg for doing what he can to boot the clown in office, no matter who will do the kicking in November.

    1. 😑🤦‍♂️ You people do realize that if Bloomberg stays in the race, particularly after running as a democrat, he’s gonna take votes away from a left wing candidate which would benefit Trump ? You get that, right ?

    2. @saxyrep1
      The treasonous little mushroom dk pussygrabber DRUMPF is a national security threat to this great nation

    3. @saxyrep1 he’s already won over some people on this platform who don’t realise he should not have been in the race anywhere.he is trying to buy the election with his billions.Him contributing to any candidate in case he doesn’t get the nomination would be him trying to buy name recognition.Bernie would not take his money but Warren would.

    4. @Gift Chiposipho
      This administration was brought to you by the fans of duck dynasty and honey boo boo 👎 ignorant rural racists and TRAITORS

    1. @John Winslow actually I was wrong you said he has an 80 million dollar bounty on his head. You’re referring to the Iranian thing. Please I challenge you to say something intellectual

    2. @nick worster We are finding out proof that all of trumps money is co signed by the Russian government from Duch Bank in Germany and that’s why Trump don’t show his taxes
      No more talk

    3. @nick worster His personal doctor Bernstein that’s why Trump busted in and took all his medical records

    1. @William Saunders Yes he got rushed to the hospital remember and now Trump can’t even swing a golf club anymore and he has purple bags under his eyes and sniffed threw the whole thing and Trump can’t even speak English and started making up new words WTF people

    1. @blisterpacman my gawd who hasn’t seen lord of the rings. Like 6 or 7 movies. Sorry i don’t live under a rock. Live free and prosper and may the force be with you. Geek

  3. Thanks to Mr. Bloomberg, for his financial and campaign support. Any thing to get trump out of our Whitehouse.

    1. No. This is never a good thing. This freak is a conservative who was always a Republican. He means to ensure that he hinders progress.

  4. Bloomberg is the true self-funding presidential candidate unlike the fake self-funding traitor in the White House at present.

    1. He’s using prison labor for his campaign and increased the prison population in his city by a massive amount

  5. Billionaires and millionaires are only a problem when they are felons, duck their taxes, or duck their social responsibilities.
    Trump is an example of a problem millionaire.

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